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Lost in the Sauce: Barr's DOJ shut down investigations of Trump and admin officials

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.


On Saturday, Trump announced on Twitter that he has put his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in charge of his campaign's long-shot post-election legal challenges. Other people on the team include Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis.
  • Giuliani worked with a Russian agent to smear Biden. diGenova and Toensing tried to get the Justice Department to drop charges against corrupt Ukraine oligarch Dmytro Firtash. Powell represents Michael Flynn and champions "deep state" conspiracies. Ellis said gay marriage leads to pedophilia.
NYT: Mr. Trump turned to Mr. Giuliani earlier on Friday in reaction to the latest setback he faced in court, this one relating to votes in Maricopa County, Arizona… A half-dozen other Trump advisers have described Mr. Giuliani’s efforts as counterproductive and said that he was giving the president unwarranted optimism about what could happen… In an Oval Office meeting with aides on Thursday, Mr. Trump put Mr. Giuliani on speakerphone so the others could hear him. He angrily accused the aides of not telling the president the truth
Giuliani’s conspiracy-riddled rant at Four Seasons Total Landscaping was so disastrous that it “scared off many of the lawyers” recruited to argue election-related lawsuits. Politico: “Campaign officials described the episode as disastrous...there are widespread concerns within Trumpworld and GOP circles that Giuliani’s antics are thwarting the president’s legal machinery from within.”
Two major law firms have withdrawn from Trump campaign cases as his legal challenges crumble. Arizona’s largest law firm Snell & Wilmer dumped the RNC and Trump campaign effort to challenge votes in Maricopa County. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur is abandoning Trump’s attempt to block Pennsylvania's popular vote for Joe Biden.
  • In one day (Friday), nine cases meant to attack President-elect Joe Biden's win in key states were denied or dropped - seven in Pennsylvania, one in Arizona, and one in Michigan.
The new federal chief information security officer, Camilo Sandoval, has already taken leave from his day job to participate in a pro-Trump effort to hunt for evidence of voter fraud in the battleground states. The group, Voter Integrity Fund, is a newly formed Virginia-based group that is analyzing ballot data and cold-calling voters. Sandoval was officially appointed on Nov. 4, 2020, but lists his starting date at October on his personal LinkedIn page.
WaPo: Sandoval is part of a hastily convened team led by Matthew Braynard, a data specialist who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign. Another participant is Thomas Baptiste, an adviser to the deputy secretary of the Interior Department who also took a leave to work on the project. Braynard said in an interview that several other government officials on leave are also assisting the effort, but he declined to identify them.
Media’s role:
  • Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election: Liberal page administrators who spoke with BuzzFeed News said that their reach declined by as much as 70%, and still hasn’t recovered.
  • Facebook Live Spread Election Conspiracies And Russian State-Controlled Content Despite Employee Fears: The social network’s live video tool has recommended videos featuring misinformation and the hyperpartisan views of Trump allies leading up to and following election day in the US.
  • In the week after the election, Trump’s postings dominated Facebook, accounting for the 10 most engaged status updates in the United States, and 22 of the top 25. “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” was his top post.
  • YouTube Is Doing Very Little to Stop Election Misinformation From Spreading
  • Social media app Parler receives financial backing from conservative hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, The Wall Street Journal reported. Parler turned into a kind of de facto home for conservatives’ protests against the election— including the persistent “Stop the Steal” campaign— after the race was called for former Vice President Joe Biden. Several high-profile conservative social media personalities encouraged people to abandon Twitter and Facebook because of their moderation policies, and instead follow them on Parler.


Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, still hasn’t signed the official letter that would allow the incoming Biden team to formally begin the transition. House Democrats are assessing options to force the GSA’s hand, which could include summoning Murphy to the Hill to testify or suing her. “Obviously, Congress could file suit against the GSA administrator for failing to do her duty. We could seek to get a court to, in fact, issue an order
Her ascertainment is the legally necessary precursor to the government’s assistance to the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team. It releases $6.3 million dollars to the team, which is funded by public and private money; a loan of expanded federal office space and equipment; access to government agencies that will begin sharing information and records about ongoing activities, plans and vulnerabilities; national security briefings for the president; and other support.
  • The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently confirmed that it is not providing national security briefings to the president-elect. The Defense Department has also reportedly indicated that it will not meet with the Biden-Harris transition team until Murphy formally affirms the apparent winner.
One of the officials fired in Trump’s latest purge was helping prepare for the transition to the new administration. USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick was removed abruptly to make way for a Trump loyalist after she had been supportive of transition planning, including the preparation of a 440-page manual for the next administration.
The GSA’s refusal to enact the transition has locked Biden’s team out of crucial Covid-19 pandemic data and government agency contacts. The president-elect’s Covid-19 task force has been trying to work around the federal government by connecting with governors and the health community.
  • The head of Operation Warp Speed, Moncef Slaoui, called on the White House to allow contact with the Biden team, saying “It is a matter of life and death for thousands of people.”
White House’s Office of Management and Budget is considering 145 new regulations and other policy changes they could enact before Biden’s inauguration - rules that will be challenging to undo once they are finalized. Critics and supporters of the administration say they expect a final burst of regulations to be finalized in the weeks before Jan. 20.
The rules under development include policies that the incoming Biden administration would probably oppose, such as new caps on the length of foreign student visas; restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of scientific research; limits on the EPA’s consideration of the benefits of regulating air pollutants; and a change that would make it easier for companies to treat workers as independent contractors, rather than employees with more robust wage protections.
Last week, both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said they’re preparing for a second Trump term. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon (clip). Pompeo then doubled down on Fox News (clip). “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said on Fox Business Friday (clip).

DOJ interference

Attorney General William Barr stopped career prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section from investigating whether President Trump broke any laws related to his conduct with Ukraine last year. The section was initially given the green light to pursue “a potentially explosive inquiry” into Trump, but after the Senate acquitted the president during impeachment proceedings, Barr sent the case to the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn.
Prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section were also prevented from bringing charges against former interior secretary Ryan Zinke by political appointees atop the Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen told prosecutors that they needed to gather more evidence and refine the case against Zinke for lying to Interior investigators.
  • The investigation into Zinke stemmed from his decision to block two Native American tribes—the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan—from opening a casino in Connecticut. Zinke’s office had been lobbied heavily by MGM Resorts International, which had been planning to open its own casino very close to where the tribes intended to break ground.
Sixteen assistant U.S. attorneys specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election urged Barr on Friday to rescind his memo allowing election-fraud investigations before results are certified. "It was developed and announced without consulting non-partisan career professionals in the field and at the Department. Finally, the timing of the Memorandum's release thrusts career prosecutors into partisan politics," the prosecutors wrote.
An internal Justice Department investigation found that federal prosecutors who oversaw a controversial non-prosecution deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 exercised “poor judgment” but did not break the law. “They just say he used poor judgment, and that's their way of basically letting everyone off the hook while offering some sort of an olive branch to the victims that we acknowledge weren't treated perfectly,” said Brad Edwards, who sued the DOJ in 2008 on behalf of Epstein accusers.

Immigration news

Eastern District of New York Judge Nicholas Garaufis (Clinton-appointee) ruled that Chad Wolf was not legally serving as acting Homeland Security secretary when he signed rules limiting DACA program applications and renewals. Therefore, in a win for Dreamers and immigration activists, Garaufis said the changes were invalid.
The judge described an illegitimate shuffling of leadership chairs at the Department of Homeland Security, the agency responsible for immigration enforcement, for the predicament of Wolf's leadership and that of his predecessor, Kevin McAleenan.
"Based on the plain text of the operative order of succession," Garaufis wrote in the Saturday ruling, "neither Mr. McAleenan nor, in turn, Mr. Wolf, possessed statutory authority to serve as Acting Secretary. Therefore the Wolf Memorandum was not an exercise of legal authority."
  • There's a renewed push to get Chad Wolf confirmed as Homeland Security secretary -- a position in which he's been serving in an acting capacity for a yearr -- before Inauguration Day. In the past week, Homeland Security officials spoke to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office about bringing the nomination to a floor vote in the coming weeks.
Within the last six months, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the US, the Trump administration filed 75 lawsuits to seize private land along the US-Mexico border for the border wall." People right now are having to choose between their health and their homes," said Ricky Garza, a staff attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal advocacy group.
After a series of price increases, Trump’s border project will cost taxpayers $20 million per mile of border fence. A review of federal spending data shows more than 200 contract modifications, at times awarded within just weeks or months after the original contracts, have increased the cost of the border wall project by billions of dollars since late 2017.
DHS has expelled unaccompanied immigrant children from the US border more than 13,000 times since March, using the coronavirus as an excuse to deny children their right to asylum. Previously, unaccompanied children were sent to government-run shelters as they attempted to pursue their asylum cases.
Migrant children from Central America are being expelled to Mexico, where they have no family connections. The expulsions not only put children in danger - the policy violates a diplomatic agreement with Mexico that only Mexican children and others who had adult supervision could be pushed back into Mexico after attempting to cross the border.
The House Judiciary Committee released a report on the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border, revealing that the federal agency that cares for migrant children was not told about the policy. The chaos contributed to the inability to later reunite parents and children.
The Trump administration is trying to deport several women who allege they were mistreated by a Georgia gynecologist at an immigration detention center. Hours after one detained woman spoke to federal investigators about forced hysterectomies at a Georgia detention center, she said ICE told her that it had lifted a hold on her deportation and she faced “imminent” removal. Six former patients who complained about Dr. Mahendra Amin had already been deported.
Northern District of Illinois Judge Gary Feinerman (Obama-appointee) blocked a key Trump administration policy that allowed officials to deny green cards to immigrants who might need public assistance Advocates who had feared that the policy would harm tens of thousands of poor people, particularly those affected by widespread job loss because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Microsoft said it has detected attempts by state-backed Russian and North Korean hackers to steal valuable data from leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers. “Among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that have COVID-19 vaccines in various stages of clinical trials.”
Two census takers told The AP that their supervisors pressured them to enter false information into a computer system about homes they had not visited so they could close cases during the waning days of the once-a-decade national headcount.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday signaled it’s unlikely to tear down Obamacare over a Republican-backed lawsuit challenging the landmark health care law. Chief Justice John Roberts and Trump appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh strongly questioned whether the elimination of the mandate penalty made the rest of the law invalid. Kavanaugh appeared to signal on several occasions that he favored leaving the rest of the law intact if the mandate is struck.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was sued last week by four whistleblowers claiming that he abused his office to benefit himself, a woman with whom he was said to have had an affair, and the wealthy donor who employs her before retaliating against the members of his staff who reported him to the FBI.
The Trump administration is rushing plans to auction drilling rights in the U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before the inauguration of Biden, who has vowed to block oil exploration in the rugged Alaska wilderness. Biden’s efforts could be complicated if the Trump administration sells drilling rights first. Formally issued oil and gas leases on federal land are government contracts that can’t be easily yanked.
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15 Years. 6 hours. Lots of heartbreak.

