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WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

WATCH LIVE at 2:30 PM - Gov. John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

Made by Jeff Asher of the Times-Picayune

For today's conference, Gov. Edwards will be accompanied by Lafayette-area hospital officials and Joe Kanter from the Louisiana Department of Health.


  • Today Louisiana passes the 100,000 case benchmark with 101,650 cases being reported. These are only the cases we know about. These are cases with a positive test result. There are undoubtedly more cases out there, not everyone who is symptomatic has been tested, and we know that between 20-45% of people with COVID19 are asymptomatic and do not generally get tested. We know that there is more COVID out there than those that test positive.
  • 2,408 new cases reported since yesterday.
  • Today we report +16 new deaths, for a total of 3,574. Yesterday we reported 60 new deaths, the highest single-day report of COVID-19 deaths since May. We know deaths sometimes lag behind other numbers. No matter how you slice it up these numbers are very troubling.
  • In the month of July, we have reported over 400,000+ tests and have greatly expanded our testing in Louisiana and are #1 for the month of July for testing per capita in the country.
  • We know we have a high prevalence of COVID19 across the state of Louisiana.
  • I hope that hitting the 100k benchmark shows people we are in a public health emergency, not one that was declared by the Governor himself on his own accord, but one that is happening. This number should be sobering.
  • Cases are increasing across the state and this is why we are remaining in Phase 2. The mask mandate, limitation of bars, reduction of crowd size limitation to 50 people for social gatherings will continue.
  • We are nowhere we want to be in Louisiana. We do not want to have to go back to Phase 1 or Phase 0. However, we cannot lose our capacity to provide life-saving healthcare in our hospitals, which his why we have restrictions in place.
  • We have every reason to believe that if we can get universal compliance with face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, cutting down on travel, with people staying home more often, Lousiana can flatten the curve without having to go back into Phase 1 or Phase 0.
  • You can recall how previously I said that 3 parishes met the were not considered an area of high-incidence of COVID-19 by CDC's standards, and thus met the qualifications to opt-out of the mask mandate? There are currently no parishes that are not in the high-incidence of COVID-19 category.
  • The latest resurgence has impacted the ability of our healthcare systems.
  • OLOL has taken a two-week pause in performing non-emergency medical procedures that require inpatient beds to makes sure they have the beds, and more importantly the staff, they need for COVID19 patients.
  • Hospitalizations have increased all over the state in Louisiana there I, not one region where it decreasing. Especially concerned for Regions 4,5,6.
  • Hospitalizations have increased by +4 for a total of 1,585 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized across Louisiana.
Dr. Amanda Logue, chief medical officer at Lafayette General Health System
  • Lafayette General Health is the largest healthcare provider for Acadiana but with the volume, they are seeing of COVID19 cases, they are not able to take care of their own community let alone expand services outside.
  • Actively taking care of patients, and surging as they need to, but are quickly running out space.
  • Had to transfers patients to Rapides, Baton Rouge, Northern Lousiana, even Mississippi.
  • Had to decline 87% of requests of transfers into our health system. That is not normal. Do not have the capability or space to take care of them.
  • Please come to the ER if you need to, do not be afraid to come to seek medical services. We will be here if you need us.
  • Main campus, largest hospital, Lafayette General Medical Center 1/2 of ICU, and 1/3 of non-ICU beds have patients fighting COVID19.
  • On May 27th we had 15 COVID 19 patients and yesterday we had 105.
  • In our whole 5 acute hospital system, we have had 143 patients and that number was only 20 six weeks ago
  • Seeing the rapid increase in community spread and hospitalizations that follows the community spread.
  • Please to Acadiana to understand the impact of widespread community outbreaks impacts the hospital system.
  • Moving elective surges off of the main campus and canceling some altogether. This is the last thing we want to do, some patients are still waiting for surgeries that were canceled in April.
  • Hospitals are full and the ICU is full.
  • Some beds are closed due to illnesses to staff.
  • Do not have enough nurses to staff the beds right now.
  • Thankful for the nursing teams but the level they are working at right now it unsustainable.
  • COVID19 has not replaced the typical volume of pattens we normally have like health attacks, strokes, etc. but when you add COVID on top of that it is unsustainable. Normally we can do both, but not when there are surges to this degree.
  • The only way to prevent recurring surges is to truly flatten the curve once and for all.
  • Follow the guidelines. Wash your hands. Physically distance from one another. Avoid large crowds. Wear a mask when you leave the house
  • If you are elder or high risk be especially careful and stay home if you don't have to be out.
  • Impacting not only COVID19 patients but anyone who wants to seek care in Acadiana.
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • OLOL the hospital is full and ICU is near complete capacity.
  • This significantly affects normal operations.
    • for 2 weeks OLOL has almost completely eliminated elective surgeries.
    • This means if your cardiologist recommends you need a heart bypass or early-stage cancer those operations will be deferred.
  • Still dealing with the aftermath of people coming in with later stages of diseases due to having to wait from the first surge.
    • Some people weren't able to get tests they would have, like mammograms, and now they are at later stages than what they would have been caught if these elective procedures weren't postponed.
    • 100s if not 1,000s of women have not been able to get their mammograms and he is worried there is the hidden impact completely unrelated to COVID that we haven't appreciated yet.
  • This is a real and present danger, the secondary effects of COVID, but how it affects our hospitals and community.
  • Physicians and team members are doing an amazing job, but they are getting burned out from overwork. Fatigue is a very real problem and this current wave is taxing our abilities for us to provide services.
  • Thought the second wave would come in the Fall and that there was more time to prepare.
  • The community needs to realize how compelling and dangerous of an issue this is.
  • This affects not only the people who are seeking treatment for COVID but also those seeking normal medical services for other needs.
  • OLOL has 19-20-year-old healthy kids in the ICU without any comorbidities.
  • Also seeing an increase of 50-60-year-olds without comorbidities in the ICU.
  • There is no way to tell who it will affect in a severe way. Fortunately, it doesn't affect most people, but it is a very real problem.
  • Wear your mask. Be smart. Good hygiene. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Avoid large crowds. Physically distance. It is extremely important right now.
Gov. John Bel Edwards
  • Testing available in EBR, no symptoms needed, no exposure needed. Please take advantage of the FREE test while testing the available.
    • You can pre-register at - please do not register multiple times.
    • Thanks to the WH Taskforce for putting surge testing in Louisiana.
  • Working to establish a new surge testing site in the New Orleans area.
  • Deliberate misinformation campaign about the state inflating numbers by counting every positive test as a positive case. That is not the case, only your first test is counted. Every individual who tests positive only counts as one case regardless of the number of positive test results they may get.
  • If you have COVID19 in your state you will see cases go up, then hospitalizations, then deaths. It doesn't make sense that you would have hospitalizations and deaths going up without cases having gone up as well.
  • We have people being irresponsible and we are asking them to stop. No one should pay attention to what these individuals are saying.
  • We are not perfect, but we've put in multiple redundant systems to make sure the data is accurate, timely, and that we are sharing in a manner to be as transparent as possible.
  • Encouraged today by the vast majority of businesses and local leaders who are taking this seriously and masking up to protect their loved ones, employees, and the state of Louisiana to make sure we get back on top of the virus as soon as we can.
  • Asking everyone to take this virus seriously and do his or her part.
  • No one wants to go back to Phase 1. It shouldn't be necessary to go backward, but the only way to keep us from doing that is if everyone wears their mask when they are outside their home. It is a small price to pay. Be a good neighbor. If nothing else has respect for our healthcare workers who are working months on end.
  • There is not a safer place than at home. If you go out do so as little as possible. You do not need to go to the grocery store 3 times. Just go one once. If you go do not bring your entire family
  • If when you'd o go out you practice social distancing, washing your hands, and do not go out when you are sick. We will turn this around.
Comment on the weather
  • Watching the tropics. We're in hurricane season.
  • TP 8 is moving across the Gulf Coast towards Texas but there is a risk of heavy rainfall in the S, SW, and Central parts of the state.
  • Areas south of I-10 could receive between 2-4" of rain and tides are running higher than normal.
  • Flash flooding is a possibility. Do not drive on any street that could be underwater.
  • Will monitor Storm Gonzales.
  • Go to and prepare for a hurricane.
  • Preparing for a hurricane is different this season because of COVID19. Encourage everyone to check to get prepared.


What's the plan if we run out of space, is the plan to shift them to Morial?
First off, we are going to make sure that doesn't happen that we don't run into a situation where we cannot provide healthcare. We still have 250 beds at the Morial Convention Center with staffing for 60 with 28 beds currently being filled. We can expand to 60 more beds quickly. Further, much of the investments we made early on created new permanent surge capacity at various hospitals around the state. So we are in better shape than we were before.
Frankly, my bigger concern is not about beds, but about staffing. We believe we will be able to make the adjustments necessary and open the surge units, but the bigger challenge is around staffing. It is bigger this time because the surge we are seeing is happening in multiple parts of the country at one time. Hard to draw upon out-of-state staff because of those areas and not willing to give them up because they need them too. We discussed it with the VP last week after a phone email with hospital staff prior. Submitted a request through FEMA and it is currently pending. Looking to us the existing footprints of our hospitals, because it is easier to solve the staffing challenges than open up a new facility that isn't part of the existing footprint. No plan to currently create new facilities, but are working to fill staffing shortages.
How much did you request from the FEMA
As best as I can recall it was 300 Request to FEMA ranged from phlebotomists, ICU nurses, respiratory therapists, and so forth. I will get you the exact information.
Some people in Acadiana and Lafayette, in particular, feel the local agencies and parish governments are not doing their parts to enforce the mandates. What can we do on the state level to drive home how important it is to follow the mandates
When you watch Fauci or Birx speak and see what is coming out the CDC, that speak to you about the importance of these mitigations measures and you accompany it with the numbers we are seeing in Louisiana right now, not just cases but hospitalizations and deaths, you would hope the people would be responsible enough, take that into consideration, and they will comply because they understand it is important for those who are valuable, to help the medical community. Even if for some strange reason that is totally incomprehensible that you don't care about COVID you should care about there being capacity in the hospital if you get into a car accident or a family member has a stroke, you want that care to be available. We just need people to focus on the task at hand, do their part, be good neighbors. It is not that we won't force these things but if the people of Louisiana are going to make us enforce all of this we will not be successful. There are 4.6 million people in Louisiana, 10s of 1,000s of businesses if the people of Louisiana are going to sit back and say we will make you enforce every part of this we are doomed. As I mentioned the vast majority of businesses and people are being responsible but there are still too many that are not. So I am directing these comments to those individuals. IF you want to be mad at me, and disagree with me be mad and disagree but do so with a mask when you are outside of your house.
Where do you think the deliberate misinformation campaign is coming from?
I do not know. I am not personally investigating it. I am doing what I can to make sure no one attaches any credibility to it. This not just happening in Louisiana. This is happening in all of the other states that are having this tremendous resurgence. No one is out there "cooking the books". One thing we would do, if it was safe to do, is open our hospitals up so they could see with their own eyes the people who are fighting for their lives. They would know this is not a made-up number. This is grossly negligent and irresponsible. I am asking people not to do it and for others not to believe it.
Are you surprised that bars are the top location for an outbreak of COVID
I cannot say I'm surprised, bars were one of the last things opened because we knew the environment is not the easiest to control so people do things safely. It's just the nature of that establishment. Many people go to a bar to stay for several hours, have multiple drinks, and relax their inhibitions. They may have one mindset going in and another coming out. Then there is loud music and so you need to speak louder and release more particles if you happen to have COVID19. Then if you're listening you tend to get closer to hear than you should be. We were hopeful restrictions would work, but for the vast majority of bars, it proved to be too much. This is not just here in Louisiana. It is a WH Taskforce recommendation for our state and other states with high rates of COVID-19. It is also a worldwide recommendation. Once South Korea came out of its lockdown they had to shut down every bar in Seoul because they had a similar experience.
With staffing being an issue is the Morial Convention center a viable option as a field hospital
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have physical space, we have beds that are used during the day for outpatient surges. Those can be converted into hospital rooms. We have beds that are typically used for other purposes, and those have been converted to rooms. However, as we see an increasing number of transferrable cases in the community we see our nurses become infected. When a nurse becomes infected the quickest they return to work is 10 days. As a result, there is a huge pool of nurses who are currently out right now. This puts a strain on other nurses and staff in the hospital. So far it is working out, but our nurses are tired. The problem is not needing physical space, it is having enough people in our community to staff those beds to keep our nurses healthy. One way you can prevent yourself from getting COVID is to stay active and healthy, well-rested, and that your immune system is working well. Nurses, physicians, and staff are tired and not taking care of themselves as well as they need. This is a vicious cycle. Everyone is looking for staff right now. We are not at the point of reaching out to non-traditional areas for staffing. We have disucssed calling in retired nurses or those who have moved to other careers who still hold their licenses who could help.
Have you thought of reaching out of state for staffing?
Dr. Henry Kaufman, chief medical officer at Our Lady of Lourdes: We have contacted local staffing agencies, not many people available, anyone who is employable is employed. Everyone across the country is seeking nursing right now. Yes, we have considered that.
Governor John Bel Edwards
I've had requests to take national guard soldiers in a medical unit and have them available at the hospitals. But guess where the national guard soldiers in our medical unit work? In our hospitals. So I would be pulling them from one hospital to send them to another hospital around the state. The first thing we did was put out an EMAC request to all other states to see if they had anyone they could offer to address what we need. Exactly zero states offered any staffing. So then you start looking at staffing contractors and we are working that angle now. That is proving to be difficult as well, which is why we continue to work with FEMA on staffing.
In regards to the Morial Convention Center, remember that facility is for the less acute patients to allow hospitals to free up space sooner than they would. So once a patient reaches that level of care where they don't need an acute bed, but can't go home, they can go to the Morial Convention Center for care. Having hospitals sending their less severe patients to the convention center is something we are considering.
With the testing shortage issue in terms of a turnaround..
I just want to be clear we are doing an extraordinary amount of tests, but it is not a shortage of collection kits. There are reagent issues in the lab that are contributed to longer turnaround times, as well as the sure volume of tests. So of all the tests, we reported today 65% were within the last week. 30% were from the week before. That gives you an idea of the percentage of tests. This greatly impacts our ability to fight COVID-19. If someone waits 7-10 days to find out they are positive and did not curtail their activities, we know they are out there spreading that disease. Plus if it takes too long to get a test result back the contact tracing is too hard. So the turnaround time at the labs is the current challenge, not the testing supplies itself.
with turnaround times does this challenge testing congregate settings
In congregate settings, we are testing 100% of residents and staff every 2 weeks. We are seeing some delays in getting those results back. Anytime you see that it interferes with our ability to quickly get on top of the situation and appropriately quarantining patients. It is also true for the staff member who goes home at night and interacts with their family.
Over the next approx 8-12 weeks it is the goal of the Federal Government to send a rapid point of care tests to every nursing home. We are starting to see those machines arrive in small numbers this week and that will continue. That way tests are administered with results being known within 24 hours. It sounds too good to be true, so we need to make sure the machines come and we have all the testing materials that are needed.
Why are casinos not facing additional restrictions?
I'm not going to tell you we haven't experienced any issues at casinos but I can say they have been few in number and much more easily removed because you only have only a small number of them operating. Plus it is the most regulated industry in Louisiana so if you go in there and tell them a problem the corrections get made. We know they have been very responsive to any remedial measures we have told them to take. That is why they are open. We believe they can safely operate at the level of occupancy we have described. We want as much of our economy opened as possible consistent with public safety and the health of our people. Where we can operate a business safely we want to do that. Under the limitations, we currently have in place with casinos they can operate safely.