Hello Reddit community. Fair warning, this is a very long one.
I (33m) met my ex (34f) 16 years ago when I was in high school. Over the internet back in the day when people enjoyed Yahoo Games. We met over the chat in there lol. I am from around Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She was from around Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. I will not bother with going into the long details of our relationship but will say that it is obviously a very long history but it has always been pretty roller coaster like. I will also say that I have a whole host of my own mental issues, like Anger, control, jealousy etc probably stemming from a pretty rough childhood i have had (i am currently in counseling after many years of not doing it). We have 2 children. A 9 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. At the time of the beginning of this incident, we were not together and she was living with our daughters and her sister in an apartment about 5 minutes away from me.
Around August of 2019, one of the two of them received a phonecall from their father and he revealed that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The two of them and our daughters immediately drove up to Pembroke to spend a week with him. His wife (their stepmom) is a real estate agent in the area. When they returned, the two of them had decided that they wanted to move to Pembroke to help their father.
When she told me this, as you would expect, I was not pleased. We got into some huge arguments. While I could understand wanting to help with their father, I was extremely upset about our children being taken away. I calmed down a bit eventually. During this time, they had been talking to their step mother and their step mother found out that renting apartments and renting houses is just as expensive, if not moreso than actually paying the mortgage on your own house. So now they get ideas about owning a house there. Found a house for like 108k. They decide to go to a bank to see about going together on a mortgage. Turns out the sister is so bad with her finances and debt she owes that they decline them.
I feel like at this point I should add in that although we may not have been together at that point (and throughout various other points of our history), the love I have for her (and obviously our daughters) has always been very strong. The 3 of them mean the world to me. My ex eventually comes to me. Asks me to go in with her on this mortgage because she knows I have a stable career and good income (im a dealer at the casino here in Brantford for the last 11 years). So her sister is irrelevant in the matter as it would be just hers and my house. Obviously I was not pleased. I talked this over with a few friends and my mom (who is my rock). They thought it was an insane thing to allow. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place with this decision.
  1. I do this and co sign a mortgage with her. I would be doing this to help her and her sister out and I mean....frankly it would make me feel good to help them be with their family in a sense. But this also means our children and her move 5.5 hours away from me.
  2. I dont allow this and my ex resents me for the rest of my life and it makes any interactions we have in the future horrible and she also would probably financially make it much hard on me (going after more for child support, which at the time I believe I was paying 400 Canadian for our two girls).
I feel like I should also note that we have never been to court for anything. We have no custody agreement, they kind of with her. When they were here in Brantford they were living with her and her sister and I would just come by and visit the three of them whenever I wanted or bring the girls to sleep at my place if I wanted. We've never had child support agreements either, beyond verbal.
Anyways...I eventually went through the bank checking on me process and decided to sign for this. From MINUTE ONE when she first told me about all of this, she said to me over and over again that this is just temporary. This is what made it easier on me. Because I knew that we could just grin and bare the distance for about a year to a year and a third. Her father was given 1 year to live btw.
So eventually they move on October 18th, 2019. From then until a few months ago I had been going up every other weekend from work to stay with the 3 of them. I went up with them at the beginning as I had a lot of paperwork to sign. I should note that we are BOTH co-owners of this property. 50% each. Same with the mortgage. BUT.....I have never invested a dime in this house. She borrowed a loan from her mother (my ex has never had much money at all) for the down payment of the house. She pays the mortgage and bills on the house.
When they were living in Brantford, she worked as a sale associate at a Winners store. When they moved to Pembroke, it was actually a good transition for her as she basically just transferred to the Winners in Pembroke. She eventually got a promotion to a supervisor there making a bit more money. To which she eventually, in October 2020, quit her job. I told her multiple times before she did this that it was a very very bad idea. But she didn't care. Said she just wanted to spend more time with our girls and she didn't get to while working, which is a ridiculous thing to say, because what parent wouldn't want to spend more time with their children. We work to provide a life for them.
Around January of 2020, her sister, who has always made rash decisions in her life....decided that she was going to move to Oshawa with some guys shes known for a few years (oshawa is like 4 hours away from Pembroke, 2 hours away from me in Brantford). By doing this....she kinda of double screwed my ex. One way, obviously, was that she was no longer going to be chipping in on bills. The other was that during this entire time that they lived in Pembroke, she didn't have a job (still doesn't, but irrelevant), so she was a free babysitter for my ex to watch over our children. This put my ex in a very uncomfortable position. The two of them really fought over this. When her sister moved out, various friends and family members would chip in a few hours here and there watching our girls, but nobody was consistent. Shes never had a reliable support system.
This continued until about the beginning of July 2020. Her sister arrived back at the house in Pembroke one day and discovered that my ex had left our 9 year old to watch our 2 year old for 8 hours a day while she was at work. This had shockingly been going on for 2 weeks. My ex had told me that her father and stepmother would be watching our daughters while she worked, obviously lied to me. So her sister lost her mind when she got there, called Childrens Aid Society and reported it. Waited until my ex got back from work and they got into a huge blow up. The sister left back for Oshawa. My ex called me that same night and told me all of this. I immediately told her that I would come there tonight and take our girls back to my place to help out for an indefinite amount of time. I left at 1030 that night and drove through the night except for a power nap and got there at like 8am. My daughters and I left later that night to come back to Brantford. They stayed with me for a month and a half from the beginning of July to lateish August. We had an absolute blast together. During this time, my ex was in a very dark place. She was very depressed about me "taking our girls away", as insulting as that is. She was also dealing with health issues at the time which eventually required emergency gall bladder removal. She was sidelined from work for about 2 weeks, sleeping like 18 hours a day. During this time, she apparently decided that she wants a lot more tattoos. So she was talking to a girlfriend from work about this and her friend told her that she should get in contact with her cousin or something. A guy who would give her tattoos for free or at least very cheap. Obviously everyone knows that the words free and tattoos never go well together. So they started hanging out and she started paying this person in Tom Hortons and pizza slices for tattoos. For real. Obviously I havent huge divulged in my own mental issues, but if you knew would know this does not sit well with me. I started being very accusatory and jealous. Saying to her over and over "oh, this is your new bf then eh?" Constantly she would say over and over again, "OP, stop being such an idiot. Hes just a friend. We've met each other at very dark times in each other's lives and we enjoy our time together." Eventually I brought the girls back to Pembroke. School was going to be starting back for my 9 year old. She had found a day care for our 2 year old. Everything seemed like it was set in place.
Now we are at about October 2020. This person is coming over to our house in Pembroke all the time or my ex and our girls are going there. I should mention that my 9 year old has said repeatedly that she does not feel comfortable around this person and finds him very weird. Says he's nice to her and her baby sister but he just doesn't seem to care much and he just makes her feel odd and he's weird and she doesn't care to be around him. So as this is going jealousy back in Brantford is getting worse and worse. It got to the point that there was a night when this person made a supper for the 4 of them and I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she told me about this meal that they had and it was very very good. This didn't sit well with me. We finished our chat and I was texting my ex and told her something along the lines of "this is absolute bullshit. This is some husband and wife shit. I feel very uncomfortable with this person around our children." She basically said, again, that I was being ridiculous and that they are extremely good friends and this is what best friends do. I lost my temper and basically told her over text, "fuck this shit. Im done. I just....I dont want anything to do with any of this now. Enjoy your family of four." I should say obviously I dont actually want to revoke any sort of rights I was just jealous and angry and hurt.
Let's fast forward a bit more. November of 2020. Now, they seem to be sleeping over there at this persons house pretty much every night. Which is super fucking weird as like I told you daughter does not like this. She finds it very uncomfortable.
At this point, due to covid among other factors....I really haven't seen them in about 2 months beyond video chat. I had started a new job but had a string of 5 days off in a row. Decided to make a bit of a rash judgement and drive up there to surprise my girls. But I wont lie, it was also because I was getting increasingly nervous. I arrive there on a Friday night at like 630 pm. I figured they were over there as there was no one at the house we owned (tbh probably a good thing as it avoids the confrontation). I asked my ex over text if she could come back to the house so I could hang out with the 3 of them. It didn't go well. She says "OP, are you insane??! We have not been on good terms lately, why would you think this would go well? I will bring the girls back but im not staying there." Than I just lost it. "This is absolutely ridiculous. I wanted to spend time with all of you." "I will not be staying there." "OK....well....I guess you had better just not come back then cuz I can tell you if you do....I will follow you to that house." "Omg are you insane? I'm calling the cops this is insane"blah blah. It never happened. We calmed down and I eventually stayed in the house for the night. She brought our girls over in the afternoon while she did grocery shopping but they already had plans to go out with her cousin to look at Christmas lights that night. I was invited to come but it would've been way too awkward. I just drove the 5.5 hours home.
It just got worse from here when I got home. This is like beginning of December. The very next day her father passes. Soon afterwards, she announces to me that they are no longer going to be moving back. Im absolutely floored and beyond hurt. Huge fighting ensues. It gets very nasty with her saying terrible stuff like she will go for full custody, etc etc. I remind her that we had a deal to move back after her father passed and that she can't do this with our kids. She says she is not stopping me from seeing them. Willing to meet every weekend for me to have them. This is no life. This is no life to formulate a good relationship with our daughters. This is beyond cruel. She claims im the bad one as im trying to force our daughters out of the house they love and the school our 9 year old loves and the quiet neighborhood. its about mid December. I am getting them to stay with me from December 27th- January 9th (they are here now). Its probably about the 21st at this point and she decides to announce to me that they are a couple and have been for a month now. Obviously im crushed. Shes said so many times all she ever wanted was for us to work out. Wanted me and her forever. Wouldn't have ever happened if it wasn't for my poor behavior and all that. But shes happy now she says. Many many days of crying ensue. Rage and anger. Jealousy. Insane insane jealousy. Here comes the creeper parts. So. Over the last 2 or so months I've learned some details. Dude apparently has a child on the way with a woman but she moved 5 hours away from him when she first found out she's pregnant (probably should've been a red flag for my ex). Guy works in the military in Petawawa, a town nearby Pembroke. Big, big military town. Hes a chef or some such shit there. not condoning my next actions. My eldest daughter had made me wary of this person as well as obviously my jealousy. I started doing some social media digging. Found out who his ex is. Started a very awkward dialogue with her one day (around the 23rd or something). It blossomed into actual conversation for days on end. Turns out, according to her and some serious shit she showed me during our many, many conversations.....this guy is seriously trouble. Massive control issues (I know...pot meet kettle), manipulation and grooming. On multiple occasions this guy would hold knives to her and threaten if she ever left him that he'd fucking end her or himself. Many many times of beating her up both verbally and physically (I saw a bunch of pretty bad pictures). Use to choke her out against a wall until she passed out and then would proceed to have his way with her.....really messed up stuff. Heres the real kicker. Curious how these two met? Not sure exactly how they met....but how they ended up actually getting together and having a 4 year relationship is because.......they both came into the relationship positive for genital herpes. Genital friggin herpes. He cheated on her many, many times during their relationship (apparently grounds for firing from the military). During these times that he's cheated on her....he apparently infected multiple people with this STI. He was scared moreso when a few women tried to confront him over text or other social media claiming that they wanted to get in contact with him and would sue (apparently thats a thing, I didnt know), than when his girlfriend found out as he knew he could smooth over the fact he cheated on her because he had her groomed and scared. So obviously he has not told my ex this, even though his ex that I've been speaking with literally described where exactly they are in his house as shes been living there for 4 years (up until about may/June 2020).
I confronted my ex about all of this stuff. She wasn't hearing any of it. Doesn't believe anything. Laughed me off. Says he's treated her nothing but good since theyfe been together. Said she won't put up with anything bad, not even once, but nothing has happened. Only thing that gave her any kind of pause was when I told her that literally less than a month ago he was texting his ex, asking her to "please come back, please come back to me. You are my everything. I want to spend the rest of my life with yiu" etc etc. So clearly this guy doesn't give a damn about my ex and she is just the current thing for him to pass his time with.
So. I think we are just about at the end of the story. Not much else has happened since that as, like I mentioned much earlier, I've had our daughters with me since dec 27th, until Jan 8th (for now). Oh. thing. She continues to show incredibly poor parenting skills. During this time that they've been with me.....sometimes around the 29th....she has actually gotten him to move in with them at OUR house. This is so beyond messed up. One month dating and this happens. Our kids don't even like him. Like I said earlier, my 9 year old has said he's very weird and strange and makes her uncomfortable. But she claims she's doing this all in the best interest of them. She justifies this because this guy is now apparently renting out rooms to two people at his house while chipping in some bills at our house. So the dude is using her as a cheap place to crash (the mortgage on our house in Pembroke is literally like 330$ a month), while he profits off his house. I have thought of doing multiple (probably bad) things, but I feel like someone needs to stop this terrible person before he hurts people beyond just my ex. I have definitely thought of contacting the Petawawa Military Police and telling them about all the horrible things I know about this person and telling them to check his medical files (the military doctor issues this guy his herpes medication, Valtrex). Ive also thought about sending him a pretty serious message, though that will probably amount to nothing. I can provide what I've typed up already about it if someone wants those details.
I will finish this off with the legal questions.
  1. She is scared as she thinks I can force the sale of the house as a co owner. Can I? Would I have a chance?
  2. Am I able to get them to move back? I realize thats a multi layered question. Having a verbal deal I also realize probably looks bad on me....but even if she denies that this deal ever happened....why on earth would I ever just randomly allow our children to be moved 6 hours away forever? No sane person would.
  3. I want this monster away from our children. Is it unwise to try and work up the balls to talk to military police?
  4. Its to the point that I dont even feel comfortable bringing our children back to meet up with her halfway on Jan 9th. Like I stated previously, we've never had any sort of custody arrangements. So, in my eyes, neither of us are more allowed to have the children than the other. What are my options here?
If yiu made it all the way here.....thank you for your time. I cant express enough gratitude. This has absolutely been the year from hell for me, even without covid.
TL;DR- ex and I had an agreement to move back with our children. Shes backing out of this. What are the options. Do I have a case? New guy in the picture very much scares me and our children are seriously uncomfortable. Can I do anything? Co own a house together. 50/50 split. What can be done about this to force the sale and potentially get things going in my favour?
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Rant about the lousiest “customer” I served yesterday