Closing Remarks

We have flattened the curve before and we can do it once again. We can do it without going back to Phase 1. But everyone must do their part. So if you want the economy open then we must all do our part. Please wear a face covering. Social distance. Stay home when you are sick. Wash your hands often. Watch out for the most valuable. The safest place you can be is at home. Lift one another upon prayer and focus on our blessings. If nothing else let's be thankful for our healthcare workers. Everyone has a healthy and safe weekend. God bless.
👉 NEXT PRESS CONFERENCES Will be Tuesday and Thursday next week at the Capital. If there is a reason to meet at other times, whether related to weather or COVID19, I will let you know.
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40 Best Songs of All Times About Poker, Dice, Cards and Addiction

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39. Gambler - Madonna

Gambler is a song written and played by Madonna, made for the film Vision Quest. Although the song reached the top 10 in the charts of the UK, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, and Norway, Madonna performed it only once on her 1985 The Virgin Tour. It’s a catchy song, we suggest you play it as you spin the reels of some of your favourite retro online slots.

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Well, I guess I really oughta be makin up songs but all I wanna do is play cards. I know it's dumb and sick and wrong but all I wanna do is play cards. Got the studio booked in Tennessee, and my record producer's callin me, the tape will roll in just three weeks and all I wanna do is play cards.” Does it sound familiar? It’s a 2005 hit by Corb Lund called All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards, once you hear it you’ll be playing it on repeat.

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32. Little Queen of Spades - Robert Johnson

Moving on to the Little Queen of Spades, a song title by the American blues musician Robert Johnson who recorded the song in 1937 and first released it in 1938. The first version of this gambling-themed song has a playing time of 2:11, whereas the second one lasts 4s longer (2:15), and is considered an alternate take and first appeared on Johnson's album The Complete Recordings, in 1990.

31. Train of Consequences - Megadeth

Another great song Train of Consequences is the title created by Megadeth, released as the first single from their sixth studio album Youthanasia in 1994. The song was later included on their compilation albums and its music video was the 26th most played video on MTV. There’s this part of the song “No horse ever ran as fast as the money that you bet, I'm blowing on my cards and I play them to my chest” – which is about a person’s gambling problem, who realises something’s wrong with this lifestyle, but it still hunts him down. Could be just the thrill, but he just can’t stop playing.

30. Gambler - Whitesnake

Released on the album Slide It In (1984) and appearing on the compilation album Gold (2006), Gambler is the song by the British hard rock band Whitesnake. These words may sound familiar - “No fame or fortune, no luck of the draw, when I dance with the Queen of Hearts, a jack of all trades, a loser in love, it's tearing my soul apart”. And in case you’ve never heard it, we think you should give it a shot, the chances are you’re going to love it!

29. Gambling Man - Woody Guthrie

Now here’s one single from 1957 - Gamblin' Man. The song was taped live at the London Palladium and published as a double A side, with Puttin' On the Style. Reaching #1 in the UK Singles Chart in the summer 1957, it was “the last UK number 1 to be released on 78 rpm format only, as 7' vinyl had become the norm by this time.” Written by Woody Guthrie and Donegan, this gambling themed song was produced by Alan Freeman and Michael Barclay.

28. Roll of the Dice - Bruce Springsteen

According to Songfacts, Roll of the Dice was the first Springsteen’s song he didn’t write by himself. In fact, E Street Band’s pianist Roy Bittan helped with the music, while Springsteen was in charge of the lyrics, starting with – “Well I've been a losin' gambler, just throwin' snake eyes, Love ain't got me downhearted. I know up around the corner lies, My fool's paradise in just another roll of the dice.” After he broke up the E Street Band in October 1989, Springsteen wrote lyrics for the Roll of the Dice (with two other songs) and liked them to the point where he began writing and recording more songs.

27. Queen of Diamonds - Tom Odell

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25. Ramblin' Gamblin Man - Bob Seger

We’re moving on to a rock single from 1978 - Ramblin' Gamblin Man by Bob Seger. The author meets an old acquaintance, a professional gambler who happens to be a swagger. As such, he attracts people’s attention whenever he bets. Putting so much of his faith in the cards (rather than in people), he walks away every time, just before avoiding loss. Along the way, the narrator realises that, if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find he’s a very cynical man, who will never change.
Another gambling-themed song worth mentioning by Bob Seger is Still The Same.

24. Blow Up The Pokies - The Whitlams

Blow up the Pokies is the next song on our list, played by The Whitlams. It is the second single by the group from their 4th studio album, Love This City. Released in the year 2000, the song became a hit and made it to number 21 on the ARIA Singles Chart. According to several resources, the lyrics written by singer Tim Freedman were inspired by the destruction he saw in original Whitlams bassist Andy Lewis's life, due to his gambling addiction.

23. A Good Run of Bad Luck - Clint Black

Now here’s one 1994-song packed with gambling-related terms. As you listen to A Good Run of Bad Luck, recorded by American music artist Clint Black, you'll have a bit of fun as you try identifying what all these gambling terms mean. The song is a bit fast and is about falling in love by using gambling metaphors. The main character is willing to spend a lot of money to win his special lady over and, although he has had a period of bad luck, he is not giving up – “I've been to the table, and I've lost it all before, I'm willin' and able, always comin' back for more.

22. When You’re Hot, You’re Hot - Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed won a Grammy for the song When You’re Hot, You’re Hot which was released in 1971. Most people remember it as it was a major hit, ranked as number 1 in the country charts, also making its way up the Pop Top 40. It’s an enjoyable novelty song about the ups and downs of the gambling life, about one’s winning streak caught in an illegal game of Crap.
Country star Jerry Reed also came up with a version The Uptown Poker Club in 1973.

21. Lawyers, Guns and Money - Warren Zevon

Next one up - Lawyers, Guns and Money is a song by Warren Zevon, the closing track on his album Excitable Boy, released in 1978. An edited version of this song was distributed as a single and found itself on the A Quiet Normal Life best of compilation on the CD and LP. The song goes like this - “I went home with a waitress the way I always do, how was I to know she was with the russians, too? I was gambling in Havana, I took a little risk Send lawyers, guns, and money Dad, get me out of this, hiyah!

20. The Lottery Song - Harry Nilsson

According to the man in the 1972 pop-rock song The Lottery Song by Harry Nilsson, there's more than one way to get to Vegas. Addressing his lover, the narrator mentions a few different options for buying a ticket and going to Sin City – “We could win the lottery we could go to Vegas,” and “We could wait till summer, we could save our money” as well as “We could make a record, sell a lot of copies, we could play Las Vegas.”

19. Casino Queen - Wilco

Now here’s one black-humoured gambling-themed song, released in 1995 and titled after a casino. Featuring a dirty electric guitar, Casino Queen was composed by an American songwriter, Jeff Tweedy, who wrote this song after playing a game in a riverboat casino accompanied by his dad. Inspired by the event, the author wrote: “Casino Queen my lord you're mean, I've been gambling like a fiend on your tables so green.

18. Have a Lucky Day - Morphine

Another song on our list that you simply must check out starts like this: “I feel lucky, I just feel that way, I'm on a bus to Atlantic City later on today. Now I'm sitting at a blackjack table and swear to God the dealer has a tag says, "Mabel." Hit me, hit me! I smile at Mabel, soon they're bringing complimentary drinks to the table.” Check it out yourself - it’s called Have a Lucky Day by Morphine.

17. Kentucky Gambler - Merle Haggard

Written by Dolly Parton and released in 1974, Merle Haggard’s Kentucky Gambler is another song on our ultimate gambling playlist that you should pay attention to. It’s about a miner from Kentucky who leaves his family to gamble, under the bright lights of Reno. Unsurprisingly, his winning streak comes to an end, and he loses all his winnings. All broke, he decided to return back home only when he arrived, he found out his wife was involved with someone else.

16. The Jack - AC/DC

The next song on our list will give you some adrenaline boost, for sure. It goes like this - “She gave me the queen, she gave me the king, she was wheelin' and dealin', just doin' her thing, she was holdin' a pair, but I had to try…” Sounds familiar? This song from the 1975s is called The Jack and is played by AC/DC and there’s no way you can skip it.

15. Blackjack - Ray Charles

Moving on to something a bit different - a melody that blackjack lovers can listen to as they play is Ray Charles’ Blackjack. Apart from being a good quality song from 1955, it carries an important message with an emphasis on how brutal the game of blackjack can be. Some sources say that Ray Charles wrote it after beating T-Bone Walker at a blackjack game session.
Yet another Ray Charles’ famous song about gambling is called a Losing Hand.

14. Ooh Las Vegas - Gram Parson

Ooh, Las Vegas, ain't no place for a poor boy like me”... is a song-into for Ooh Las Vegas which was written by Gram Parsons and Ric Grech. It was first released by Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris in 1974. Playing this song would be perfect for the beginning of the road trip (i.e. to Las Vegas), especially if you have the energy to sing along.

13. The Stranger - Leonard Cohen

Published in 1968 and performed by Leonard Cohen, The Stranger appears in the The Ernie Game movie about a man released from a mental asylum. More appropriately, it is the perfect opening song in the 1971 Western McCabe & Mrs Miller, in which Warren Beatty plays a gambler. As you listen to this song (without watching the movie), it makes you see fascinating images of card games, smoky dreams, and concepts of risk versus safety.

12. Desperado - Eagles

Written by Glen Frey and Don Henley, Desperado song is one of The Eagles’ greatest hits from their 1973 album of the same name. The song features a classic tune while the ballad tells the story of a lone wolf imprisoned by his loneliness. As for the lyrics, they have loads of card references mentioning the queen of diamonds, the queen of hearts, and so on.

11. Huck's Tune - Bob Dylan

The next song on our list is about the risks of poker, money, and relationships, which are precisely what the movie Lucky You is all about. Does it ring a bell? That’s right, this 2007 song is called Huck’s Tune and is performed by Bob Dylan. Each of us can all relate to lines "You push it all in, and you've no chance to win, you play 'em on down to the end." Play the song and you’ll enjoy more than 4 amazing minutes of Bob Dylan.
Likewise, Bob Dylan recorded Rambling, Gambling Willie and Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, both excellent and both inspired by gambling.

10. Four Little Diamonds - Electric Light Orchestra

A song by the British rock band Electric Light Orchestra Four Little Diamonds was released in 1983 and found itself on the album Secret Messages. The single wasn’t so popular in the US, being only 2 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, at number 86, and number 84 in the UK. This song refers to the singer’s cheating lover who tricked him out of a ring which had 'four little diamonds' on it.

9. You Can't Beat The House - Mark Knopfler

Moving on to our next choice for the day, You Can’t Beat the House. It’s the third song on the Get Lucky studio album released in 2009 by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler. The album and the songs received favorable reviews with the album reaching the top three positions on album charts in Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland. The singer’s divine voice combined with beautiful music and lyrics goes like this – “You can't bear the house, you can't bear the house, tell the man somebody, you can't beat the house.

8. Deck of Cards - Don Williams

Deck of Cards is a recitation song that tells the story of a soldier who gets caught while playing cards in church and then faces a sentence from a superior officer. The soldier defends his case, explaining he wasn't about to deal a hand of poker, but was rather confirming his faith with the cards. Performed by T. Texas Tyler, the song managed to become a major hit in the 1940s and 1950s. Also, Wink Martindale had an even bigger hit with his 1959 cover, with a successful version by Don Williams featuring Tex Ritter and Buddy Cole.

7. Gambler’s Blues - B.B. King

First recording of the song Gambler’s Blues by B.B. King was in 1966, and it was released in 1967. The song appears on the album Back in the Alley (1970). Some say gambling and blues go hand in hand, so if you (gambling fans) haven’t heard it, listen and see for yourself.

6. Tumbling Dice - Rolling Stones

One of our favourite songs on the list is Tumbling Dice, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. It tells the story of a gambler who can’t remain faithful to any woman. Being released in the 1970s and featuring a blues boogie-woogie rhythm, the song was and still is one of the greatest singles of all time.
Rolling Stones also recorded Casino Boogie, and it’s from their 1972 album, Exile on Main St.

5. Luck Be A Lady - Frank Sinatra

The next song on our list is about a gambler who hopes that he will win a bet, the outcome of which will decide whether he is able to save his relationship with the girl of his dreams. You probably know what song we’re talking about; it’s called Luck be a Lady released in 1965 and performed by one of the most popular musical artists - Frank Sinatra.

4. Deal - Grateful Dead

Next one up is the song Deal. It was first performed by the Grateful Dead in 1971, as a regular part of the repertoire through their 1970's tour. Although being less common to the fans during the 1990s, the band continued to perform it. The singer opens with the message: “Since it cost a lot to win and even more to lose you and me bound to spend some time wondering what to choose,” that later kicks off with a chorus: “Don't let your deal go down...
Loser is another song first performed by the Grateful Dead in 1971 as well, heavily played during 1971 and 1972.

3. Ace of Spades - Motörhead

Ok, the next song is loaded with some great gambling verses like "The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say, I don't share your greed, the only card I need is the Ace of Spades" will definitely set you in the right mood for hitting some winning combinations. Released in 1980, the song was inspired by slot machines that the lead singer Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister played in London pubs.

2. Viva Las Vegas - Elvis

As soon as you start playing the second song from our playlist “Viva Las Vegas,” you’ll probably picture a huge casino and a great gaming atmosphere. Performed by the legendary Elvis Presley, the 1964-released song brings the glamour of the city, and its beat will get you in the mood for some serious gameplay. This song was written for the movie of the same name starring Elvis Presley, in which he plays a race car driver waiting tables at a hotel to pay off a debt. There’s this famous scene when he performs this song at the talent competition alongside many showgirls.

1. The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

Performed by the legendary country singer Kenny Rogers, The Gambler song is our number 1 - it's full of some betting advice that are relevant today, even though it was released more than 40 years ago, in 1978. Here’s how it goes… “If you're gonna play the game, boy you gotta learn to play it right, you've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” These classic chorus lines were told from the first-person perspective inspired by a conversation the author had with an experienced poker player on a train. Written in the form of poker metaphors, Schlitz wrote the tune in honor of his late father.
Johnny Cash is also among other musicians who recorded The Gambler in 1978, on Gone Girl.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

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My roommates girlfriend is accusing me of stealing $5000

I live in a two bedroom apartment, in march of this year I broke up with my girlfriend and I needed to find a roommate. The first thing I did was put the feelers out with some of my neighbors. One of my neighbors had a friend that had just moved to San Diego and was staying on his couch while looking for permanent residence. I didn’t know my neighbor super well but he had a big fat bulldog named Porkroll so that was enough to earn my trust.
“Guy” moved in. He was a chef by trade and for the first few weeks I never saw him, his 14 to 15 hour shifts at the restaurant made his life sleep work sleep work repeat. He paid his rent and utilities quickly and was almost never home, and when he was he brought me food.
The perfect roommate. Then Covid happened.
He was laid off from the restaurant. I received a text asking me if his girlfriend from Chicago could move in with us, he said that she was cool and they would use the free time to find a place of their own. Both turned out to be false.
Over the months of the quarantine they would fight to no end, it seemed like almost every night. Screaming matches that would go into the early hours of the morning. A few of them got to the point where other neighbors had called the police for a domestic disturbance.
At this point it would be hard to describe how much I dislike “Girl” but one of my first interactions with her describes it best.
Guy made ramen, he spent all day making a broth, even made some pot stickers, and I thought it was great. She hated it, apparently it was so bad she couldn’t get through Jumanji 2 and had to leave to get other food. It appalled her so much he was no longer allowed to cook their meals. A chef.
Also one of their fights got to the point that he was speeding off in his car and she threw one of my glasses at him, shattering it. It was a pint glass that had a e-card meme on it that said “looks like it’s fuck this shit o’clock” with a guy throwing papers in the air. In the grand scheme of things it's not that important but it was a christmas gift from my sister in 2011 and I considered it a prized possession.
The way the apartment is setup I have a bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom, which allowed me to interact with them as little as possible.For the most part that ment I only needed to interact with them when necessary. Necessary being when a homeless guy was standing around our stairwell and Girl took an unloaded paintball gun to scare him off with mock gunfire. So most nights they use my TV that is in the living room, watching youtube videos on my account. This doesn’t bother me but it does let me see their entire watch history.
The only thing they watch is about gambeling. I mean I can’t judge. I'll watch hours of people doing metal work, using lathes and welding when I have no way to do it myself. But the thing they watch the most is slots, people live streaming themselves at casinos playing high roller slot machines and winning large sums of money.
About a month ago it was night and they had been gone all day. There is a knock on the door at 4 am, it's Girl. She said they were at one of the Indian gaming casinos and she doesn’t know where Guy is. He showed up late the next day, and was an absolute wreck.
Two weeks ago they let me know they were going to Vegas now that things are starting to reopen. They were gone for a week, which I can only describe as pure bliss, and came back without issue.
Saturday 6/20 I carpool with my parents up to North County San Diego to spend the weekend at my brothers, my first time seeing my family and not sleeping in my room in four months, a true vacation. My sister-in-law is pregnant so for health and safety reasons she asked if I could get a hotel room. Yes ma’am, vacation.
Sunday 6/21 at 9am I get a text from Guy.
“Theres been a large sum of money stollen from myself and Girl as of last night
I'm contacting the police to file a police report.
Can you please give me the landlords number to go through the proper channels, locks need to be changed and all the proper details need to be followed to get to the bottom of what has happened.
Girl and myself will seek additional help to recover all losses
It’s unfortunate this is happening on father’s day.
But it needs to be addressed,
I'm a musician and a nerd, so my first thought was about my gear in my bedroom and my computers. I asked if he could go into my room to see if anything was taken but he doesn’t respond.
My father had passed the Bar in New Orleans in the 80’s but now does commercial marine insurance. He let me take his car to go back down to see what was going on. Because Guy wasn’t responding, I called the Neighbor with the bull dog, he agreed to go in my room and confirmed that my music gear and tech were there as I described it.
I arrive, Girl is in their bedroom with the door closed, Guy is sitting at a table in our common area on the computer. looking back, this is when I realize that I might be a little naive. Because I’ve lived my life outside the long arm of the law (aside from traffic and parking tickets) It did not occur to me that they would be accusing me of stealing the money, but from his tone I could tell something was weird. In the common area they had two sets of golf clubs, he said she had her purse in her golf bag and it had $5000 cash inside and that it was stolen. I asked if they had taken the golf clubs out while it was in there and he said yes but it was always close to them so it was in eyesight the whole time.
My first thought was leave the situation and call your dad for advice.
As I have never been in a situation like this I honestly didn’t know what to do. What he told me was:
Directly ask him if I am being accused of stealing the money, and if he says yes say I didn’t do it. After that don’t say anything without legal counsel present. I did that.
Girl bursts out the door enraged and screaming. I said one thing “ I am not going to talk about this without legal counsel present” she said many, many things, here are the highlights.
“I know you did it you fucking crack head whitetrash peice of shit. I know people, we're getting your fingerprints and you are going down. Make it easy on yourself just give us back the money.
Just give us back the money and everything will be ok for you.
Just give us back the money
Just give us back the money
Just give us back the money”
It was like that but many more times and a lot louder and meaner.
I left the apartment and went across the street to call non-emergency, I told them I didn’t feel safe, described Guy and Girl, and they showed up 4 hours later.
The officers had already talked to Guy and Girl when they talked to me. They asked me If I took the money and I said no. They said it would be a lot easier if I just gave the money back. I said I didn’t take the money. They said you know they will be pressing charges. I said yes. I asked if I was free to go and they said yes. I put all my computers, and musical instruments in the car and drove back up to my brothers. While driving my sisters, who are enraged, look up Guy and Girl and find that Girl has from what we can tell at least 4 arrests in Chicago, the one we could see was for assault and battery.
Spent the rest of fathers day with my family, we had Whiteclaw, and tacos.
I am now back at the hotel, at around 11pm, Girl sends me a text. Apparently Guy gave her my number, she didn’t have it before.
From my Dad's advice I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I did.
“I really don’t understand why you guys are doing this. I know you haven't known me that long but I can’t believe you actually think I stole money from you. And more importantly, and this should be obvious:
If this goes to court it will be a monumental waste of time and money for both of us.
First off, I didn’t steal the money, so if you launch some sort of investigation nothing will be found.
From a quick internet search Girl has a multiple arrest record from Chicago.
Two weeks ago you both spent a week in Vegas where you would have clearly had time to spend the money.
Because it’s my youtube account on the TV there is a clear history of you guys watching videos that revolve around slots and gambling.
Absolutely nothing about your accusations makes any sense.
But the most important thing is, and I genuinely suggest you take this in full consideration:
Through my family I have access to legal counsel, that if this does go to court, will turn it into a complete fucking bloodbath.
Please, I beg you, save both of us the wasted time and money and just walk away.”
She responded:
“You’re a white trash crackhead thief. ON THE TABLE BY MORNING 9AM SHARP”
Yeah so now it's 2 am and i'm in a hotel room in northern San Diego.
All in all, not the worst fathers day I've had but close.
While my father did practice Law in the 80’s and so far all of his advice has seemed correct. I figured it might be beneficial to ask some questions.
Is a restraining order necessary? I’m sure I can look up how to get one but do I need to?
Can I kick them out? My landlord told me we can give them a 30 notice to leave but I’m not sure if the covid thing affects that.
And honestly I would never do this because I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body but what legal action could I take towards them if any?
Alright, the adrenaline is wearing off, thanks for listening.
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Summary of Governor John Bel Edwards Press Conference today


Governor JBE
Hurricane Laura
COVID-19 Update


600,000 were under a boil water advisory or their water was out of this morning. Have sheltering numbers picked up? If so it is it because people don't have access to water or because of damage
The shelter numbers ticked up again last night. It was the smallest increase since the storm hit. It does relate primarily to the availability of insurance. Also, individuals are realizing the condition of their homes is not safe, habitual, or secure. If there is a power outage to one's home there is a good chance the community water supply doesn't have power either. We are working every day to restore power, whether permanently, or by generator driven power. Some systems also received damage. What is driving people to shelter is a combination of damage to the home, and not having access to a secure shelter with power and water. The numbers continued to increase yesterday but by a smaller number than was seen previously.
On the critical needs assistance of $500 the state asked for $1,500 what was the explanation for the $500 and is that an appropriate amount to offer assistance to people.
I have not been given an explanation for the $500 versus and another amount. We want people to take advantage of the resources that they qualify for. Get them the information so they can complete the registration with FEMA and if they aren't to in their home because of the storm, and they have these extraordinary expenses they do qualify. I cannot tell you why that amount was chosen. People's lives are upside-down and I am never going to say a certain amount is right for them to get them back to where they need to be. Understand this is a one-time upfront short-term assistance that is valuable to those who can get it. We know a lot more needs to be done. Will continue to work so people can get all of the individual assistance can take advantage of, and not just in the 9 parishes that were approved by FEMA, but in the additional 14 parishes that were requested. Ultimately, we were not in control of the decision. No fixed formula for when it is approved. We will keep making our case as best as we can. Which is why you have seen FEMA go back and add more parishes.
Sent over a 100 letters from the Louisiana Bar association. They are very personal. People who are losing their lifetime investments and cannot pay their bills anymore. Feel unfairly targeted. I am from Slidell, they don't understand why casinos are allowed to be open but they are not. Why do you continue to leave the bar restrictions in place?
We have done it on the recommendations of our Public Health officials here, the data we have been given by the federal government, and specific recommendations given by the White House Taskforce -- primarily from Dr. Birx -- that bars with on-premises consumption are extraordinarily conducive environments for the spread of the coronavirus. That has been born out of the contact tracing efforts here, where 25% of the outbreaks and 26% of the cases go back to bars for on-premises consumption -- altough I may have switched the numbers, but it is only a percent difference. We understand it delivers a hardship on those businesses, but we also know that since Memorial Day the spread of coronavirus here, and across the Sunbelt, has been driven by people 18-29 years old. From contact tracing, we know that much of that happened in bars. So what we have done is bar on-premises consumption but allow for curbside pickup and delivery drive-thru (if they have that). We have also allowed them to change away from a bar, and operate as a restaurant if they are able; and if they can do that, they can operate under the same rules as a restaurant -- where alcohol service is incidental to foodservice and 50% or more of their income comes from food service component of their businesses. In addition, if they have video poker machines they can have up to 3 machines, and can have customers inside for that. We are giving them various opportunities to have income. It is about the spread of the virus and making sure we try to limit that. Especially after we come after Memorial Day and see the spread that resulted from there.
So continue to focus on spread among young people, the CDC just came out this week and they now acknowledge only 6% of people that died from COVID were only from COVID. Since March we have acknowledged that older people elderly people with other conditions are going to die. Why has the focused remained on shutting down bars and restaurants, why couldn't the focus have been on getting the older at-risk people to be locked down?
First of all, we have asked people who are vulnerable to stay at home as much as possible, to reduce their travel and activity, and to minimize them contracting the disease. I don't think there is any doubt that the increase in cases among young people did spread to older people over time. I will tell you I do not interpret the CDC information the way you did about the 6%. Because there may be 6% that only list COVID but the others will list a condition or a cause of death that they wouldn't have had but for the fact they had COVID. I do not think you have interpreted the CDC guidance correctly.
The LDH tells me today that the number of water facilities experiencing outages today did not have access to backup power prior to the storm which I as a violation of their requirements. How does that happen? What is being done to make sure every water facility has a generator before another storm gets here?
I cannot tell you why a specific water system did not have an onsite generator. We are working with them now to get them generators. A number of them had generators, some failed at the onset, others failed over time. It is not as simple as these facilities not having them. We are working with LANG to connect generators and have the fuel necessary to keep them running. If the generators have problems we are working to replace them as well.
You have a data-sharing agreement with municipalities to continue sharing COVID test information. Are you having any thoughts with sharing that data now that the first responders have access to PPE and the original reasons for sharing that info is no longer around, but the privacy concerns are...
Privacy concerns are always a concern. HIPAA precludes us from sharing information under certain circumstances. Early on when we didn't have PPE in order to preserve it and have it focused on our hospitals we were providing information to our office of preparedness that they could share information with first responders. Dr. Kanter are you aware of where are at right now currently in respect to hat policy? Kanter: "In Progress." So I know we are looking that the policy to see if currently, the circumstances warrant us to exchange that information. It is driven partly by HIPAA concerns, and partly because we have addressed the PPE, but also because we have such community spread that law enforcement should treat everyone as if they have COVID. We are reviewing the policy but I do not have a formal announcement today.
What would I recommend to residents that are within the 14 parishes that were included int eh request for a major disaster declaration but haven't been approved by FEMA for individual assistance?
Ask them to be patient. Even though they are not approved for individual assistance we are delivering aid to those parishes. LANG is working in those parishes to distribute, food, water, ice, tarps, and are asking other groups whether non-profits or faith-based to offer assistance there as well. We are focused on delivering aid to critical facilities like nursing homes, hospitals' and water systems. We are hopeful FEMA will see what we saw that the damage is concentrated enough and the population is vulnerable enough that availability of insurance is not widely available so they would be approved. Will continue to advocate on their behalf. I do not want to promise more than I can deliver.
Gov. LSU reported 182 new cases over the last 5 days. This comes after there testing sites were shut for the storm. Are you alarmed at the number of cases we are seeing at LSU?
I cannot say I am alarmed. I am concerned. I would rather there be 0 cases. I do not know the total number of tests that were performed to yield the 182 positive results you are talking about. It would also be interesting for me to know how many of those cases are symptomatic or asymptomatic. So long as individuals are properly isolating once they know they have the virus and not continuing to engage in activities that can spread the virus to others, especially the most vulnerable, then I would be obviously less alarmed and less concerned. There will always be concern around that. It will not be possible to resume any activity with the community spread at the degree we have and not have some additional transmission of the virus. I cannot tell you that specific number "shocks" me but it is something we will keep our eye on very closely. I will tell you testing remains critically important. One of the things about the past week, as we prepared for and responded to Hurricane Laura that concerns me the most is that we stopped much of our in-state testing especially in regards to surge and community testing, some of which were on our college campuses. I am gratified that I can tell you that as of yesterday we have stood back up testing sites including on some of our college campuses that remain open today. If a student has a positive result they have to properly isolate themselves to minimize the spread.
What do you see in the coronavirus numbers that indicate it would be safe to have fans inside of the super dome for Saints games?
Um, first of all, the number in New Orleans, their percent positivity, is the smallest in the State. I think it is a little less than 5% so that has an awful lot to do with it. Secondly, we know they put forth a plan. By the way, you just made news to me because I hadn't heard the Saints had made any announcement like that. Maybe they have. Did you say for the second game or the third game? Hm. They already announced for the first two games they would have none. The mayor took a look at it with her team. From the look I took, because of the protocols they have in place, and the limitation on the % of occupancy, and how the mitigation measures will be enforced we felt comfortable they could do that. Understand that between now and then, depending on what happens with our tests/cases/hospitalizations, that any decision is tentative. They have to have some target to drive their planning and actions going forward. It is based on 25% occupancy.
Early on deaths were the focus but since mid-June deaths have remained less than 50% and testing has become the focus. There seems to be almost an obsession with having to increase testing. Why are surprised to see more infections? Why are deaths no longer the focus that is driving decisions on how to progress to another phase?
First of all, I reject the premise of the question. Whether we proceed to a phase is determined by the White House guidelines and those are explicitly COVID-like illnesses reported to emergency rooms, cases as a raw number and a percentage of tests administered (percent positivity), and then it deals with hospitalization and the ability to deliver care without resorting to crisis care. Those have always been the main criteria that have determined our decision whether we move to the next phase. The deaths are a lagging indicator and I will tell you I'm very troubled here in Louisiana that we still report a stead number of deaths on a daily basis that is higher than anything I am comfortable with. Deaths are a lagging indicator because you cannot die from COVID-19 unless you get the disease in the first place. We are always going to base our decisions on the guidelines as we have told the people of Louisiana every time we have made a decision. By the way, a week from now we owe you a decision on what happens Friday after next.
Closing Remarks
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Amy: My first Short story-feedback will be greatly appreciated