Okay, so the other day, well yesterday, I had been on shift for maybe 30 minutes and positioned at POS. Everything was going well until this guy walked in. He was not wearing a mask (problem number one) and he walked right up beside the patron I was serving at that moment (problem number two). I had just assumed he was with her, so I asked him if he had a mask, to which he said no and I gave him one before finishing up with the woman at my till. She walks over to the hand-off area and he steps up to my till to order. Not respecting safe distancing is not cool but there was not much I could do at that point as there was now proper distance between him and the other guests, but what came next just floored me.
This asshole reaches into our tip cup and pulls out the $5 bill that was sitting in there and then proceeds to start ordering. So I cut him off and tell him he can’t do that. Which he ignores and continues to try and order. So I repeat myself a bit louder “you can’t be taking money out of our tip cup”. This asshole stops mid sentence looks me dead in the eye and goes “I didn’t”. So I tell him I watched him do it and he could put it back. He legitimately tried to tell me he put the money in there by mistake and was trying to get it back. Even though I knew the regular who had actually put it in there, and I watched him steal it. All of which I vocalized to him as he tried to lie to us. And I guarantee he was going to try and pay for his tall macchiato with the bill he just stole from us. My supervisor was on break or in the restroom (I’m not sure but he wasn’t present at that moment) and I’m a fairly new partner so I was not sure how to handle the situation but I wasn’t having any of it. So I told him to put it back once more and refused to serve him. He then stormed out with our tips still in his hand never to be seen again. Now I’m preparing to get talked to by my manager about not handling the situation appropriately because “we’re not supposed to argue with robbers”? Which may or may not happen but my shitty supervisor (who sucks at his job and wasn’t the one on shift when this happened) told me the manager would review the incident report and “coach” me on how to respond better in that kind of situation. I’m not happy about any of it.
I hate people. We come to work and put ourselves at risk every day for garbage pay just to have jerks like him rob us of what little extra bonuses on top of our pay that we get. Before COVID I worked at a casino and made great money (I’m talking like $16 /hour plus $8-12/hour in tips - totalling close to $30 in hourly wages) and now I’m scraping by to make ends meet and getting treated like crap by customers daily. I’ve seen worse abuse at my old job but that doesn’t make this at all okay. Unfortunately for him, being at a casino for 3 years means I know higher level security protocols than Starbucks has and I’m really good at remembering faces (because I’d have to know the people who were barred from the casino). I will remember his face and I don’t care what our managers might say, I’m not serving him. He can crawl into a hole and die for all I care, he’s never getting Starbucks from our location again.
That’s my rage induced sleeplessness hyper-focusing on the crummy parts of my life right now. Thanks for listening.
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Having Problem At Smilton Hotel and Considering getting a Different Job, Please Advize