An Ode to the great O’Henry. “Gin and tonic, please”, he hollered at the bartender, seating at the high-top. The tavern is empty, 9:00 PM on a slow autumn Sunday evening. The bartender serves the drink, “You know we close at nine-thirty? I’m taking the last order for the kitchen”. “Am good”, he says, taking a sip. The bartender smiles, “I know you, Nathan-the Accountant, haven’t seen you in a while”. Nathan smiles, with a half-nod, “And you are?”, “The Bartender”, says the Bartender, definitive, “you need anything, you know where I am”. He disappears into the dimness of the aisles. Nathan takes another sip, trying to recall, the last time he was here. It was the night, of his promotion, a month back. He was ecstatic, as drinks were passed around, Barry and Rust, his two best friends, joking about the ruckus he had created the year before, being passed over for the position of Senior Accountant. They ended up sloshed, unhinged, barely making it back to their homes. And today, he made his way to this place, once again, unplanned, unhinged, reminiscing those simpler, happier times. “Last call”-The Bartender is back, “You can stay here for an hour, am counting the register. You do need to place the final order, can’t keep the tabs open. I’m shutting off the lights, you can join me at the bar, if you wish”. Nathan makes his way to the Bar, the Bartender serving him the final drink of the night. “You are not from the South, are you?”, he asks. “I showed up here in July”, he replied “Hmm, Why Covington?”, Nathan asks. “Well, I retired this year, wanted some time off, try something different, keep myself busy. Wanted to explore the world, chose New Orleans as my first destination.”, he replied, his wrinkled face lighting up. I’m on a quest, I will be here as long its takes”, The Bartender smiles. “Well, when and where are you heading to next??”, Nathan asks, curious. “Not confirmed, will be sometime”, he replies with a stoic calmness, “When u have lived enough, you realize that the question is not When, Where, why or even How. You just owe yourself a What, and trust that it’s in the works.” A pause ensues as Nathan absorbs what he just heard. It’s not the words, but the detached, discerning, sagacious tone of his voice, that felt, for a lack better word-brooding. The Bartender continues, “You look confused, and I believe it’s not the where and When that bothers you. It’s the How. And I’m sure you haven’t even thought about the What.” The Bartender explains, “Let me tell the story, of my friend, Amy. She lived in the same neighborhood, where I grew up. In a small town like ours, it was commonplace for us kids spending time at each other’s house. I used to spend my afternoons, playing in the backyard of her house. We became close friends. We used to talk a lot about how our lives would turn out. I was a farm boy, our family was into Soybeans, and that’s how my life turned out to be. But Amy had dreams. She wanted to be an opera singer, she dreamt of a husband who was handsome, rich, owned an RV-trailer, a house with a bar top, where her husband made the perfect martini after a long day of work. She had all figured out. And if it does not work out. We made a pact. In our hey days, we will spend our evenings together, mixing drinks and singing. Her parents never approved her ambitions to become an opera singer. They felt that she should pick a modest profession, a teacher, or a nurse perhaps. The only person she could confide to, was her best friend. We would spend hours in the backyard, as she would sing the famous operas of the time, to the audience of one. My parents loved her, and my Mom would make us Sundae, during those summer afternoons. She was firm in her resolve, and she left, at seventeen, this town being too small for her ambitions. We did not have cell phones, or computers, so the only way we kept in touch was through letters. And it used to be a delight for one of those letters, to show up randomly at the door. She had taken professional singing lessons, and her performances at the mirage in Las Vegas were a big hit. She got married at 24 to this amazingly wonderful gentleman who owned a huge mansion 5 miles from the strip. She was living the life she dreamt of. Over the next few years her letters stopped showing up and I thought, that’s how life is, we grow and our life changes. We make new friends, get busy with our own lives, trying to make by, you know what I mean. I did fondly remember our younger days and felt happy for her. I got married too, settled down in Quad City, Iowa and started a trading business. We lived a pretty fulfilled happy life, had our struggles but overall, I am happy with what life had to offer. During those years I always had Amy in my mind, how did her life turn out. I always wondered that if we ever meet, will she even recognize my face. What are we gonna talk about.”? “Why didn’t you go and meet her?”, Nathan asked, “You had her address, and she was in Las Vegas, performing at the Mirage. It should not have been tough”. “Well, you are right, I should’ve. However, you start missing someone when they are no longer in your life. I did meet her a couple of times when she was in Iowa. She was always on the go. We would meet at a restaurant, spend some time and she would fill me on all the adventures, the wonderful trips her husband treated her to and the amazing gifts she received from her fans. She did invite me a couple of times to Las Vegas, to see her performance. However, time flies by and when her letter stopped coming, I knew that her life had taken an upswing, where her toddler friends, did not matter. My life took a U-turn. My wife contracted cancer at the age of 47, and my priorities changed. Kids had grown up and gone to college and I was left alone to look after her. The doctors tried their best, but the eventual happened. I lost her two years back. I was shattered, felt life had no purpose. The kids would come over sometimes, filling the loneliness, yet life was not the same. And then one day, going through an old album, I chanced upon a photograph of Amy. Suddenly, I felt that I should go and find her. Or at least meet her once, considering the fact that now I had no real motivation to live in Quad City. I boarded a flight to Las Vegas and landed up in Mirage. I talked to several managers, ground staff, Opera conductors who may have been a part of the casino during the 70’s, about Amy, the singer from Quad City, Iowa. No-one seemed to recognize her!! Till I met the owner of a small club far down the strip. He mentioned her name, saying that she was a performer at a gentlemen’s club in the strip. She came to Las Vegas with no money, or means, or the connections that’s needed to survive. She spent nights at the strip club, making enough to support herself, got married to one of the patrons, a good-looking gentleman, with a fierce temper. He was rich though. His neglect and anger issues left her divorced, and at 30, the chances of having a career as stripper was pointless. She ended up performing at the club far down the strip, where she met her second husband, who was a deadbeat biker, living in a trailer. Life was tough for both of them and soon she realized that it’s not going to work out. She decided to leave Vegas with her third husband, a bartender who was banned from the strip for stealing money from the counter. He had multiple convictions to his name. I was shocked. In all the years, in the letters, every time we met, she never mentioned any of this to me. There were a couple of time she did say that it would be great if I could move to Vegas and help her with her career. I remember, telling her about getting married, and right after that the letters stopped coming. I asked the owner, any clue where she could be now? He looked up old paychecks and said that the last one was posted to her in New Orleans. I showed up at New Orleans in July looking for her”. “So, where is Amy? have you found her?”, Nathan could not wait for the answer. “Not yet”, the Bartender said, “but I decided to become a mixologist, so I could work at the bars and hope that someday, she will show up. It’s wishful thinking, but here is the moral of the story. Amy got all that she wanted, a husband who was rich, who owned an RV, and who could make her a perfect martini every day. But they were three different people, unfortunately, and they all did not have the one thing that she never asked for, a caring, compassionate friend who could appreciate her for being what she was. You see, we all get what we want in life, it’s when we go beyond the “What” and start worrying about the “Hows”, “Whys” and “Whens” that we do not value the “What” and trivialize it to material possessions, fame, or superficial realities that we create for ourselves, ignoring our inner calling, and slowly the “What” disappears into the background. If only she had asked the question “What” and not bound herself with the “Hows” and “When’s”, trusting that it would work out. If only her family supported her ambitions and trusted her ambitions without asking her the “Whys”. And “What” she wanted was not in Las Vegas. It was right around her. The appreciation of her own people, an approval of her family, of her life choices and her ambition to become a singer. I know this because, the “Whys” and the “Hows” of her life led her to chase a pipe dream that she could’ve had it in her own backyard. “Do You think you will ever meet her?? what is your “What” now?”, Nathan inquired, as he got up to leave, it was already 10:00. “Well, since you ask, I just want to see Amy once, tell her that it’s all ok. She never told me about her ordeals, out of shame, or maybe out of the fear!! Her family was oblivious to all of her trials. They always thought that she was a singer in Las Vegas. I want her to feel that her relationships with her closest friend is still the same, and he wants her to know that he is ready to honor the pact they made when they were ten”, the Bartender says with a sigh, yet hopeful smile. Nathan heads back home and kisses his wife and kids. The troubles of his evening, he knew was trivial. Life moves on, three months later he shows up at the same tavern. He inquiries about the Bartender, who works no more. He is told that he moved to Avondale, another suburb. As he was heading out, the manager called him and handed a post card. It had an address of a place in Avondale. He drove to the address and saw an RV parked outside a small Tavern. He could hear Pavarotti’s “Parigi o’ Cara” from inside. He went in, and saw a beautiful dame, singing her heart out, with passion and exuberance that could put the singers of today to shame. Glancing towards the bar counter, he saw Nathan mixing drinks, stealing a glance once in a while, beaming with pride and happiness. Amy got all that she wanted, a husband who was rich, who owned an RV, and who could make her a perfect martini every day. And she was an opera singer at her own bar. She got “What” she wanted in life, and the pact of true friendship was honored.
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Nazwy Stanów i Miast w USA / Names of states and cities in the USA

Some time ago I've noticed someone complain that there are only beginner level posts here. Let's try to change it. I'm a native speaker, so if something is not clear, let me know in the comments.
Let's start with USA - Stany Zjednoczone or just Stany


In polish, some state names are translated, and some not - theese are written the same as in english, but pronounced in a different way. The pronunciation of the latter ones is a bit more sharp, more polish.
Washington - Waszyngton North Dakota - Dakota Północna South Dakota - Dakota Południowa New York - Nowy Jork Pensylvania - Pensylwania California - Kalifornia Colorado - Kolorado West Virginia - Wirginia Zachodnia. Uwaga: 'g' zwykle czytamy 'dż' Virgninia - see above New Mexico - Nowy Meksyk North Carolina - Karolina Północna South Carolina - Karolina Południowa Texas - Teksas Louisiana - Luizjana Florida - Floryda Hawaii - Hawaje
You may have noticed that adjectives are translated. Note that New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New Jersey is an exception, and the names are the same as in english.
DC is an exception in the States itself, and so is in polish - Dystrykt Kolumbii:
The white house is not in any state, it's in DC - Biały Dom nie znajduje się w żadnym stanie, tylko w Dystrykcie Kolumbii.


Some of the state names are declined (odmienione przez przypadki), for example:
I live in Minnesota - Mieszkam w Minnesocie I've never been to Texas - Nigdy nie byłem/am w Teksasie
But some are not:
The Four Corners Monument is in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona - Pomnik Four Corners znajduje się w Utah, Kolorado, Nowym Meksyku i Arizonie.
My cousin lives in Wyoming - Mój kuzyn mieszka w Wyoming.
You can also address a state with english "State of X" phrase. This is commonly used when referring to a state without a polish name. The state name does not decline, the noun "Stan" does:
State of Iowa - Stan Iowa State of California - Stan Kalifornia My sister lives in the State of Maine - Moja siostra mieszka w stanie Maine.
States that names are translated always decline. Apart from that, states with names that end in a suffix, that is found in polish vocabulary (like Nevada, Montana, Minnesota, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska) decline like common words with that suffix. This is commonly found in spoken language, from my experience. You can use the "State of X" phrase mentioned above to get around that ;)
Arizona - Arizony - Arizonie - Arizonę - Arizoną - O Arizonie - Arizono! Minnesota - Minnesoty - Minnesocie - Minnesotę - Minnesotą - O Minnesocie - Minnesoto! etc.
Prepositions to use with state names vary, and in most cases its 'in' (w):
W stanie Iowa, w Kolorado, W Arizonie, W Maine, W Vermont, W Minnesocie, W Alabamie.
But in case of islands or peninsulas, 'on' is used (na) [1]:
Na Florydzie, Na Hawajach, Na Alasce.
The Yellowstone park is in Colorado - Park Yellowstone znajduje się w Kolorado.
They arrested a guy in Florida for having a pet alligator - Na Florydzie aresztowali faceta za posiadanie aligatora.
My neighbor went on vacation to Hawaii - Mój sąsiad pojechał na wakacje na Hawaje
The US short codes for states (IA, RI, VT, AZ, AK, ...) aren't used at all here. People might be confused if you use them.


The same goes for cities. Some are translated, some are decline, some are both, and some are neither. The rules are generally the same as with state names.
New York - Nowy Jork Washington - Waszyngton New Orleans - Nowy Orlean Philadelphia - Filadelfia
Cities with 'city' in the name aren't translated, nor decline. The only exception that comes to my mind is Atlanta - I've heard people decline it.
Las Vegas is known for it's casinos. - Las Vegas znane jest z kasyn.
Times Square is New York's most known tourist attraction - Times Square to najbardziej znana atrakcja turystyczna Nowego Jorku
We took a hike from Nashville to Memphis. - Przejechaliśmy autostopem z Nashville do Memphis [2].
Wall Street is on Manhattan - Wall Street znajduje się na Manhattanie [3].


1 - I have no idea if its the case for Rhode Island as well. It's not, it's 'w Rhode Island' 2 - Memphis in the USA is written with 'ph'. Memfis is a place in Egypt. 3 - As a piece of trivia, ,,Manhattan'' is also a slang name for a district of Łódź, but that name is really specific to Łódź only.
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Damage Control Chapter 3

First chapter here:
So, this one's going to be a deep cut. If you haven't read the novels I've done before, this story throws you in at the deep end, and it spoils at least one major plot point from the 6th novel, Skin Hunger, as well as several other major plot points from other novels. If you want to catch up with that stuff, check it out here.
If you'd just like to jump into things, this is what matters: There are Atlanteans, an apparently fish-like race who have recently revealed themselves to humans, who have a population of approximately 50,000 and who are on the verge of extinction, and who were recently partially responsible for a near-catastrophe involving a war between a psychotic god of dreams and a primordial entity of stasis, and are trying to make amends. There is supernatural craziness. There is a top secret branch of the US Military- or possibly intelligence services, or maybe even just running loose- referred to as the Esoteric Forces of the United States.
There's a lot of damage to control.