(Originally posted on Tales from the Front Desk but boys told me since it’s a question no a story, had to move it)
So, at my Smilton hotel we do a thing called Outline, where someone from corporate calls us, posing as a customer, calls our front desk after the call center closes, and goes through the motions of booking a reservation, seeing if we hit all the bullet points. It’s to see how we handle guests over the phone. I’m still new to our property, only having been here for a few months, and not quite the best at Outlines, I do descent, but haven’t gotten a perfect twelve yet. During my first two, I first got a 5, then a 3, and was informed by my boss after I got a 10, if I didn’t improve, the higher-ups wouldn’t have let him keep me. Anyway, on, Black Friday, after 8 pm, it was just me at the desk. Around 10:30, I left the desk to do something really quick, not calling a casino floor supervisor to watch the desk for me. I had only two check-ins left, the casino seemed pretty busy, and thought I wouldn’t be longer than a minute. I learned today, the following Monday, that I had missed the Outline call, resulting in me getting a big fat ZERO. The manager wasn’t happy with me, reminding me of the fact that, if I don’t do well on Outline, and keep not getting a full score, I might get let go. I don’t want to be fired, and I love my job, for the most part, day before yesterday some lady said I ruined her birthday because they were told we had a pool, when we haven’t had one for the past two years. I’ve done a lot to do good by this company. I missed my father deploying, I got to go two his ceremony two day’s beforehand, but didn’t get to see him off, I missed my mother’s birthday. And I have picked up so many other people’s shifts when they couldn’t make it. I know I shouldn’t complain, since I’m lucky I even have a job, and I could just be a whining brat who needs to grow up and stop crying like a little kid, but I really feel unsure of myself right now. I’ve re-enrolled in college to get a technical degree in hospitality, and I still intend on pursuing it as a career, but I just feel so unsure in this place. Does anyone have any advice?
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So. I want to put a huge disclaimer at the beginning of this story. If you have trouble with stories about/containing suicide then do NOT read this. It’s not gory or a first person tale of suicide, but I just wanted to give a fair warning.
The brown and green Quith female crooked an eye at that, her smooth damp skin glistening in the dim light of the bar.
“So you want to know about humans do you?” she asked, smiling a sad smile and looking down at her drink for a moment.
“I don’t blame you… they seem like a wild species to most, one of only five sapient deathworld species to ever break the light speed barrier and by far the most interesting of those five…” she said with a sigh.
“But you already know that… don’t you? Of course you do.” She said, chuckling softly and taking a large gulp from the mug in front of her.
“I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories about how unstoppable they are, how it is impossible to break them or beat them down.” She said, bringing a chuckle from a few of the barflies that were eavesdropping. “Yes, yes they truly have an amazing ability to survive whatever the universe throws at them don’t they?” She said sardonically.
“Well…” she said, taking a deep breath as if readying herself for something. “I know for a fact that that isn’t always true…”
“Okay, okay calm down…” she said, drawing a bit more attention before taking another long pull from her mug. “I’ll tell you my story… But you’re not going to like it.”
“It started as just a normal day as stories like these always do.” she said, eliciting another chuckle from the now grown crowd of eavesdropping barflies. “Like any other, I crawled out of my nice warm sleeping bog into the crisp morning air that leaked in through my windows, shrugged on my moisture retainer and a set of clothes, grabbed a fish from my tank for breakfast and headed out the door. It was another idyllic day on the fringe, another day at work like any other.” She said, her eyes glazing over slightly as she started to get lost in the memory.
“I hopped on a shuttle and headed into the office, I’d worked from home the past week due to a cold so I thought that it would be good to get out and see my coworkers in person after being cooped up for so long. To my surprise and delight an acquaintance of mine: a human janitor by the name of Frank whose company I had come to enjoy was sitting at one of the desks. He was asleep by the looks of things with a content smile on his face.” she said, smiling fondly at that memory before shuddering for some reason and taking a deep breath in through her nostrils.
“He was a quiet man, but hardworking and he always seemed to have something nice or interesting to say whenever he did speak.” She said, her voice trembling slightly as she described the human. “He looked peaceful, like he was getting some much needed rest after pulling an all-nighter so I decided there was no harm in letting the janitor rest and made my way to my desk, swallowing down the last of my fish as I walked.” She said, making some of the listeners comment about how they’d ‘been there’ before.
“I sat down and settled in to the happy monotony of my job for a few hours till a loud scream grabbed my attention.” she said, making the eavesdroppers hush their whispering as they realized the story was about to get interesting. “I stood up and quickly located its source, the supervisor – a female Quith like myself – was standing by Frank’s desk screeching in terror. I ran over, like many of my co-workers, and joined the murmuring crowd that had gathered looking for answers.” She said, her voice trailing off to a whisper and making everyone lean in a bit closer. “Everyone at the front of the pack was strangely still and silent so I carefully pushed my way past them and instantly saw why. Frank was lying limply on the floor, his chair knocked over and that same peaceful smile on his face with the supervisor quietly sobbing in the corner of his cubicle.” she said, shuddering slightly as she remembered the scene.
“I reached out a hand and tentatively touched Frank… He was cold and lifeless. Frank was dead.” She said quietly, looking down at her hand as she did.
The crowd was dead silent, and when she stopped looking at her hand she looked around. “From the look on your faces I can tell that you want to know how he died. What could have possibly killed the unkillable, indomitable human? Well… He killed himself.” she said, making everyone express some form of either shock or disbelief.
She continued talking, raising her voice slightly to talk over the crowd. “He’d bought a pen of human ‘insulin’ under the guise of a family member needing it and injected the entire thing into himself. He was dead long before I found him at his desk.” She said, tipping back her mug till it was empty.
“What?” she asked, setting down the mug. “Oh sorry. Yeah I don’t blame you, I wanted to know why too. After all, it seemed too fantastic to be true. All the stories that have humans dying are all about them bravely sacrificing themselves, or fighting against a force they had no hope of beating and taking with them as many enemies as they could… But I guarantee you that for every one of those stories there’s one like mine. Especially on rim worlds…” she said, looking down at her mug and waiving over the bartender when she saw that it was empty.
Her order was interrupted by one of the more inebriated patrons slurring something about ‘fringe’ and ‘rim’. “What?” She asked, prompting him to repeat himself. “Oh no you’re not wrong, I did say that the planet we were on was a fringe world, not a rim world, the start of the rim was about a hundred light-years away at least. It’s relevant I promise, I’ll explain everything. Just give me a moment.” she said, slightly disgruntled as she finished giving the bartender her order and waited patiently for him to refill her mug.
She took a long pull from it before continuing her story. “Anyways, like I said I wanted to know what could have prompted Frank to do this, so I asked the only person I thought might know something. Dave, the other human that worked in the office.” She said, smiling as she recalled the man.
“Dave had a reputation as someone you can talk to about anything. Especially if you were looking for advice, as he had probably been through a lot worse.” She said, still smiling as she played with the murky brown foam on her beverage. “Dave grew up on an industrial world about fifty light-years away in what was then the middle of the rim. From what I heard it was pretty rough: union busting raids, monopolies, gangs. Typical rim world, lawless but profitable by any means necessary… at least, profitable for those on top anyways.” She said, swallowing dryly.
“His family worked together, saving up money in secret then stowing away on a transport headed core-ward, hopping from planet to planet as their money allowed it and working odd and factory jobs when it didn’t.” She said, sighing and sinking into her chair slightly. “Eventually, they ended up on the fringe, where things were much easier for them. Food was cheaper, work was more plentiful, and after a while, Dave and his siblings were able to get decent educations.”
As she described the human family pulling itself up by sheer will the other patrons smiled briefly before remembering what they had previously been talking about. “Long story short, he ended up working in the same office as Frank and I.” she said, obviously deep in some memory or another.
“Anyways, after giving him a week or two to mourn his fellow human, I approached him and asked what could have possibly prompted Frank to take his own life… I’ll never forget the response I got…” She said, a shiver running down her entire form. “Dave sat down and sighed loudly before saying ‘He didn’t have anything keeping him here anymore.’”
“I balked at that,” she said with a pained chuckle as a sullen silence settled over the now noticeably larger crowd. “I asked him what he meant by that. That the statement made no sense! After all, Frank was a human! What could possibly be so bad that a human decides to give up like one of… _us_…”
She shivered once more and opened her mouth for a moment, only to close it and bite her lip. “Dave didn’t like that… He got very angry and asked me what I knew about Frank’s living conditions…” she said, her gills flushing in shame, “I admitted that I didn’t know much and he told me that ever since Frank got on world, he’d been bouncing from job to job, city to city, living out of a large electric van that he put together from parts he had to steal from a scrapyard… He told me that Frank was barely eating enough to sustain himself, and that he had been sending most of his pay back to his family out on the rim so that they could join him here someday…” She explained, sighing into her mug and taking another large gulp.
“While that sounded difficult, it didn’t seem like something that would break a human; especially with their tendency towards modern nomadism… But there was one part of that story that stood out, so I asked: ‘Frank was sending money back to his family?’” She slumped forward slightly, resting her forehead on the table and taking a deep, shuddering breath. “Dave responded with two words… ‘Yes, was’” she said, once again forcing a hush on the crowd as they realized the implications.
“It turned out that Frank had not been as lucky as Dave… Frank’s family lived on a cartel world…” She explained, making a couple of people wince or hiss. “Exactly,” she said, sighing and slumping back into her chair, as if resigning herself to tell the rest of the story. “Frank’s family had been saving up much like Dave’s had… But before they could afford to get everyone smuggled off planet, Frank’s father was injured working in one of the factories. They had enough money to treat it, but without his income…” she began, but couldn’t seem to find the right words.
“In the end, they decided to send Frank off world to try and get a better job and secure a place for them to reunite eventually… That was the plan at least… Until the Federation decided to take apart the Cartel that is.” she said, the pained expression on her face finding itself on several of the crowd as well.
“His family took in a wounded soldier that got shot in the shanty town that they were living in during one of the early assaults.” she explained, staring deeply into her mug. “They saved the young soldier’s life, and gave her everything that they had on the workings of the cartel that they figured out after years of living on world… The fastest routes around town, known safe houses and floating casinos, collaborators, hidden shuttles… Information that the soldier took back to her commanders and would prove to be extremely useful in taking down the cartel…” she said, draining the last of her mug with a defeated sigh.
“They would have been hailed as heroes when the town was liberated… that is… if one of their neighbors didn’t see the soldier sneaking out once she was healed enough to walk.” She said, a distant anger visible behind the drunkenness in her eyes. “By the time the soldier came back with the rest of the army, Frank’s family had already been publicly executed.”
“The soldier,” she began, after a long pause of staring hatefully at her empty mug, “Showed up on planet the day before Frank killed himself.” She said, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “She told Frank that his family saved her life. That they gave her the information they needed to keep any of the cartel from getting away. That they were heroes… And that they were dead.” She said, her voice dripping with sadness. “She told him that he should be proud of them. That they did the stories she’d heard of humanity justice… And that she was sorry for his loss…”
A hush fell over the crowd that nobody seemed to want to break as the Quith sat there staring sadly at her drink. “They were the only thing keeping Frank going… Day after day of going to bed hungry, and tired, and cold in a cramped vehicle that he put together with parts that he had to beg, borrow, and steal for… And the only thing that was keeping him together was the thought that with each day, each paycheck, he was getting closer and closer to bringing his family to him… And now they were dead…” she said, smiling sardonically and closing her eyes.
“You know the funny thing? Humans have this saying about themselves; more of an excuse really. They call it ‘only human.’” she said, smiling slightly. “‘Sorry, I made a mistake. I’m only human.’ they say, or ‘I can’t possibly do that, I’m only human after all.’ or maybe even ‘I need help. Please, I can’t do this on my own… I’m only human.’” she said, bringing a tear to many eyes capable of crying.
“The worst part is what Dave told me about how Frank saw the rest of us… Frank didn’t think that he could come to any of his colleagues with his problems. He didn’t think that they’d take him seriously. He’s human after all… What could possibly break a big, strong human in our eyes. What problems could they possibly have that we could relate to?” she asked, making looks of shame and discomfort spread through the crowd as everyone realized they’d thought that exact same thing at some point.
“Well take it from me that humans aren’t unbreakable… They’re the hardest to break species I’ve ever known, true juggernauts of willpower…” she said, smiling weakly. “But they still feel pain, they still feel depression… They’re still sapients just like you and me… They struggle along through life like the rest of us, clinging from one bit of hope to the next like the rest of us… and sometimes, they break like the rest of us.” she said, before smiling and taking a deep breath.
“So do the humans a favor. Don’t always assume that they’ll be fine or that they are always happy and healthy. It will go a long way for them to know that we care about them as much as they care about us.” She said, motioning the bartender over to pay her tab.
“You’re tab’s been taken care of,” the bartender said, nodding in the direction of a lone human, sitting at a table, raising a glass in her direction. His eyes were red, and his cheeks were wet with tears.
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Entitled guests yells at security for guarding money and not stopping to answer questions