Chapter 3: Hel

USEF Report Dagon, section C (Culture), Paragraph 5-11, Rank HEL-6
Almost all of the 'threat' posed by the Atlanteans is, fundamentally, cultural. It is also largely unintentional. While the Atlantean capacity to develop gods is formidable compared to individual humans, their population is .001% that of humanity, and their rate of population increase is hovering at just shy of 0%. They cannot meaningfully invade us, and they sacrificed the element of surprise that could- conceivably- have let them conquer us. They are not a threat directly, and any genocidal actions on our part would not change that- The damage the Atlanteans can do has already been done.
Obviously, the reverse is not true. The Atlanteans are a very small, discreet, and largely insular minority. These have historically been poorly treated in America, and literally every other nation. While legislation has been passed to recognize them as a protected minority, the current administration has shown a certain disregard. The survival of the Atlantean culture is threatened in a number of ways, not least the possibility of a repeat of the Neanderthal extinction.
There is substantial evidence that humans and Neanderthals crossbred. This no doubt contributed to the gradual extinction of the Neanderthal. The possibility that someday the only sign remaining of the Atlanteans will be a certain cast of the eyes, a certain hair color, or a few dozen introns on the end of a DNA strand, is disconcertingly likely.
Back to the issue of culture. Atlantean culture is broadly monarchic. Because of its small population and strained resources, collectivism has been endemic. These traits are likely to fade, but because of the long lifespans and conservative attitudes of older Atlanteans, this fading is likely to take place over decades, or even centuries. Many younger Atlanteans have begun to emigrate, many of them to other countries. This is a pain in the ass for security purposes, as almost all Atlanteans have access to information that is destabilizing, but the most we can hope to do is mitigate cultural harm by encouraging their integration.
Large Atlantean populations- a thousand or more- have settled in the mouth of the Amazon River, the Thames, on the eastern shores of Puerto Rico, on the coast of New Orleans, and off the shore of Kyushu. Smaller populations- a hundred or more- have taken up shelter off Australia by Rottnest Island, the Vietnam coast near Hai Phong, in the Mozambique Channel by Madagascar, south of the Canary Islands, the Strait of Gibraltar, Copenhagen's bays, in the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea, and a sizable population in Lake Erie, right by Buffalo.
The largest political push that the Atlanteans have been showing is for renewable energy sources and less water pollution. The Atlantean Queen, Ku-kaili-moku-polemo, has made a dramatic push for intervention in the Pacific Trash Gyre. There have notably been no Atlantean populations settled in India or China, possibly a commentary on the state of their ecological systems and water pollution; Unfortunately, this has also been a cause for increased tensions between the two nascent superpowers and the USA.
More domestically, Atlanteans have managed to tap into the 'Crystal Spires and Togas' new age movement. While not fitting the classical Greek image of Atlanteans, their spirituality has attracted adherents to a number of small schools of meditation. While these might be uncharitably referred to as cults, the Atlantean attitude towards divinity and free will has largely kept them on the 'church' side of the divide. While the media has questioned the wisdom of Atlantean teachings being spread in the wake of the near-catastrophe last September, the EFUS attitude has been that creating a home-grown population of human divingeneers is worth the relatively small risk; We can't get this genie back in the bottle, but we can ask it for a few wishes.
Chief Researcher Cherry H. Verne
The helicopter was a misery. Loud, suspended above the ground, uncomfortably exposed. The jet, on the other hand, was a wonder. It moved through the air with only the most modest occasional turbulence, high above the clouds. I stared out of one of the windows, my breath caught in my throat as I watched the clouds drift far below, like sand dunes deep beneath the sea.
Even the fastest currents of Atlantis had been limited compared to this speed. Atlantis had been small, and centralized. The humans lived across the vast and desiccated skin of their world, and sometimes they had to get from place to place quickly. Without the advantages of being able to leap between worlds with the intercedence of their gods, they came to novel solutions. It was not as convenient, but it wound up pushing them to greater heights. We travelled at speeds where the air itself became a kind of fluid, thick and turbulent, full of currents and doldrums. It was glorious.
"Fucking son of a bitch," growled Miller. "The news got out. The Exquisition and the Peers are sending a delegation to join us. Using the goddamn Concorde. They'll be there before we will." His eyes flickered over to Smith, narrowing.
"I know you like to think of us as having our lips fastened thoroughly to the royal teat, you metallic fuck, but I loathe those imperialist assholes. Not least because we both know they will demand the death of the Archmage. I didn't leak word, and nobody I told would. On the other hand..." Her eyes drifted over to Pagan. The Major sat on the far side of the aisle in the small craft, silently listening to the conversation.
"The official policy of the Mexican Government is that any supernatural being found to be contravening the law in aid of organized crime, or taking the life of a human, is to be executed."
The unspoken subtext in that statement was clear to everyone. The Mexican authorities would not want anyone to find out about any deals they cut. They would have good reason to keep the mission a secret. So, had someone betrayed one another? Or was the presence of an Archmage just that difficult to hide? How on earth had everything devolved so quickly?
Miller groaned. "It gets worse. Chatter suggests that the Tongxinheli and the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation have learned about this, too. They're likely to get involved."
"And they are hardly known for throwing away a useful resource," said Smith, teeth gritted. "Fucking arrogant pricks. What are they thinking?"
"That the United States is unlikely to go to war over a man who, according to official statements, doesn't actually exist. They'll be out of their environment, though. They won't have access to heavy equipment- I don't care how secret the supernatural is, East Asian ordinance going off on U.S. soil is going to go over like a lead balloon. Their supernatural advantage will be..." He chewed the words for a moment, frowning. "Harder to judge. Both are capable of substantial, if inconsistent, supernatural power multipliers."
"I am sorry," I said, finally pressured by sheer curiosity. "But- these groups-"
"The Tonxinheli is a grab bag of mainland hick priests, Hong Kong triads, Tibetan monks working under duress, and Mongolian shamans, all being pressured- financially, diplomatically, or personally- by the Chinese government. The Ministry..." His face darkened.
"They feed people to monsters," said Smith. "Usually poor, or undesirable."
"No actual evidence of that," grumbled Miller, but not very loudly. "They've got some nasty alliances in the supernatural world. Blood's a lot closer to the skin, down there. Her Majesty's Most Loyal Exquisition is British. They mostly deal with faeries, because the fuckers are thick as flies over there, but we usually have close relations with them. The Peers started as an old knightly order descending from Charlemagne, and rose to prominence after World War 2 turned the Franco-German border into the largest source of Undead ever. There are rumors of a 'Bloody War' that they were involved in before that, but mostly, they're a bunch of overly religious technology-obsessed freaks."
"You are playing an incredibly brave card there, metal-boy," said Smith, an eyebrow raised.
"I did this to myself because I was suffering from severe PTSD, quadrapalegia, and had been manipulated by a psychotic monster. They did it because they thought pacts were unholy." He looked out the window, his brow wrinkled. "This is bad. This is fucked up on a scale that defies simple Murphy's Law. Everything's coming together too quickly." He shook his head. "Hope we're not putting our foot in another hornet's nest."
I tried to think of something comforting to say, some way to encourage my superior officer. None were obvious to me. I settled for patting his shoulder companionably. "What is our plan, Sergeant?"
"Twofold. We need to strike fast and hard when we get in, which means dividing." He gritted his teeth. "I hate to do this to you, not least because I want you close by where you can watch for ambushes, but I need you to check out the hotel. See what you can find out there. Any chance you can track down what supernaturals were in there?"
"I can promise nothing, but if anyone can..."
"Good." Miller nodded to the two foreign officials and the four men who had stayed silent in the back of the plane, dressed in heavy black fatigues, masks covering their faces, heavy weapons sleeved over their shoulders. The men were anonymous, but I could read them beneath those masks. Pulses of belief both strong and weak- One nostalgia, one fear, one anger, one loathing like I'd never seen, one joy and innocence, one ambivalent melancholy. I could see such things in the unguarded, and often, those who wore masks left their souls very bare indeed.
"What will you be doing, Sergeant, if I may ask?"
"The mission profile says that our man was bilking a local casino, the Treasure Chest, using... Well, they weren't entirely clear, but he'd won enough money to be odd. There's a possibility he may be going for one last big score there. Major Pagan, Jissika Smith, and I will be keeping an eye there. Privates, you'll be keeping an eye on the local traffic and making sure he doesn't rabbit without us knowing about it. If we don't find him in the next few hours, it's going to be damned near impossible to figure out where he goes. And if he goes to ground..."
He didn't have to finish the statement. This was a man who could afford to spend decades in hiding.
The plane landed in New Orleans, where we were studiously ignored by the locals. On the streets, I drew more than a few surprised glances as I walked, and even the occasional venomous look. There were a handful of Atlanteans in the city, but I did not keep my eye out for them. I slipped through the crowd without notice or care, making my way towards the hotel where the scene had been found.
The police had not yet been notified. The scene of the crime was untouched. As I entered, I was struck by several things. The lack of blood, for one thing. The fact that, aside from the now-clearly-severed arm, there was no sign of the men supposedly murdered in this room. The lingering aroma of divinity. And finally, a slender, hard-knuckled fist.
I awoke, in a large metallic room. A slender young man who nonetheless had wrinkles around the corners of his eyes from too much smiling was studying me. "Are you alright?" he asked, softly, in heavily accented English. "Sorry about the blow. Are you well?"
Had I been a person entirely unlike myself, I might have responded violently. Sent current surging through the metal walls, fried every other person within, fought and struggled. Instead, I nodded. "You didn't strike anything particularly vital. Blow to the head, but I do not feel murky, or concussed." I studied him for a moment. He was slender, not very old, and his head was shaved bare. His warm brown eyes twinkled, and he wore a loose saffron robe. He had hit me at least as hard as Miller could, and he blazed with oddly tinted belief. Practically a furnace.
The others... Three of them were humans. One of them was tall, broad-shouldered, a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes, dressed in a white business suit. A gun sat in a holster under one armpit, and a leather bag under the other. The second was dressed like a tourist, a colorful T-shirt, shorts, and sandals. He sat with the same ramrod stiffness I had seen in Pagan. The third had his hair up in a bright white turban, wrapped elegantly, with an impressive mane of black hair surrounding his face on all sides. I knew something of the significance of the garment to certain religions, but I did not recognize this specific variant off hand. This man was- I studied my memories- Latino, or Indian, judging by his features. The others were East Asian, I thought. Chinese, I decided, from the context of who was expected to get involved.
The last person in the truck was not human in the least. Nearly seven feet tall, skin black not like a human's but like a burn victim's. Wiry but with muscles like coconuts stuffed into a stocking, her proportions were almost comical, massive tusks forcing her mouth open, growing in place of her canines. A long, red tongue hung out of her mouth, dripping reddish saliva onto the floor almost constantly.
"" said the man in the tourist's clothing, "" He was speaking Mandarin Chinese. I had taken the time to learn Mandarin. The tonal nature of the language was unusual, but I had mastered it quickly.
"You are safe," said the young man who had hit me.
"What are you?" I asked, frowning as I studied him. That belief- Was it belief? Or divinity? He did not feel like a god, but he was not entirely human, either. I had read files about the human phenomenon of 'Heroes'- those who were, in a sense, gods made out of still-living humans. Was this what they looked like?
"A humble monk," he said, bowing his head once.
"" said the man who I now strongly suspected was the leader of this small group.
"Does he speak English?" I asked, feigning lack of knowledge. Their assumptions were a useful tool.
"He understands it," said the monk, giving me a warm smile. "I am more proficient, so he asks me to translate his words, so they are not misinterpreted. We are aware that the Atlanteans have made many agreements with the Americans. You more than many. We wish to offer you an alternative."
"You have a choice in the matter, of course. We do not intend to abduct you. But if you should wish to explore your options, to experience what another government may be willing to offer, you can."
He was elaborate. Eloquent. Trying to confuse his compatriots, whose English was not as good. I wondered about the wisdom of sending only one man who understood English so well.
"Monk," said the man in the white business suit and the sunglasses, and his English sounded like he'd spent his entire life in the south, "don't go scarin' the lady by acting all vague and odd." He stepped forward, and settled down on his heels, coming level with me, eye to eye. "The monk's in this job because the government leans on his people, because that's the only way he'll work. The Political Officer there is here to make sure that he doesn't go AWOL. But I'm here because the PRC pays damn well. What you're looking for, what you want, they can provide. You just have to be willing to work together with them."
"" asked the black-skinned creature, in some ancient and esoteric dialect of Hindi.
"" murmured the man in the turban, in the same near-forgotten language. ""
Alright, perhaps I cheat a bit in learning languages. Being able to read the soul of a man makes understanding them much easier when they speak. It was not the kind of talent I would ever broadcast. People were far more honest if they believed you could not understand them. I would hate to take that comfort from them.
"What do you want from me?" I asked, allowing a tiny hint of the trepidation and fear I felt ease into my words.
"" said the man in charge. ""
"Nothing serious. We were alerted by contacts in the US government of a..." The man with the sunglasses paused, and frowned at the monk.
"Bodhisattva?" asked the monk, amusement flickering in his eyes.
"Of a very potent being," said the man in the sunglasses, forehead wrinkled in an obvious glare at the monk. "Since your people ain't been interested in joining the PRC, they've been... understandably tense. We find out about something that could give the Americans a greater advantage. Understandably, we want to avoid that." He smiled. "And if we can persuade you to give us a greater advantage, as well..."
"I... I'm not sure. If I were to betray them- There could be repercussions. Strikes against my people."
"" said the man in charge. ""
"We just need a distraction. A chance to help this guy- Victim of at least a couple of genocides- escape from the governments that perpetuated those genocides." The man in the glasses smiled. "You know about the Westerners’ history. We never did anything like that."
I did not correct him. "How will I contact you?"
"Don't worry about that. We will know." The man in sunglasses winked as he patted me companionably on the shoulder. "Magic."
I did not detect magic. I did detect the faint spark of electricity in the tiny thing he'd planted on my shoulder. It had sunk into the slick material of the raincoat.
"" asked the political officer. The man in sunglasses smiled.
"Consider it. Whatever you're looking for, we can certainly offer it."
"I'll think about it," I said, letting the nervousness flow through my words. Disguising the planning, the certainty, that hid beneath.
I would not switch sides. There were a thousand reasons, but they all condensed down to one. The game of sides was just that: A game. It was a distraction, and in the face of annihilation, a lethal one. These humans were positioning themselves to have the strongest position on the chessboard after it had been set on fire. The most logical solution to this was to destroy them, utterly, giving them no choice but to throw their efforts behind the EFUS. It was my side- By chance, but that was reason enough.
As they stopped the truck- We had apparently been in the back of an 18-wheeler- and allowed me to return to the city, I strategized internally. If I simply alerted Miller or destroyed the scrying device, it would scare them off. Let the prey know that they had been scented. But if they committed themselves to the conflict, they would be forced to see it through. I studied the bug, and my brows knit. It was delicate, finer than an eyelash. That such a small, inconsequential thing could be used to track me, to transmit sound, was... impressive. Also annoying. I would have to avoid discharge. There was no question that something so delicate would be destroyed by the shocks I could produce.
The phone in my pocket rang. I took it out, fumbling with the interface. The phone was a phenomenal device, though a strange one. An invisible network of oracles, allowing people across the world to speak, find information, plan things. I had seen the way humans cared for theirs, placed so much belief and thought into them. The only thing that kept them from awakening was that they were fragile, and not built to last.
That was a terrible crime, to me and my people. To make a tool that was disposable. To create a tool that was never meant to be more. You built to last, because that was how you made a tool truly great, growing more potent with the years. This... I tried to think of the words to describe it. Child soldiers. Cancer-ridden fetuses. A thousand dark images.
Then I hit the 'answer' button, because it had been ringing for nearly half a minute while I stared blankly. "Yes?"
"Yeagerta! It's nearly sunset, I've called you three times, what's the news?"
I shook my head. Strategy. "I was-" I let the silence hang for just a moment, as though I was planning to tell Miller. Showing the foreign agents what they expected, a self-interested person who thought themselves loyal, who had to talk themselves into betrayal. "Distraction. It took longer than I thought to sniff out the crime scene. I'm on my way now, and I've got bad news."
"Shit. How bad?"
"Your men might not be dead. They might just be hostages."
"Aaaaah, double-shit! We tracked him down to the Treasure Chest Casino, but... Well, things are a little bit fraught here. Get here as quick as you can, I could use a voice of reason, or alternatively, another pair of fists."
"Yes, Sergeant."
I made my way to the address, up the stairs into a cheap motel, and into a doorway. I knocked twice, and the door opened. Major Pagan had a large machete in one hand, standing halfway out of her chair. She settled as she recognized me, and the ivory-handled machete disappeared like smoke in the wind. Jissika Smith had been holding a slender bone needle, carved in scrimshaw. The other three members of the room were somewhat less calm. The man and the woman in elegant evening dress were in a pact, I could tell- And the woman was visibly not human, her skin the color of silver, tall, thin, elfin, almost as tall as me. She stood with her long, delicate hands folded in front of her, the man with a drink in hand, the scent of sharp alcohol filling the air.
The last... Well, I couldn't guess at their gender... was actually quite like Miller. The lines of electricity were not as all-encompassing as in him, but still encompassed the limbs, and significant portions of the torso. They sat at the corner, a weapon still drawn. I didn't recognize it, precisely, but it hummed softly, and clearly had a right side and a wrong side. The wrong side was aimed at me.
"Fuck's sake, Anseis, you crazy bitch, she's more human than you or I am."
The weapon was slowly raised towards the ceiling. The woman, superficially, did not look particularly odd. She was delicately built, slender, with skin as pale as milk, and rich golden hair, blue eyes piercing and cold. She was androgynous to the point that Miller's description of her was the only reason I could settle on 'female', and the long leather jacket she wore seemed wholly inappropriate for the hot, muggy environs. "You were studying the crime scene. Any sign of their assailants?"
"Four demons. The archmage himself was not there. All of the demons left substantial traces of power. I'd say centuries old, at least, maybe more. I don't know what they were exactly, but..."
"Four?" said the British man, an eyebrow raised. "You could distinguish them? Hell's bells, the man has four pacts?"
"I suspect so," said Miller. "The mechanics aren't well-known, but being able to make and raise your own supernatural flying monkeys is probably going to make it simpler. So, one big, fat target, and at least four unknown bogies." He looked up. "I bet you've got a solution in place already."
"The Heinlein is within firing distance, isn't it?" said Anseis. "An obvious solution suggests itself. Archmage or not..."
"I'll accept any solutions that don't involve firing a weapon of mass destruction at a riverboat full of American citizens," said Miller.
"I'd suggest coming up behind him and slitting his throat," said the British man, a slender stiletto appearing in his hand as quickly as Pagan's machete had disappeared from hers. "But if he were that easy to take down, I suspect someone already would have."
"Three teams," said Miller. "One team evacuates the ship. That's Jissika, Punk Barnes, and Lady Featherbottom. One team confronts him- That's you and me, Anseis, we've got the best chance at surprising him or being able to take whatever he's got waiting for him. If there are any civilians hurt as collateral damage, I'm ripping you limb from limb. Then the last team- Major, and Yeagerta- You commandeer the ship. Once it's empty, you take control, move us away from the docks and out into open water."
"He may be able to escape the ship regardless," said Anseis, her eyes narrowed suspiciously.
"Yes. But he'll also be where a round from the Heinlein won't kill anyone I care about."
This brought a smile to Anseis' lips, though not to her eyes.
It was interesting, the way time skipped. It could move at a snail's pace as adrenaline and fear and violence made the brain rush, made it record every moment in brutal slow motion in the vain hope that it could make the right decisions. It could speed by like a shark through a current when nothing was happening and too much awareness would drive you mad with boredom. I observed the way the time passed, fast as lightning, until the moment when Pagan pushed open the door.
"Department of Homeland Security," I said, holding up a forgery so good that the government didn't realize it was a forgery. "We've got reports of a lone wolf terrorist on the ship. You need to evacuate immediately while we get the situation under control."
The men in the boat’s wheelhouse didn't argue. They looked happy enough for the unexpected vacation, if slightly worried about their prospects for employment tomorrow. Pagan checked the ship's controls, while I watched the screens. The British man and his fairy lady, along with Jissika, guiding the last of the passengers off of the ship. Unmooring it. The people on the ship were slowly streaming off, Miller and Anseis pushing through them, watching the crowd.
"So," said Pagan, conversationally. "You joined the EFUS. Why?"
"Chance," I said, checking for any sign of our target.
"That doesn't seem like a very good reason," said Pagan, an eyebrow lifted.
"It's why every patriot does what they do."
“Really?” She smiled. “But you were not an American. You had a choice. You came into this world, and you chose them.”
“Geographical convenience. And… I suppose… a lingering debt.” I smiled half-heartedly. “It was an American who saved our queen, and another American who offered us shelter. I am confident that any country would have done the same.”
“Optimist,” she said, and there was a wry smile on her face. I realized I was seeing her amused.
And there, in the main casino floor, in front of an unfamiliar but colorful table, a very short Native American man stood with a grin, one leg crossed in front of the other, leaning back against the table, cornered by Anseis and Sergeant Miller. He was dressed in an extremely fine black suit.
I flicked a switch, and sound came through from a black grill beneath the screen. The man- I had to assume the Archmage- was speaking. "-already in place, ready to carry out simultaneous strikes throughout Washington D.C. You're already too late to stop me. I might remember it under torture, if you want to try."
"My heart weeps," said Aneis. "I invite you to tell us, or I will shoot you-"
It was amazing how quickly things went wrong. The entire ship lurched, throwing the three agents on the ship's edge onto the dock, tearing it free of its burdens. On screen, Aneis let out a single sharp scream of rage as something huge and sharp-toothed latched onto her leg, and then she was gone, water gushing up through the jagged hole in the floor. Miller was wrestling with a small, slender girl, built like a waif, who was also apparently overpowering him in a bear-hug, while a big man with bizarrely long and well-groomed facial hair, sticking out like whiskers, lunged at him from the side. The Archmage laughed, and was gone like a shot, running for the deck.
"Things are going downhill," I said. "I'm going to go stop him from getting away."
"Hey, if you run off with him and the US starts fielding a bunch of Archmages, I'm going to gut you," Pagan said, her voice calm and matter-of-fact even as I set out onto the deck.
The short man was glaring down at the water, his arms crossed. "You are under arrest," I said.
"I don't think I am," he responded, and I blinked.
"I'm sorry to hear that. Would you rather be dead? Several of us want you dead." I studied him quietly. Were those listening to me already moving in? Had they taken the bait yet? If I could capture him...
"You know, what I don't get is, you Atlanteans were being wiped out by humans. That's why you left, right? Ever since you came back, I've been turning it over and over in my head. Why would you come back? Why would you side with the people who genocided you before?"
I blinked. "Because times change."
"Really?" He grunted. "Give me another ten thousand years to think about it, maybe I'd be ready to make peace too. But I'm not quite there yet." He judged the water again.
"I really am much faster than you in the water," I said. "Even if your abomination tries to stop me, I am definitely going to kill it, and catch you."
"My! You're very certain about that." He looked over his shoulder at me, and grinned. "I've been doing this for a very long time."
"So have I. Why?"
"Why what? There are a lot of answers."
"Why did you leave the spider there? She didn't have orders, or training. She was just an abandoned thing."
"She was a tool," said the man, still distracted. "A thing to be used, and disposed of. That's what they all are."
"People." He looked up, and his grin was wide and a little bit frightening. "Oh, those two bought the 'I'm fighting for my poor benighted people' thing, but fuck my people. Fuck them all. They thought that they knew what I was. Words like Yeahnáglóshii, Skinwalker... They thought they knew what I was. They thought it was simple. That I was neglecting my duty, that I was a monster, a freak, because I didn't believe that a simple accident of birth meant that the tribe was owed my power." He looked up at me, his head tilted. "God, all of this is going right over your head, isn't it? You're like me. A freak of nature. And because you're guilty about it, you'll spend your life trying to make up for the gift you were given."
"It is funny," I said, though it was about as far from funny as it could be. "I never even considered that. I was always grateful that I could do something, anything, to help the people I loved. And while I hate demons, I could never imagine treating a tool so carelessly." I tilted my head. "Why do you do all of this?"
He grinned. "Why not?"
It was about the least heartening answer I could have gotten. “Are there really demons set to terrorize Washington?”
“Yeah. They’re called Senators. I was just fucking with those two, seeing how they’d react under stress. It’s always interesting, isn’t it? Being above them all. Watching them play their games, and knowing that you’re playing a far more interesting game.”
"Get down on the ground."
"You know, I'd fight you, but-" He winced. "Looks like three of the four demons I spent centuries cultivating, strengthening, have just died. That's a blow." He shrugged. "I can always make more, though." He turned towards me, grinning. "I can still take you on with just one."
"I'd like to see that."
He straightened his shoulders, and grinned cheerfully, lifting one arm theatrically, his sleeve slipping down to the shoulder, exposing the bronzed, wrinkled skin. "Nothing up my sleeve, and presto change-o!"
He blurred. I was already in motion as he jumped into the air, and I felt him slip through my fingers. Conservation of mass and energy did extremely strange things as he rocketed up nearly twenty feet in the shape of a small, very fluffy white bunny. A massive owl swept down out of the darkness, its divine energy muted so that I hadn't noticed it above me, and then was gone again, winging towards the swamps along the river with the archmage. I brushed my arms as I stood up, annoyed that I hadn't caught him, but watching. The ship was already shifting to follow him at a fast clip, and there was only so long a bird like that could fly.
Sergeant Miller stepped onto the ship's deck, looking well-worn. He was missing an arm, and I stared for a moment. "Sergeant, are you okay?"
"Fine, fine," he said, absently, glaring around the deck. "Tell me he didn't get away while I was putting down that fucking goonch."
"What? Oh, no. We are in pursuit." I looked forward, narrowing my eyes. "Swamp village. Old, looks abandoned. We're maybe five or six miles away from it, going at ten knots."
"Yeah?" said the sergeant, and he frowned. "Oddly detailed."
"Just keeping my eye out, Miller," I said, and hoped he understood what I was saying.
"Couldn't taze him?"
"Not at the moment, Miller."
"Huh." He nodded, his eyes on me for a very long moment.
I hated the games.
USEF Report Pallas, Appendix B (Known Accomplices), Paragraphs 69-76 Rank HEL-8
Not all of Athena's contacts and accomplices are as celebrated as the Cat of Paris. She is, after all, the Patron of Heroes, and this sometimes involves choosing people who no one would ever take for exceptional.
Atina LeRoux is on the lowest end of these. Middle-class family, relatively unremarkable childhood marked only by a brief hours-long visit to a mental institution after she told a classmate she wanted to kill herself in high school, and three years of homeschooling from the age of eleven to fourteen that apparently permanently warped her social development. She took the LSATs twice, scored surprisingly well the second time, went to a mediocre law school, barely avoided failing out, passed the Bar, and then drifted.
Her life up to this point has been marked by a distinct lack of focus or achievement. She's never done anything worth noting in the mundane sphere. She worked part-time legal work, keeping her head above water in New York City, until she moved upstate and tried starting her own practice, apparently resigned to the fact that she would spend the rest of her life in the same state of mediocrity.
When the Jiang-shi known as Li Fang Fen (See USEF Report Hsien-Ko H1 and remind me to smack whatever moron convinced me that was an appropriate code-name) walked into her office seeking defense on a murder charge, it should have been a short path to an early grave or making a pact. Humans who discover the supernatural inevitably drift towards one of these two.
Atina's only apparent talent is for paranoia. She has, in fact, managed to survive at least a handful of assassination attempts from supernatural creatures she has pissed off royally. Mostly by becoming a hermit. 90% of her socialization is with supernatural creatures at this point, with her only known pure-human contacts being her family, and some fry cook she's in an apparently unpredictable relationship with.
This is all in keeping with Pallas Athena's strategies. In chess terms, Atina is a pawn. She's capable of very little, but is also generally below notice. The chances that she will figure prominently into one of Athena's schemes is extremely low, but the whole thing about pawns is that they take you by surprise, at an angle.
Her resources are largely a surprising number of favors and control she's acquired in Binghamton, but she's still yet to put it to any particular use. As in the rest of her life, Atina LeRoux seems largely at loose ends. Aside from her connections with Jack Knife (See USEF Report Ripper FJ-5) and the Camazotz Jenny Nishi (See USEF Report Sparkly Vampires FJ-4), she has no notable power.
One lingering concern remains: The Fishbelly incident. We still don't know what exactly happened in there, and no one in Binghamton is talking about it. The working theory is that Athena intervened directly, as she's occasionally wont to do. This in spite of the complete lack of any evidence of her presence. The mummy we interrogated after the fact claimed it was the work of a dragon, apparently traumatized by the encounter and prone to confabulation. We've combed the city from top to bottom, and there's no sign of anything that could be called a dragon. Every supernatural creature we interrogate about dragons gives the same answer: They’re extinct. I’m inclined to chalk it up to trauma.
For now, I'd suggest stepping down surveillance to an occasional check-in. Given her position, means, and inclinations, Atina Leroux is a minor player.
Chief Researcher Cherry H. Verne
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Beginner's guide to F/GO Lingo