So I am working as a security officer at a local casino while looking for work in my preferred field of I.T. and boy do I have some entitled stories from work. Today when I get to work our shift goes into a briefing like we do everyday and we get our assignments for the day. Today must have been my lucky day as I got one of the best assignments I get to roam around all day and respond to the cage needing access to the ticket redemption machines. If I'm not helping the cage I roam unless I am given a task from control.
We get our assignments and we hit the floor. Almost as soon as we hit the floor a task goes out to another officer to do an escort from one of the bars to the cage to turn in the cash from their register. I happened to be closer to that bar and I called the officer dispatched on my radio and told them to stand down I will pick up that escort, control copied and I head to the bar. Once I get to the bar I call surveillance on the radio and tell them I'm doing as escort from the bar to the cage, survalance copies and they are now watching us as we travel through the casino.
The location of this bar is in the farthest place in the casino from the cage so we have a decent walk. Now as a security escort once we call surveillance we cannot stop as we are guarding the currency our cashier is carrying, also since we are guarding the currency we have the authority to tell not ask people to move out of the way so we can get through (we rarely ever do such unless a walkway is crowded). So on an escort you walk at a brisk pace 45 degrees off to the side of the cashier that has the money and maybe a half step behind them. If anyone gets in the way we don't stop we will walk a different way or force our way through if absolutely necessary to protect the money and cashier. I hope you get the picture we don't stop once we begin moving for ANY reason.
So we are walking and about halfway there when a man sitting at a slot machine yells at the cashier asking her what the name of the coffee shop right behind us is and she didn't realise he was talking to her and she ignores him. I turn my head to answer his question while still walking by. The man then screams WILL YOU ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!! and as I said before we don't stop for any reason. We continue to the cage and we say a few words about how rude he was and we reach the cage. I then call control and let them know I am clear of the escort. I begin to walk back to the man and I approach him and say.
Op=me Ej=entitled jerk
OP: I'm sorry sir I wanted to apologize for us not stopping as were unable to stop once we being doing an escort.
Ej: (cuts me off) you can't tell me that being rude and ignoring a guest is ok with the casino!?
Op: no sir it is not but per casino policy once security begins an escort we cannot stop.
Ej: (cuts me off again) I was a cop in big city 20 miles away for 25 years and never did I ever treat a citizen like you treated me!
Op: again sir I'm trying to apologize to you and explain why we couldn't stop and answer your initial question.
Ej: (cuts me off again) you can't tell me that being on a mission is more important than a guest!!
Op: (staying calm but getting frustrated) sir I'm sorry that you feel this way but I was guarding money and I can't stop.
Ej: tell me what casinos in our state have been robbed in the last 5 years?
Op: well the casino 5 miles down the road was just last year another reason we don't stop for any reason.
Ej: that's just a bingo hall it's not a casino!!
OP: sir that is a casino they have slots and bingo regardless if you want to acknowledge that my orders don't change and neither does policy.
Ej: show me the policy that says you can be rude to a guest and not talk to them!
Op: I'm really sorry we can't come to an agreement on this but if you would like to file a complaint you can at the security desk right behind us, also it appears my supervisors are right there as well, here is my name and badge number if you need it.
Ej: why bother I have done that already and nothing came of it!
OP: well I'm sorry we can't agree.
Ej: well we can agree to disagree.
Op: sure. Have a good evening and best of luck.
And I walk away. One of me leads was watching the whole encounter and observing how I dealt with the situation and approached me and asked if everything was alright afterwards. I said yea and quickly ran to my locker to put away some gloves I wasn't needing and returned to the gaming floor. I went to look for my lead and explain what had happened. Little did I know Ej went to complain about stubbing his toe!?!?! And employees being rude. My lead started laughing when I explained what actually happened and said were all good.
More to the story. So after the cashier and I blew by EJ another guard heard him get upset and tried to answer his question but he just yelled at the other guard. Also less than 10 feet from where EJ was sitting were 2 other guards who could have answered his question if he had asked and even better yet less than 30 feet away was the coffee shop he wanted to know the name of. While I have come to like my job I encounter a lot of entitled people and this one was one of my favorites.
Yes I know you are holding a lot of money but stop and answer my question...hey talk to me...hey!!!!
Yea no sorry not how it works buddy.
Side note. If we had stopped we could have been written up or fired on the spot for not following cash handling procedure and casino policy. Just incase anyone is on EJs side.
Another side note. 99% of casino guests know when security is doing something and to give them space as we are only focused on our task and we ask people to watch out for us politely unless they don't move then we tell them to move and the only times we do this is when moving money to or from point a to point b or urgently responding to an incident. 99% of the time you see security we are just making a presence and not on a task.
I am by nature a kind person I dont like being rude and is the reason I went back to talk to the EJ to try to clarify. I also know my job well enough to know that I wouldn't be in any trouble for not stopping to answer his question no matter how pissed off he was at us.
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Hello. I have an in person interview for shift manager this week. Just had a few questions.