Although most of you will find this redundant, but I've found myself absolutely lost when i first came onto this forum. Even though i had a bit of prior experience with phone game lingo, it still took me a month after i joined this community to get what you guys are saying.
Note: Use Ctrl+F to search for a specific term.

In-game Lingo

F2P= Free to(2) Play. DW= Delight Works, the company that made the game. Although for NA players, Aniplex would be the one hosting and distributing content. AP= Action Points, player stamina. MP= Mana Prisms, used for trading items in shop, acquired by selling any 3★ or higher card(Craft Essence/Experience cards/Servants). RP= Rare prisms, used for trading items in shop, acquired by selling 4 ★ servants(This, however, does not apply for event obtained servants. E.i. Nobu, Elizabeth(Caster)) QP= Quantum Particle, basic currency used for all matters of enhancement(Ascension,Skill upgrades, etc). Burning= Found in shop, used to sell items. Mats = Materials, Generally referencing Ascension/skill upgrade materials. (E.i. Phoenix Plume, Infinity Gears,etc). Interlude= Servant-specific quests when certain criteria is met, Ascension/Completed Singularity/Bond Level. CE= Craft Essence, cards that can be equipped onto servants for additional effects. Apolegems= Saint's Quartz given to players after an extended maintenance(Reference to JP players). Salt= Is used to describe a player's frustration and inability to cope, expressing such emotions through various mediums.


Gacha: Refers to the lottery system, and also the genre of mobile game that is built around said lottery as its primary way of generating revenue. A form of gambling. Roll/Rolling: Refers to a pull on the gacha. 10 roll: A 30 Quartz roll. Single/Memeroll: A single roll. Some advocate the practice of only doing single rolls, on the belief that it will yield better results. Reroll: Refers to the practice of continually uninstalling and reinstalling the game to take advantage of the first free 10 roll to get a specific Servant or combination. YOLO roll: An impulse roll on the gacha. Usually used when one brags about a rare Servant falling into their lap from a lucky roll.

Various tiers of players

Casuals/F2P= Players who spend very little money to none at all, often relying solely on event items and dedication. P2W= Pay to Win, players who spend a fair amount of money into the game. They are reliant on cash more than time and dedication.(a.k.a Pay to Waifu) Whales= Players who spend copious amounts of cash into the game. They often noted to be "hardcore" players. Term was originally coined in gambling casinos for "High Stake Gamblers".