A little about me first. I have never worked in a fast food setting. My food experience comes from line cooking in restaurants. My supervisomanagement experience comes from 5 years as a blackjack dealesupervisor followed by 2 years as the poker room manager at my local casino. I did actually manage a kitchen about 12 years ago at my first job.
I'm also a very quick learner, I anticipate taking no more than 2 or 3 days to have everything down. As an example blackjack class to be a dealer is 80 hours unpaid training with an audition with management at the end. 80 hours is mandatory, but after 4 days my instructor said if she could she would audition me right then. I had never even stepped inside a casino before that. My second day on the floor they put me on the highest stakes table, and after about 5 minutes the two players asked me where I dealt before. I said nowhere. They didn't believe me, called my supervisor over and asked her, she said the same, they each tipped me 100 bucks they were so impressed. After 2 years they made me the blackjack class instructor I did that for 3 years. So anyway.
Sorry that was more than necessary oh well. Okay so knowing I'm walking into a management type role as an outside hire there will be some hostility toward me from whoever applied from inside. That's natural I can deal with that. I was more curious about what my role will entail, as I noticed there are at least two steps above me. On the phone he said on the busy summer normal no virus days, there could be up to 40 employees to oversee. Like, how much of my job is directing employee traffic as it were, and like what do the two above me do? Am I basically a glorified front line worker, doing the work with everyone else but the one who is in charge? Is it more of an office type role? Also, for now the owner of this particular culver's, even though my state gave the go ahead for in person dining months ago, chose to keep it drive thru only. I like that. Shows he cares about his staff. I believe he's the only place out of about 20 or so in the nearby area who chose this. The rest opened their doors. One last question, I know this is just situational, but how often do advancememt opportunities arise? Like for assistant manager and gm. Any experience with that from you guys? Alrighty you all have a great day now!
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This is actually from a few years ago, but I just remembered it and it made me laugh, so I wanted to share.
I worked for a few years part-time in Reservations for a large casino and resort. We were frequently short-staffed on any given day, leaving us deep in queue and some pissed off customers once we got to them. It was very draining, and we had LOTS of turnover.
3-4 supervisors were present during each shift, in the middle of the room, while the workers surrounded the edges. During the day we'd make trips up to their mid-floor open "office" to hand in forms, sign things, etc. They almost never jumped on the lines to help with the queue, though. Somehow too busy to help.
One day, we are about 25 deep in queue, and I go up to have them sign something. The supervisor does not see me approach, and I notice she is online shopping for shoes or something. She attempts to quickly change the window but it was too late.
Keep in mind, the supervisors could use the internet freely, but we workers were not allowed to use the internet at all, even during slow times. I decide that it's some bull- to avoid helping with the queue, to online shop on the company clock, and all the time, to do something that workers were not even allowed to do. So I figured out how to keep them all busy, permanently.
We had these things called "Profile Merge" slips. Basically, when a customer would call in to make a reservation, you should check our customer database to see if they've stayed before. By name, by Player's number, etc., but many would not do this (or would not do it correctly). Therefore, you'd end up having half a dozen profiles for the same actual customer.
When we encountered these during our normal duties, we were supposed to fill out Profile Merge slips, with the person's name, Players#, and the various Profile #s they had, and highlighting what you believed to be the correct Profile# (if you thought that there was one).
These were turned into the supervisors, for them to correct within the database in their spare time, as we workers did not have the ability/authority to actually make these edits/corrections within the database. You might normally turn one, two of these Profile Merge slips in each week.
I decided to do these with every spare second I had, since we couldn't do much else. I systematically began going through the entire customer database (at least 20,000 profiles), beginning with last names with the letter "A". I easily made dozens of these Profile Merge slips each shift. My record was 104 in one shift. Each of these Profile Merges probably took 20 minutes each for the supervisor to review and implement the changes.
Sometimes they'd come back to me with "not sufficient info for Merge"; I didn't care, I knew this and I'd submit them anyways. Not my job (nor did I have the database authority) to figure out which one was actually correct, if any. As you might guess, this cut into their spare time free-for-all.
So I do this for about three months, and they are so backed up now. Each day, I'm getting the approved and denied Profile Merge slips in my inbox, for ones that I had submitted several weeks ago. As time passes, they get more and more behind. Here's the best part -- we suddenly are given a policy change. We can now all use the internet on our spare time! Great!
I know this was purposefully directed towards how I was using my spare time, as it was never even a sincere thought before this to allow us unfettered internet access. Basically, they'd finally be allowing us the same rights they had, in an attempt to give me something preferable to do with my time instead of Profile Merge slips.
Nope. I still kept at it, though I did poke around Reddit here and there :) I never stopped submitting those bad boys every chance I got. By the time I put my two weeks resignation in, they were 3 months behind in Profile Merge slips. It took months just to get through one letter of the alphabet. I had only gotten to the letter "H."
I left that place so happy, knowing that workers finally got to use the internet, because the bosses didn't like doing extra work, and instead, they essentially lost their own ability to use their spare time on the web. Shouldn't have been online shopping while we were in the queue...
Edit: Not every supervisor was a jerk. There were many days when I actually liked all the supervisors on my shift and who were coming into the next shift, so I wouldn't turn my Profile Merge slips in that day. I think everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when I didn't turn anything in.
But there was one in particular boss, Lipstick on a Pig, who was just a straight b-. Previously, as a worker, she would routinely hit the "skip" button on her phone to avoid taking her turn for a call, and it would pass on to the next poor soul. We were almost never supposed to skip calls, but not only did she do it routinely and openly, she got a promotion to supervisor.
You can then imagine what she was like with an ounce of authority. So, I'd save up my Profile Merge slips for a few days, and as soon as Lipstick on a Pig came in for a shift that I worked, I'd personally hand her my amassed 100-200 Profile Merge slips, with my best smile.
"Here ya go! Made some more today! Forgot to turn them in yesterday, too. Oops!" That was the BEST PART.
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I hate what I've done and the person I became because of my ex-wife (and other stuff, too). [long post]

I (31m) was married (still am, but divorce isn't final yet) for 3.5 years to a complete whirlwind of a human being (39f). It's the single greatest mistake I've ever made. We have a son which I wouldn't trade for anything, but the lows of the last few years nearly outweigh the highs. I was at a really low point in my life in a same-sex relationship with someone I wasn't really into when this beautiful, dangerous, quixotic woman appears with all this zest and charisma and idealism and I was instantly hooked. I dumped my boyfriend, we got together for real a few months later and we were married a few months after that.
She would drink like a fish and casually do meth in front of me, but I didn't care. All the warning signs in the world couldn't sway me. Her erratic behavior should have given me pause, but I had already managed to convince myself that she just needed someone to properly love her and care for her and that would help bring her peace. I was a goddamned fool.
We moved to the middle of Montana, away from all the family I knew, and we had our son. She didn't drink or use meth during the pregnancy at all, but started drinking again soon after. Sometimes I would come home from work and find her face down on the floor nearly passed out at 5pm. Once she had to be hospitalized because she had been drinking on the clock as a bartender.
She could also be a really anxious person and she had to be in control. Rarely was anything I had done for her good enough, and she let me know it. She would always tell me that I never did enough and that everything was on her shoulders, and that I wasn't really a man, that I was a pussy/faggot/niggewhatever other bullshit she could throw at me, usually when she was drunk, which was usually.
It started with her throwing things at me, things like TV remotes. Then she tried to gouge my eyes out with her thumbs and some time after that, she punched me in the face multiple times while I was holding our son. At this point she was working as a supervisor at a restaurant that had newly opened in town and I was a stay at home dad. After a couple months of this, she couldn't hack it so she quit her job and I still didn't have one, so we moved back to where we had lived before, to at least have some support from my family.
I got a job as a waiter at a casino and she would work events for a catering company. I'd worked at this casino before we moved the first time and had some really good friendships with some moderately attractive female co-workers at the time. I saw two of them without my wife knowing. Nothing happened, though I wouldn't have minded. As it happened, it was pretty awkward in both cases and my wife found out later and that caused a lot of problems. The drinking and violence continued. One time she kicked me in the face while I was in bed with our son. Eventually we reached what I'd call an unsteady peace.
The year was 2019. I got kicked in the face, slapped, and sucker punched in the eye. Different occasions. Once in either November or December I called the police on her and she was taken away, but I didn't press charges. I picked her up the morning after. There were good times somewhere in there, but it becomes harder to remember exactly what or when.
January of 2020 came around, and there was a new co-worker I'd met, a supervisor of another department, probably the most stunning woman I'd ever seen in my entire life. She was friendly to me and we would talk a little whenever I'd see her. I never shared with her that I was married. I knew she liked to drink in the bar downstairs after work, so I started to drink there in the hope that I'd see her. Eventually it worked, she waved me over and we talked the first time for a good 30 minutes. In the week after I'd become completely consumed with the thought of this other woman and was starting to be more distant with my wife. She could tell something was going on. At one point in that week, she asked me if I was interested in someone else, repeatedly and insistently and I finally caved and said there was. I foolishly told her the other woman's name.
Nothing came of it that night, but that weekend I met the other woman at the bar again, this time for close to three hours. We had all this stuff in common and there was all this chemistry. At close to three hours, my wife knew what I was up to and called me an Uber. When I got home, she sent a message to the other woman on facebook and blew up everything. Honestly, despite everything else, it was incredibly justified. Looking back, I hate that I did any of that. In the moment though, there was no fairness to any of it. I sent a message to the other woman, but the damage was already done. That night, I just kept drinking to the point that I was a blacked out mess of a man, stumbling around and screaming. I broke our TV and our son's bed. My wife called my father to come over and collect me and I stayed the night at my parents' house.
Work the next day was exceedingly awkward, as was any day that followed when the other woman was nearby. In the week after that all went down, I was convinced that I was done with my wife. She stayed at an Airbnb for a bit but ultimately we "reconciled". She could be very persuasive. Of course she still continued to drink.
In early March, after a night of drinking she punched me in the eye out of nowhere. It was a good one. So good that she was actually concerned and came to me to see if I was okay. I lost it. I'd had enough. I punched her in the stomach and she went down immediately. I berated her then as we made our way into the living room. I punched her stomach again and kicked her literal ass really hard. The fighting eventually defused as we slept in different spaces. The next morning somehow we were both willing to act like it hadn't happened. I was in a state of shock that I had done anything like that. Never before in my life. I did it, but I feel that I'd never have done anything like that if not for her and I hate that I did.
Covid-19 of course really took off in mid March and we both lost our jobs. Facing the real possibility of eviction, my ex-wife's parents offered to let us stay with them across the country in N. Carolina. My parents didn't have the space for all of us, so we left in early April. With the added pressure of living with her parents, I thought she might do better somehow. For a short time I was right, but then it started all over again. In late May, she had at least five 9.something % beers in less than an hour and started in with her shit again. Starts with the punching and hair pulling, trying to goad me into a reaction. She was trying to start a fight with me to make it look like I'd started it in her parents' house. Then she started threatening our son, which she had never done before. I grabbed my son and went on a drive and made the decision to get the fuck out.
We escaped in early June under all of their noses. My ex-wife was at work. My parents bought my son and I plane tickets back to where we lived before. She took it surprisingly well. She held out hope for a little while that we could reconcile, but that eventually faded. She started to work on herself. Started seeing a therapist and stopped drinking. She's been sober since mid June. I was taking care of our son alone since then and as much as I love him, indeed he's the person I love most on this whole planet, he has a speech delay and he is really fucking hard. Starting in July I began to work on myself too. Since then I lost 15 pounds and began regularly working out, finally got my driver's license and a pretty decent used car shortly after, found a job I like at a big, nationwide liquor store.
After a while it seemed my ex-wife was doing much better and she wanted our son to live with her. At first I was resistant, but I honestly needed the break. In the first few years of his life, I was often more of a parent to him than she was. And N. Carolina is cheaper than where I am now. And I couldn't keep him from her forever. So at the start of October I flew out there with him and it was immediately clear that she had actually changed. No anxiety, no yelling, no guilt or shame, no fighting. She was actually calm and positive for once. I stayed for a few days to ease the transition and make sure everything was okay. It still seems like they're doing well.
I came back October 5th. The next day after work we were having a going-away get-together for a coworker at a bar and there was a girl there that I'd sort of gotten the sense that she liked me. We ended up slow dancing together that night. She buried her face in my chest and I held her close. After the last three years, that moment felt like everything to me. In the week after that, we started interacting at work more often and I couldn't get her out of my head. She's a totally driven go-getter, sharp as a tack, social butterfly, competitive, logical yet impulsive. My complete opposite. Eventually I got her number through Instagram and we started chatting and eventually I asked her on a date. I wasn't even sure if I could be ready for this, but I couldn't live with that regret. We finally went out for food and drinks and it was the best date I'd ever been on in my entire life. Conversation flowed, despite being nearly opposite we had a lot in common, amazing chemistry. After dinner we went to a nearby bar for more drinks and stayed out for at least two more hours. I drove her back to her car and we just sat and talked some more. As she finally went to her car I got out with her and we kissed, just really passionately.
The next night after work she invited me over for a drink at her place after I'd failed to make myself a good gin and tonic at home. Said she could make me a better one. I went and we drank (her gin and tonic was definitely much better than mine) and we talked for a while lying on her bed, inching closer and closer to each other the whole time. Finally we started to kiss, everything started to come off and we had long, heavy and passionate sex there for probably around an hour. Over the next several days at work things are nice. She leans into me which feels in the moment like everything I've ever needed and more, she gives me these light caresses as she passes.
The day before yesterday we went on our second date, which was very nearly just as good as the first. There are these small moments when I'm with her, the way she'll say something or an expression she'll make, when everything else fades and I just feel a really deep liking for her. I'm not in love, but I felt I could get there in time. Later that night we went back to her place and had sex again. Afterwards as we laid in each other's arms, she asked me what I want from her. I was taken aback, but after thinking a moment and as honestly as I could answer, I told her that I really liked her and wanted a real relationship with her. She asked if it'd be horrible if she wanted something else. She told me then that she liked me too, but didn't want an actual relationship after having recently gotten out of a relationship that had been a huge part of her life for the past few years. That it's her time to be selfish. She asked me if I can live with that kind of ambiguity. I told her I could, but in the time since I haven't been sure. It didn't feel like there was any finality in that moment, but maybe I just didn't see it. At the end of that night we still made out before I left and it was still just as good, but on the way home I wasn't quite sure what had happened.
She's about to go on vacation with her family tomorrow for several days. Yesterday at work I asked her if she'd like to go on another date when she gets back and she said yes without any hesitation. She told me she'd text me. I've hardly heard a thing from her today. When we talked before, on our dates and at other times, we touched on all these things we should do together. We should watch this, or go do that, or make each other really good grilled cheeses (it's a slight matter of contention who makes a better grilled cheese). It wasn't just one person saying these things, it was both of us...
I don't know if I can handle this.
I drink much more now and have a far shorter fuse. I try to be considerate and noble and good, but it's harder now. I'm prone to more depressive spells. Bitterness subtly sneaks into my thoughts. I clutch my steering wheel with quiet desperation when I drive. Sometimes I would give everything to just scream, but I know I can't. I have to get a fucking grip.
I've started seeing a therapist over video chat. My second session is next week. Maybe it'll help, but I don't know that I'll get what I need. I need to be more assertive and more resilient. I need to properly come to terms with what happened to me and what I've done. I'm so fragile right now, but I'm gonna to get better, even if I can't see the path from here. The world isn't gonna beat me down. I know now that I want to find someone I love who loves me the way I deserve to be loved. I've done some bad things, but I know that I'm good enough to deserve... something. Maybe it'll be this girl eventually (I still can't get her out of my mind), maybe it's someone else. Maybe it can only be me.
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[DREAD] I adapted/wrote and ran an adventure called “HORRORSTÖR” about an IKEA of Doom

Hey everyone!
Last fall, I ran a session of DREAD at a con with an adventure that I adapted from “Horrorstör”, a novel by Grady Hendrix. Since the session went well, I thought I’d share my prep for others – both as inspiration as well as to get some additional feedback/new ideas if you got any. There’s also some music at the end. Sorry if I missed some typos etc. in the write-up.
Employees of a large-scale furniture store get hunted down by Cronenbergian abominations because Corporate wants to increase quarterly profits.
Entrapment, Hopelessness, Annihilation of the Self, Fear of (Social) Decline, Assimilation
“Horrorstör” takes place in a store called ORSK (basically a knock-off IKEA). It’s set in 2009 in an American flyover state, right after the first big shockwave of the last financial crisis. Characters are tasked with finding out the causes of nightly vandalism, only to uncover they’re trapped in the store with something more sinister.
I’ve made the player questionnaires look like job application forms for ORSK.
As it was a con game for a max of 5 players, I kept it short – 12 questions each.
I started off with setting questions (“Why do you wanna work here? ; “What’s your favorite ORSK piece of furniture” ; “How would you describe your work ethos?”), then ventured into background questions (“You’re overqualified for this job. Why do you still need it?” ; “What made you leave your hometown so abruptly?” ; “A part of the store lets you shudder. Which one, and why?”), turned the screw towards the personal (“Why wasn’t your mother proud of you?” ; “Why can’t you let others see the real you?”), and finally cranked up the unease towards Corporate and the feeling of entrapment (“Why is true that a person’s worth is based on their efficiency?” ; “If a person is dependent on their job, wouldn’t they be well to follow Corporate’s orders?”).
At the end, players should feel their character’s inability to just up and quit – either because there are no better jobs available, or because the neatness of ORSK provides a security blanket for their neurosis or what have you.
Part I
After a mysterious shipment of new prototype furniture is delivered, the store suffers from weird acts of nightly vandalisms. Players are tasked with spending an extra night shift to get to the bottom of it.
In this part, GMs should introduce characters and a general sense of unease towards Corporate. Mention slogans that seem both cheery and ominous at the same time (“ORSK: A home, forever!” ; (“ORSK partners: Our most valuable resource” etc.), “Employees of the Month” that you’ve never seen in the store (they’re either been “promoted” or switched stores) and that despite the spotless façade, your ORSK is in dire need of some repairs. It should also become apparent that ORSK is cutting costs by firing the cleaning and security staff.
Of course, the mysterious shipment are DRÖN compartments. After they’ve been put in the basement, this part of the store will become off-limits for employees due to a “leak”. Mention a rotting, electrical stench emanating from behind the doors.
Part II
The store shuts down for a national holiday – which means there’s no shoppers or staff coming for a few days. Perfect time to hunt for vandals. Characters get more than what they’ve bargained for.
Use the first section of this part to (further) develop a sense of camaraderie between characters and introduce the red herring. Generate a feeling of paranoia and uncanniness. Whereas the ORSK is well-lit and pleasant during the day, at night the scenery – with the lights off and no white noise playing – plays with and confuses your senses.
When players have encountered the red herring and are ready to call it in, guide them towards the store manager’s office. Shortly before they reach it, have the Drön show up first and claim Basil and additional victims, if applicable. End this part of the adventure with players discovering a case file for “Projekt Drön”.
Part III
After discovering the “Projekt Drön” video, characters need to find Basil (or what’s left of him) so they can get the Override switch and escape the ORSK. To do so, they have to cross the floors of ORSK that the Drön have turned into death traps, get into the basement and survive long enough to make it to the exit.
DID YOU USE PROPS? Yeah. As I’ve mentioned, the questionnaires looked like job applications; I’ve photoshopped and printed out an actual IKEA Store map. The original “Horrorstör” novel also provides some nifty and appropriately creepy furniture artwork. A quick Google Image search will help you out.
WHAT CHANGES DID YOU MAKE FROM THE ORIGINAL NOVEL? The threat, mainly. The original book is basically a>! fun take on the "haunted house" trope!<, I thought I'd play up the callousness of Corporate and invented new villains to match my intent.
SO WAIT, IS THE TRUE VILLAIN CAPITALISM? Whatever gave you that idea?
IS THERE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST? You bet your ORSK there is!
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CMA - Told my former coworkers the real reason I was fired?