Action Cards

[These are usually used in together, e.i. NPBBExtra] NP= Noble Phantasm AOE NP= Area-Of-Effect Noble Phantasms, targets multiple enemies but less damage that ST. ST= Single Target Noble Phantasms, targets a single enemy but significantly more damage than AOE. B= Buster Cards Q= Quick Cards A= Arts Cards Extra= Extra card when servant triggers Brave Chain. BBC/BBB/TripleBuster= Buster Brave Chain or Buster(BusterBuster) Chain, commonly found on Berserkers, this chain is the most powerful card chain in the game. Gorilla= is used to describe triple Buster deck on non-Berserker. E.i. Gawain

Star Ranking

1 ★ 2 ★ 3 ★ SR(Super rare)= 4 ★ SSR(Super Super rare) Should this not be ultra rare?= 5 ★

CE Upgrade

Limit Break= When a Craft Essence is leveled up 4 times, achieving increase effects and higher level cap.
(Why aren't we calling each "level up" a limit break? Wouldn't it make more sense to call each level Limit break? e.i. LB0,LB1,LB2,LB3,MLB[Max Limit Break] You're literally "breaking the limit" for the maximum level cap.)


Zasshu = Mongrel, a phrase used by Gilgamesh to refer to everyone else. Umu ≈ Mhmm("umu" does not really have a direct translation), catchphrase used by Nero Claudius. Good/Bad Civilization, is a phrase coined(unconfirmed) by the Fate/Grand Order comic page "Learning With Manga". Used by Atilla the Hun/Altera before she uses her Photon Ray sword (Which looks like a Popsicle) to destroy "the civilization". Among fans it's generally used as a joke to describe when something is good or bad. KIRA KIRA KIRA KIRA KAGAYAKU NO, Sparkling, sparkling, shiny. This phrase is used by Marie Antoinette before she uses her skills. This is in reference to her AI spamming Beautiful Princess back before invincibility piercing was added into player skill sets. Oppressor, used by Spartacus to describe any enemy he encounters. His madness enhancement causes him to attack anyone he perceives to oppress others. Golden, Used to describe Kintoki and his facination for anything golden. Yorokobe shounen, Rejoice Boy, is used to bitterly refer to getting Black Key CE from rolls. Now used either as a humorous way to congratulate somebody else's rolls or to describe really bad rolls. Spook, when a player gets a gold servant one is not after, several times. This is sometimes referred to obtaining Black Key CE's. Welfare Servant, servant's that can be obtained for free from events. E.i. Saber Lily. KOTR, is the acronym for Knights of the Round (Table)

Character Nicknames

Gudako: Protagonist(Female), Fate/GrandOrder. Combination between Gurando Oda (Grand Order) and "ko" is a common affix for a female. (Ripped straight from here) Gudao/Ritsuka Fujimaru: Protagonist(Male), Fate/GrandOrder. With the confirmed name of Ritsuka Fujimaru from the movie adaption Fate/Grand Order:First Order. Intern-kun: Intern-kun is to blame for typos and errors on the Japan Servers. Gajintern-kun: Gajintern-kun is to blame for translation errors and English typos in NA Servers. TM: Type-Moon, the circle who wrote the original Fate works. Mushroom: Kinoko Nasu's, the main writer for the Fate franchise, nickname in the Type Moon franchise is "Mushroom" occasionally "Mushroom Wizard" (which is why there are flying mushrooms in that Illya's Castle game the VAs played during Carnival Phantasm). His avataimage is normally shown to be a yellow and green mushroom. Takeuchi: Takashi Takeuchi, the artist responsible for most of the original designs.
SabeAltria Face: This is a nickname given to multiple servants that are drawn by Takeuchi.(E.I. Jeanne,Shiki,etc) His template-style facial features that makes every character he draws hold a "Altoria" face. Jalter: Jeanne D'Arc(Alter), found in the Orleans Singularity. A shorted name between "Jeanne" and "Alternate". Salter: Altoria/Altria Pendragon (Alter), found in the Fuyuki Singularity. A shorted name between "Saber and "Alternate". Salter can also be referred to the Santa Artoria Alter (Rider), from the JP Christmas event. Jailter: Jeanne Alter Santa Lily (Because of the Loli status). Nasu himself also refers to Jeanne D'Arc Alter Santa Lily as "JDASL". Mentioned in a "Nasu Diary" translation posts. LAlter: Artoria Pendragon Alter (Lancer) Tituria: Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) Archuria/Asstoria/Squirtoria/Saber Archer: Summer Artoria Pendragon (Archer) Chichiue: Altoria Pendragon. The romaji for "father" in a casual sense. This is usually used by Mordred to address her father in fanart/Fluff posts. Moedred/Moe-san: Mordred. An endearing nickname for the character, the origins may come from the cute depictions between Mordred and Altoria. Moedred is preferred among the English-speaking community while Moe-san was more common in the Japanese community. Mode Red: Mordred. Used to describe Mordred's general color scheme. MXH: Mysterious Heroine X MHXA/Xalter: Mysterious Heroine X Alter
Umu: Nero Claudius, Emperor of Rome."Umu" is a cute catchphrase that she uses often. Fans have found this phrase cute and often identify her by it. AUO: Gilgamesh, King of Hero's. "eiyuu ou" is the phonetic pronunciation of the Japanese romaji for King of Hero's. Waver: Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II). A pseudo-servant between Lord El-Melloi II(Waver) and Heroic Spirit of China's Zhuge Liang. ROMA: Romulus, Founder of Rome. His catchphrase of ROMA stuck more than his actual name. Regend/Savior of France: Sasaki Kojiro(Fate/StayNight). His effectiveness against the Rider-class Wyverns in The Orleans Singularity made him a really effective servant for clearing out the singularity. This began the phrase "'Dragons are just bigger swallows". His other nickname 'REGEND" came to be because of a typo in interlude,"REGEND OF SAMURAI". Although this has been corrected, the title stuck within the community. Bersercar, Bestzerker: Heracles(Carnival Phantasm/GrandOrder) Within the game(Grand Order), Hercules is known to be the Best(zerker) of the starter servants. His second nickname, Bersercar, is a reference to his ridiculous transformation in Carnival Phantasm.
Eggplant: Mash Kyrielight (Fate/GrandOrder). First referenced in the "Learning with Manga" comic page, as well as her overall purple color scheme. Best Kouhai: Mash Kyrielight(Fate/GrandOrder). "Kouhai" is romaji for youngelower classmen in Japanese school hierarchy. This can be seen as response to Mash's "Senpai"(Japanese romaji for upper classmen) Dadcelot: Lancelot(Fate/GrandOrder)
CuLance Dog: Cu Chulainn, (Fate/StayNight and Prototype). His name literally means "Guard dog of Culann or Savage dog of Culann" after an incident in his legend. Furthermore he is a running gag in Carnival Phantasm, where he dies in every episode. Fortunately he is resilient as his legend states he is, boasted by the 5-turn Guts ability he's given in-game. Due to his great survivability he is jokingly called a "cockroach" by the players. Cuzilla: Cu Cu Chulainn Alter, for his godzilla-like appearance. Shishou: Scathach (Shishou is Jap. for "Master" and is refering to her being the Master of Cu) Brock: Fergus Mac Roich, this is reference to his "-_-" face which is similar to a character within the pokemon series. Furthermore his sword, Caladbolg, bears a striking resemblance to the iconic drill of the Gurren Lagann series.
Mumei/No Name: EMIYA(Fate/Extra). Mumei is the Japanese romaji for No Name. Because of his contract with the Moon Cell in Fate/Extra he became a Heroic Spirit with no name. Actually Satan: Emiya(Fate/UnlimitedBladeWorksAbridged). A reference to the nickname given to Emiya in BlazingAzureCrow's Abridged Series. Demiya: Emiya Alter, short for Detroit Emiya. A nickname coined by Tamamo Cat in the CCC event. Bob/ Bobmiya: Emiya Alter's JP nickname before Shinjuku release.
Casko: Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster), (Fate/Extra) Caster-ko = Caster girl, since her true name wasn't revealed when Fate/Extra was being promoted. The "ko" in Casko is written as キャス狐, with the 狐 character meaning fox, so it can also mean Caster fox girl. Mikon: Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster). Mikon is just Tamamo's verbal tick, a combination of Miko (shrine maiden) and kon (the sound associated with foxes in Japanese). Tama-MOG: TamaCAT, one of the Tamamo-Nine. Coined by user Atelier-Lynette in his/her MMM guide. Quote: "Some people have been asking me why I call TamamoCAT Tamamog. The reason is simple - Mog is a cat that has been immortalized in a series of children's books. Tamamocat is a... cat fox. Hence, Tamamog. It's easier to type, and is really just shorthand."
Sumanai: Siegfried, Saber of Black(Fate/Apocrypha). "Sumanai" is the Japanese romaji for sorry. This too, is a phrase that Siegfried often says. Furthermore, despite his invulnerability lore-wise, in-game he is a lackluster servant. When people roll him, he is the "I'm sorry you rolled me" and "I'm sorry I suck" disappointment. Trap: Astolfo, The Rider of Black(Fate/Apocrypha). Known as the series poster boy "Trap", a cross-dresser who fans lust at. Uncle Vlad: Vlad III, Lancer of Black (Fate/Apocrypha). Uncle Vlad came to be because everyone started calling him that since the first JP Halloween event where it is revealed that he sewed all Halloween costumes by hand. Fanart generally depicts Vlad as doting uncle-type character, kind of like this. Nyata: Atalanta, Archer of Red (Fate/Apocrypha). Combination between the stereotypical cat noise "Nyaa" and "Atalante" because of her cat-like ears. Cardboard-kun: Sieg, Main Protagonist(Fate/Apocrypha). Named cardboard because of his bland personality, equivalent to "a wet piece of cardboard".
Gramps: "The Old Man of the Mountain" King Hassan. Nicknamed such because of how he's portrayed in the line of comics made by ERRI Faber: Julius Caeser. This is a portmanteau between "Saber" and "Fat", referencing Caeser's plumpness. STELLA: In reference to both Arash's legend and Suicidal Noble Phantasm. SPARTA: Leonidas I. A reference to the famous phrase, "THIS IS SPARTA" from 2006 movie, 300. COOOL Caster: Gilles de Rais(Fate/Zero). Within the anime series, Gilles is often found enthusiastically spouting "SAIKO NO COOL" with his master. THICC: Scheherazade,Caster of Nightless City. The nickname THICC refers to her thighs and how her thighs are so thick that her jewelry is literally squeezing her. Mama: Minamoto no Yorimitsu, Raikou. A berserker that retains her intellect, but her Madness Enhancement has manifested in the form of a "bizzare maternal love". Players call her mother for that reason. Ozzy: Ozymandias. Abby: Abigail Williams. Iba-chin: An endearing nickname for Ibaraki Douji. Leomon: Thomas Edison, for his ridiculous appearance. Riceman: Tawara Touta, in reference to his [Bale of Inexhuastibility] and his infinite rice supply. dogo: Avenger of Shinjuku for being a "FLUFFEH DOGO" Angry Manjew: Angra Mainyu(Fate/HollowAtaraxia). The nickname stems from his backstory in the religion of Zoroastrianism. A ordinary villager turned human scapegoat of his village, he was ritualistically tortured under the belief that he would absolve the village of their sins. Paralleling the strife's and ostricizations of the Jews through history. Upon his summoning as a servant he manifests as "All the Evils in the World" who's sole purpose is to bring the destruction of humanity.
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What's happening around town (Wed, Oct 2nd - Tue, Oct 8th)

Tulsa's event list.


Wednesday, Oct 2nd

  • 🎡 Arby's Ride-a-Thon Day (Expo Square - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00am Save $10 on a ride wristband by picking up a coupon at your local Arby's (does not include Gate Admission and Extreme Rides). Price without Arby's coupon is $45.
  • Bert Kreischer (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa - Catoosa) Comedian Bert Kreischer is taking his latest routine at The Joint in Catoosa. His new stand-up special,…
  • 🎨 Brown Bag It: Mosaic Trio (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 12:10pm Presented By: Tulsa PAC Trust The Brown Bag It free noontime concert series at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center happens the first Wednesday of the month. The series features some of Oklahoma’s finest professional musicians performing in the PAC's Westby Pavilion. Mosaic Trio, Maureen O’Boyle (violin), and Pete Peterson (cello), and Lorelei…
  • 😂 Dan Chopin (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Oct 5th
  • Food Truck Wednesdays (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Every Wednesday, grab some tasty eats and gather on the grounds of Guthrie Green. During Food Truck Wednesdays, lunchtime…
  • Heart with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in Concert (BOK Center - Tulsa) Rock out alongside powerhouse band Heart as they perform with fellow rock icon Joan Jett during one epic concert at…
  • 🎭 Open Auditions for Cast (Tulsa Spotlight Theatre - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm Open Auditions first Wednesday of every month. 6:30pm
  • 🎡 Rival Sons (Expo Square - Tulsa) We've not forgotten about our rock fans. October 2nd Rival Sons will have the Oklahoma Stage absolutely ROCKING! Are you ready? Want the best seats in the house? Get your River Spirit VIP Section tickets TODAY!
  • Tulsa State Fair (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Bring the whole family out for Tulsa's largest annual event, the Tulsa State Fair, and enjoy fun-filled, family…

Thursday, Oct 3rd

  • 🎓 2019 Zarrow Mental Health Symposium (Cox Business Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30am
  • 🎡 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Expo Square - Tulsa) That's right, Bone Thugs N Harmony is coming to the Tulsa State Fair! Want the best seats in the house? Get your River Spirit VIP Section tickets TODAY!
  • 🎡 Collector's Pin Day (Expo Square - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00am The first 4,000 guests paying Gate Admission will receive a FREE 2019 Limited Edition Tulsa State Fair Lapel Pin, while supplies last. Show your proof of purchase at any Guest Service location.
  • 😂 Dan Chopin (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Oct 5th
  • 🍴 In the Middle Book Club (Owasso Library - Owasso) Start Time: 6:00pm We will discuss "Sweep: The Story of A Girl and Her Monster" by Jonathan Auxier. Snacks and activities included. For ages 9-12. Request your copy here:
  • J Balvin in Concert (BOK Center - Tulsa) Following his widely praised, back-to-back weekend performances recently on the main stage at Coachella, Reggaeton’s…
  • Tulsa State Fair (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Bring the whole family out for Tulsa's largest annual event, the Tulsa State Fair, and enjoy fun-filled, family…
  • Wine, Jazz & World Fete (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Thru Sat, Oct 5th Gather on Guthrie Green in Tulsa for a weekend filled with world-class jazz and top-shelf wines. The annual Wine, Jazz &…

Friday, Oct 4th

  • 🎭 Tulsa Ballet on the Green (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🎡 Chris Janson (Expo Square - Tulsa) Chris Janson is coming to the Tulsa State Fair Friday, October 4th! Hits include 'Buy Me a Boat' 'Fix a Drink' & 'Drunk Girl'. Want the best seats in the house? Get your River Spirit VIP Section tickets TODAY!
  • 😂 Dan Chopin (Loony Bin - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • 🎨 First Friday at Archer Studios (Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us for open studios, new works on view and a special performance! Tulsa Artist Fellowship's Archer Studios (109 N. MLK Jr. Blvd. E.) will be open for First Friday Art Crawlers. Artistic disciplines include photography, poetry, painting, sculpture, graphic novels, multimedia and more.
  • Friday Night Test N Tune (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎨 No Comply at Cameron (Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:00pm No Comply at Cameron is a multifaceted event featuring an exhibition of original art inspired, influenced and made by more than 25 skateboarders past and present; a live skateboard demo and session in the Cameron building parking lot (SHRED THE SHED!); live music and local skate video screenings.
    Sponsored by Tulsa Artist Fellowship, No Comply…
  • Philbrook Playdates (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:30am Come and play with your child, let your child play with other kids, and meet other adults! We provide the creative activity and we clean up the mess. Spark wonder and foster creative development with rotating activities for you and your child (under 5). Playdates at Philbrook are facilitated by early learning specialists. The first 30 minutes…
  • 🎡 PRCA ProRodeo (Expo Square - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm The ProRodeo consists of six PRCA events, as well as the Grand Entry and the Calf Scramble. The events occur in the following order: Grand Entry, Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding.
  • Psycho Path Haunted Attraction (The Psycho Path - Sperry) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Travel to Sperry for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction and prepare to be terrified. Enter woods shrouded by fog and…
  • 🎓 Spanish Wine Tasting & Flamenco Concert by Chuscales (Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Join us for an evening of sustainably produced Spanish wines followed by the world-class Spanish music & dance of CHUSCALES & his troupe. It's all part of the 2nd annual Wine, Jazz & World FETE. One of the most accomplished and captivating flamenco guitarists in the world, Chuscales has performed around the globe, including appearances at…
  • Tulsa State Fair (Expo Square - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Bring the whole family out for Tulsa's largest annual event, the Tulsa State Fair, and enjoy fun-filled, family…
  • 🎭 Tulsa Town Hall's 85th Anniversary Season (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:30am
  • Wine, Jazz & World Fete (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) 1 day left Gather on Guthrie Green in Tulsa for a weekend filled with world-class jazz and top-shelf wines. The annual Wine, Jazz &…

Saturday, Oct 5th

  • 🏃 Ascension St. John ZooRun (Tulsa Zoo - Tulsa) Come run the zoo! The 5K and 10K races are certified by USA Track & Field. The courses wind through Mohawk Park and end inside the Tulsa Zoo. The St. John Fun Run takes place entirely on zoo grounds.
  • Bonsai Fall Show - Green Country Bonsai Society (Tulsa Garden Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00am Sat 10a-4p This is a free event and all are welcome. Our member’s Bonsai trees will be on display; there will also be trees and other items for sale.
  • Broadway Ball: A Night in New Orleans (Theatre Tulsa - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:00pm Theatre Tulsa invites you to A Night in New Orleans. Join us for an authentic New Orleans Second Line Parade through the East Village, a VIP absinthe lounge, tarot card readers, green fairies, Cajun cuisine, a silent auction, and live entertainment all to support Tulsa's 97-year-old theatre company and its exceptional Academy Programs.
  • Classics Concert Series (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) The Tulsa Symphony Orchestra presents a regular Classics Concert Series. Take a seat at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center,…
  • 🎨 Classics II: Debussy's Images (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm Opening with Rimsky-Korsakov’s brilliant and vivid Capriccio Espagnol, this program also features an exhilarating journey through Mozart’s Posthorn Symphony (Serenade No. 9) and Debussy’s whirling Images. Ron Spigelman conducts the orchestra. Check out a preview of what you'll hear HERE:…
  • 😂 Dan Chopin (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Last Day
  • 🎭 The Drunkard and the Olio (Tulsa Spotlight Theatre - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • High Noon Shootout (JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum - Claremore) At JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum, experience a High Noon Shootout straight out of an old Western film. The Tri-State…
  • Kendall Whittier Mercado (Kendall-Whittier - Tulsa) Twice a month from May to October, scope out handmade goods and unique art on display at the Kendall Whittier Mercado in…
  • Mike Hosty (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • MOJOFest on The Row (East Village District - Tulsa) At the third annual MOJOFest in Tulsa's East Village District, local couple Jamie and Mary Oldaker host a citywide…
  • A Night in the Wild hosted by Sarah Jakes Roberts (Mabee Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm Registration is available NOW at Join Sarah Jakes Roberts for a special night of faith, fun, fashion, and sisterhood unlike anything you've ever seen! Woman Evolve has set free a movement of WILD WOMEN who are evolving to new dimensions and discovered that we aren't here to simply survive - we THRIVE.
  • The Oak Ridge Boys in Concert (River Spirit Casino - Tulsa) See country and gospel group the Oak Ridge Boys perform live onstage at Paradise Cove in Tulsa. Their harmonies and vocal…
  • Philbrook Playdates (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:30am Come and play with your child, let your child play with other kids, and meet other adults! We provide the creative activity and we clean up the mess. Spark wonder and foster creative development with rotating activities for you and your child (under 5). Playdates at Philbrook are facilitated by early learning specialists. The first 30 minutes…
  • 🎡 PRCA ProRodeo (Expo Square - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm The ProRodeo consists of six PRCA events, as well as the Grand Entry and the Calf Scramble. The events occur in the following order: Grand Entry, Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding.
  • Psycho Path Haunted Attraction (The Psycho Path - Sperry) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Travel to Sperry for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction and prepare to be terrified. Enter woods shrouded by fog and…
  • 🎓 Public Forum: 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission Projects (The Gilcrease Museum - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00am This public forum hosted by the Helmerich Center for American Research provides an opportunity for leaders affiliated with projects sponsored by the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission to update the larger community on the status of these important initiatives while seeking feedback at the same time. This event is meant to build…
  • Rioult Dance NY (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Acclaimed modern choreographer Pascal Rioult returns to the Choregus season with his company Rioult Dance NY.…
  • Road To Rocklahoma (The Shrine - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Rose District Farmers Market (Rose District Plaza - Broken Arrow) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Start Time: 8:00am different music, events, and guests, each week
  • Tulsa Roughnecks vs Sacramento Republic FC (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Support the Tulsa Roughnecks FC professional soccer team as they take on Sacramento Republic FC at ONEOK Field in…
  • Starlight Runway 2019 (Cox Business Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Oklahoma Starlight Fashion Project and House Dejá are proud to announce the Second annual Starlight Runway Fashion Show! We’ll be featuring local designers and their fall fashion lines. Join us this fall for an amazing show
    Offical after party TBD
    Additional info
    Cash Bar!
    18 to enter 21 to drink
    Doors at 7pm show starts at 8pm
  • Tulsa State Fair (Expo Square - Tulsa) 1 day left Bring the whole family out for Tulsa's largest annual event, the Tulsa State Fair, and enjoy fun-filled, family…
  • St John ZooRun (Tulsa Zoo - Tulsa) No matter your pace, everyone is welcome to run in one of the most family-friendly races in Tulsa. The St. John ZooRun has…
  • 🎓 Tulsa Town Hall: Vicente Fox (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:30am Tulsa Town Hall: Vicente Fox Oct. 5 at 10:30 a.m. :: Chapman Music Hall * 55th President of Mexico (2000-2006) * Humanitarian and founder of Centro Fox * Former CEO of Coca-Cola's Latin American Operations Vicente Fox, one of the few former heads of state to address Tulsa Town Hall, is a leading voice on geopolitics... AVAILABLE BY SUBSCRIPTION
  • 🎡 Whiskey Myers (Expo Square - Tulsa) Genre-bending band Whiskey Myers combine Country and Southern Rock influences to create a sound all their own, led by frontman Cody Cannon's raspy drawl. Want the best seats in the house? Get your River Spirit VIP Section tickets TODAY!
  • Wine, Jazz & World Fete (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Last Day Gather on Guthrie Green in Tulsa for a weekend filled with world-class jazz and top-shelf wines. The annual Wine, Jazz &…

Sunday, Oct 6th

  • An Evening with Branford Marsalis (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Presented By: Tulsa PAC Trust Saxophonist Branford Marsalis is one of the most influential and revered figures in contemporary music. The NEA Jazz Master, Grammy Award winner and Tony Award nominee is equally at home performing concertos with symphony orchestras and sitting in with members of the Grateful Dead, but the core of his musical…
  • Crude No Prep Motorcycle Race (Tulsa Raceway Park - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00am
  • 🎭 Gilcrease Museum & Magic City Books Book Club (The Gilcrease Museum - Tulsa) Start Time: 2:00pm The next selection for the Gilcrease Museum/Magic City Books book club series is the classic novel, Giants in the Earth by O.E. Rolvaag. We will discuss the novel and explore its connections to the current exhibition "Americans All!" Free for members; free with Gilcrease Museum admission for not-yet members. For more information, contact Pat…
  • 🎡 La Fiera De Ojinaga (Expo Square - Tulsa) ¿Regional Mexicano en la Feria de Tulsa? ¡Por supuesto! Desde Ojinaga, Chihuahua, La Fiera de Ojinaga viene a ponernos a todos a bailar el domingo 6 de Octubre, a las 4:00 p.m. con su sonido puro regional mexicano ¡Todos son bienvenidos a la Feria de Tulsa!
  • 🎡 Liz Moriondo (Expo Square - Tulsa) Start Time: 4:00pm Acoustic performances at the Tulsa State Fair in Tulsa, OK: 4-5pm 6-8pm
  • Muscle Walk (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Walk your way to the finish line at the family-friendly Muscle Walk held in Tulsa. All ages are invited to celebrate…
  • Psycho Path Haunted Attraction (The Psycho Path - Sperry) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Travel to Sperry for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction and prepare to be terrified. Enter woods shrouded by fog and…
  • Tulsa State Fair (Expo Square - Tulsa) Last Day Bring the whole family out for Tulsa's largest annual event, the Tulsa State Fair, and enjoy fun-filled, family…
  • Tulsa Symphony: Opening Night Gala with cellist Lynn Harrell (Tulsa Performing Art Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Tulsa Symphony: Opening Night Gala with cellist Lynn Harrell Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. :: Chapman Music Hall World-renowned cellist Lynn Harrell joins the Tulsa Symphony to perform Dvor�k's Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor. Led by Principal Guest Conductor Daniel Hege, the orchestra will also present exuberant selections from works by…

Monday, Oct 7th

  • 🎭 Open Mic (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Psycho Path Haunted Attraction (The Psycho Path - Sperry) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Travel to Sperry for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction and prepare to be terrified. Enter woods shrouded by fog and…

Tuesday, Oct 8th

  • Living with Dementia: Monthly Art Experience (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00am
  • Psycho Path Haunted Attraction (The Psycho Path - Sperry) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Travel to Sperry for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction and prepare to be terrified. Enter woods shrouded by fog and…

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Hard Rock New Orleans Body - Red Tarp Failure - YouTube Renaissance New Orleans Arts Warehouse District Hotel Overview - Warehouse District New Orleans The D Las Vegas - A COMPLETE REVIEW of HOTEL and CASINO ... New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Construction Site Partially ... 2 killed in New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel construction ... 'This is seriously bad' Video shows concerns days before ... New Orleans Cruise Port Guide: French Quarter On Your Own ... Video shows workers were concerned days before Hard Rock ... A day at the lake charles,louisiana amtrak station - YouTube Hard Rock Hotel Construction In New Orleans Collapses ...

Ce casino se situe à environ 160 kilomètres de Orléans. Position GPS latitude: 47° 55' 0" longitude: 1° 54' 0" Orléans Plan de la ville: Code postal 45000 Nombre d'habitants 105111 habitants Casinos à moins de 50 km Casinos à moins de 100 km Casinos à moins de 200 km Casino de Santenay (~102 km) - Itinéraire Accès: A 23km de Chalon-sur-Saône, à 63 km de Dijon Aviation Club de ... Öffnungszeiten, Kontaktinformationen und bewertungen für Casino France in 15 rue Jeanne d'arc, Orléans, Loiret. Sehen Sie Orte in der Nähe auf der Karte an. Hinterlassen Sie eine Bewertung. New Orleans Casino Address matter how many wins or losses have occurred in the past. In other words, the result of your last game has no bearing on the result of your next game. Online New Orleans Casino Address Slots games come in many varieties, each with different jackpots and different outcome possibilities. Odds of winning smaller prizes ... Around 1822, America's first gambling casino opened in New Orleans. Like modern casinos, it was open 24/7. In 1999, Harrah's brought the action back to New Orleans with the opening of Harrah's New Orleans Casino. Today, you can take a shot at more than 1,500 of the hottest slots and more than 130 table games including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and three card poker. The poker room ... Trouvez les coordonnées et adresses de vos magasins Géant à Orléans - 45000 Hypermarchés et Drive Ce centre commercial Orléanai est aussi referencé dans notre base comme un supermarché , une station-service, une agence de voyages, un épicier, une boulangerie-pâtisserie.Leclerc de Orléans se trouverai dans un quartier commercant, juste a coté du magasin de jeux et jouets Jouéclub, proche du magasin de matériel informatique Cartridge World, et pas trop loin du coiffeur Tchip. One of the most popular casinos gives you the opportunity to play online casinos with free money, which also named above. “Free money” bonuses simply New Orleans Casino Address mean that they offer a certain amount of money to register a new game account as € 50 or € 100. With New Orleans Casino Address this free money you can New Orleans Casino Address choose yourself to the New ... The Orleans Hotel & Casino • 4500 West Tropicana Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89103 • 702-365-7111 Don't let the game get out of hand. For Assistance call 1-800-522-4700 Contactez ☎ Petit Casino Orleans, 2, Rue du Cheval Rouge avec ⌚ horaires d'ouverture, itinéraire, coordonnées. Laissez votre ☆ avis The Orleans Hotel & Casino • 4500 West Tropicana Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89103 • 702-365-7111 Don't let the game get out of hand. For Assistance call 1-800-522-4700

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Hard Rock New Orleans Body - Red Tarp Failure - YouTube

Address: 700 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130 Phone: +1 504-613-2330 #HotelsCatalogue is a field of social media presents a summary of information about hotels and resorts from around the ... FACEBOOK PAGE: Welcome to the Spinning In Vegas channel. Here you will find some of the best quality videos on anyt... A video posted late Tuesday on Facebook by a local contractor purports to show the concrete slab above an upper level of the since-collapsed Hard Rock Hotel ... important: the julia street station and poydras street station on the riverfront streetcar line have been suspended for approximately one year (beginning in ... There are fears of another possible collapse at a construction site in New Orleans where a new Hard Rock Hotel is being built. A new video shows workers were... The upper floors of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans suddenly began to crumble on Saturday, its concrete floors collapsing on top of each other. Louisiana ... At least two people are dead and one missing after the collapse of a Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports for Sunda... Rescue crews in New Orleans spent the day searching for a missing worker after a hotel under construction collapsed on the outskirts of the French Quarter. A... here are some clips i shot from the lake charles,louisiana amtrak station..2 of the shots were how ever shot outside of roanoke,louisiana.1-2 up dash 9s head... Sad news about the Hard Rock New Orleans Body. A tarp has fallen from the Hard Rock Hotel fall apart site, exposing the remains of one of the people killed i...