Extremely long, please forgive me.
TL;DR — CMA for telling my coworkers I was fired because of my mental health?
So I used to work as a cocktail server for a casino in my area. Due to my state's regulations regarding reopening nonessential businesses during COVID-19, the casino was only able to reopen for business if it followed very strict criteria; for example, cocktail servers like me cannot run drinks out to patrons on the floor right now, and are instead stuck manning the self-serve soda machines to reduce the risk of customers spreading germs to each other.
There are a slough of other extremely important protocols and changes in place, and the tension is especially high among the bar staff - we're only able to serve alcohol at all by exploiting a loophole that says alcohol may only be served alongside a food item, and if we heck any part of that up, all bar staff go back on furlough. That we had already lost all but one senior cocktail (me) and three of our five bartenders wasn't helping, as we were all stuck pulling double and triple shifts to cover the gaps.
On top of this, the casino rolled out a few new changes NOT related to COVID-19 - namely, new uniforms: Long sleeved black dress shirts, long black slacks, and a clip on bowtie that necessitated the shirt collars being buttoned all the way up. No variations are allowed - not even neatly rolling up the sleeves in hot weather.
It is currently summer where I work, and we've already had several weeks of temperatures in the 90-100 range (Fahrenheit). All black clothes in starchy fabric, with long sleeves and fully buttoned necks, on a job where even the drink station workers move around A LOT. To add to this, anybody in security or food/beverage can and will at some point have to step outside into the full sun to run patrols or grab supplies from the outdoor containers, and the people in the cashier cage are working with zero air conditioning.
To further add to the work stress, management has repeatedly caught wind of employees stretching the rules to make their lives easier - cocktail servers having soda or tea behind the counter, or cashier cage ladies bringing in little battery powered fans - and shot every single one of them down. Remember how I said we can't roll our sleeves up? That's another example. We WERE until management decided it looked unprofessional, even when the sleeves were neatly cuffed.
TO ADD TO ALL OF THIS, over the last month I have had my six year old cat Izzy diagnosed with terminal lymphoma (and am nursing him through his last few months at home, which includes occasionally giving him an IV electrolyte push for dehydration); have received news that my mother is considering leaving my father due to his alcoholism (he is NEVER abusive, but she can't watch him drink himself to death anymore); and am faced with roughly $2000 in bills and loans that I need to pay off on what was an income of maybe $700 a week. On a good week.
I struggle with clinical depression, anxiety, and what we believe may be high-functioning autism. I do have a history of self harm, especially in the last two years. I made the casino very clearly aware of both of these things upon being offered a job.
On Sunday (July 5), due to ALL OF THE ABOVE, I suffered a massive depressive episode while in the employees' restroom at the casino, on the clock during a fifteen minute break. During this episode, I noticed there were two extremely sharp exposed screw points sticking a little bit out of the wall in one corner of the stall I was in. I was able to remove myself from the restroom WITHOUT injuring myself, but not before I had to spend five minutes seriously talking myself down from opening my arm on those screw points and another five in a ball on the floor pulling myself back together.
I went immediately to the security office and told them what had happened; then (because I am used to these episodes, and because I am significantly harder on myself than I have any right or reason to be) I went back out to continue serving drinks at the self serve. I was shaky, but no longer in a place where I actively wanted to hurt myself.
A few minutes into this, my supervisor comes to talk to me. He takes one look at my face and at my hands (which I had balled tightly in front of me, and which were still shaking anyway) and tells me to go home - "Don't worry about the casino, go home, take care of yourself."
On my way to the employee locker room - in a hallway only employees are allowed access to - I had a panic attack and went down to my knees again. I was not able to recover sufficiently to prevent EMS from being called, and spent the night in suicide watch. When I was discharged, the doctors ordered me not to return to work until Thursday (July 9).
On Wednesday (July 8), I received a text from one of my managers asking me to please call the head of HR. There was no warning and no explanation as to why (I later learned she had no idea why, either).
As it turns out, I was asked to call HR so that they could fire me. They had my phone number on file; there was no reason they could not have called me themselves, instead of essentially setting up an ambush.
I have had no history of behavioral or work complaints, barring one customer who got mad because I wouldn't give him drinks five minutes after the casino had shut down for the night. I have never been called in to discuss my work ethic or habits, and I have never been spoken to about my behavior or demeanor. Just the opposite: Even up to the day I went on suicide watch, my managers and supervisor raved about how much of a help I was and how grateful they were to have me on board.
HR officially listed my termination as "at will" - basically the common label for terminating a part-time employee who just doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the crew. However, not only was I full-time and off probation - something the casino's own handbook says PROTECTS AN EMPLOYEE from at will termination - but the timing and lack of corrective history prior to my termination make it very clear that I was fired due to my mental health. I was not spoken to prior to the termination.
In the state where I live, mental health is considered a disability, for which employers are not legally allowed to terminate employment if they have prior knowledge - which, again, I made sure the casino did. Beyond that, mine is only the most recent termination since we came back from furlough that could only be called "shifty" at BEST. We have lost ten other employees before me under questionable circumstances - in one case, my previous supervisor was terminated two weeks ago and nobody seems to be able to tell us WHY.
I had already been considering reporting the casino for shady and downright unhealthy practices, though I hadn't told anyone. After I had turned my stuff in, I went around to all my coworkers around the employee area exactly WHY I had been terminated. I did this knowing and fully hoping that it would encourage more of my coworkers to walk out. I still plan to report the casino for shady business practices, and am considering filing a lawsuit against them.
CMA, reddit?
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OC Tournament #5 - Round 1, Match 2: Peter VS Markus

Well, the last match was a deathmatch, but this second one is what is known as an objective match. This, for the uninitiated, means that the match’s main point isn’t, necessarily, who would win in a fight, but to complete a certain specific mission better than the opponent.
At the time of this match going up, though, after the strats for this one are posted, though, you can still vote in match 1 for over a full day. Check out (and influence) the brawl between a man and a bird in an airport hangar!
Waterfront District - One of Many Fish Markets
“What do you mean you don’t have anything?”
*Markus was having his patience tested, certainly, by this particular supplier. It was hard to find someone in this region who could provide high-quality fresh fish at a reasonable price (especially considering that some of the fish the people of Los Fortuna considered "high quality" seemed to be overpriced, constantly out of stock, and of incredibly dubious quality from the rare few glimpses he had gotten of them), but this wasn’t the first time now that the boat he had chosen to be BADD GUYS’ regular ‘guys’ had turned up with absolutely nothing one morning.
“I dunno what to tell you, Mark,” a young man in a bandana and sleeveless striped shirt said, hanging by an empty stall he was never told not to man, “sometimes, when the captain heads off to celebrate a great haul, she just disappears for days on end, and then without her, we just don’t always have what it takes to actually catch enough to turn a day’s profit.”
“That damned Captain Moonshatter…” Markus didn’t get it. The crew of the Marquise was supposedly able to accomplish such things, yet still the captain wasted her time gambling instead of leading them to their potential? Leading them towards all these amazing fish? “Where is she, man? I’ll give her a piece of my mind.”
“A casino, probably, but… Ya know how many casinos are out here? And she never tells us where she frequents! If she did, the boys and I woulda dragged her out a long time ago!”
“I know where you can find her.”
A man in a dark rain poncho, pretty typical attire for this district, spoke, eyes obscured but some of his dark hair cascading out from underneath the thing. The hapless sailor and Markus turned to him, looking quizzical but expecting, before Markus broke the silence.
“There is nothing that isn’t shady about you, sir, but.” Markus smirked. “I think shady is what I need right now. What have you got?”
Before Markus knew it, the stranger had flicked his hands, and a stylish business card was in between Markus’ fingers. He looked at it, then, and read the name embroidered upon it. “Heartache Casino… Interesting.”
“She likes to go around in disguise on her gambling trips, sometimes as elaborate as a fat suit and a fake beard so nobody recognizes her. Only surefire way you’ll have to get her out of there is to get everyone out of there. If she’s there, she’ll get pissed off and blow her cover, for sure.”
Markus wasn’t an idiot, even if what he caught onto being suggested didn’t bother him. “…someone wants me to mess with this casino, huh? Well, none of my business, as long as she’s actually there. If not, I’m kicking your ass, got it?”
“You have my word.” The man nodded his head, and then disappeared into the bustling fish market.
That afternoon…
Sound’s Garden Eastern Strip - Heartache Casino
Arriving at the casino, Markus took a look around, taking in the bright lights, expressive designs, and loud sounds. There were so many people strewn around the casino, and just about any one of them could be the captain… Clearing them out was going to take time.
He needed a drink.
One irish coffee later, Markus was ready. He sat at a table in the lounge area, viewing the various (mostly drunk) casinogoers, trying to suss out which ones could end up being the captain. He was mostly unsuccessful. It seemed as if he would have to get his hands dirty and start actively kicking people out if he wanted to get anywhere.
More importantly, over the course of his stay, Markus had noticed something - one of the waiters at the bar had begun eyeing him, always keeping watch of him for some reason. He was planning something, souring Markus’ mood. With a dissatisfied grunt, Markus got up and started making his way towards the slot machines to get a start on kicking people out, and the waiter seemed to follow in his steps.
No matter the pace at which he went or where he went, the waiter seemed to be right there, a couple of steps behind him. Markus’ brow furrowed in anger. He’ll see just how far that waiter was willing to go to follow him. Even near the ATMs, far away from the bar area, the waiter seemed to be constantly following him. He even tried going to the restroom for a few minutes, and the waiter was still there when he-
For all of his thinking about the waiter following him, something, or someone had crashed into him, and found himself knocked down onto the floor from the impact, covered in… water? Beer? Something. He looked up and saw another waiter, a worried expression on their face as they profusely apologized.
A glance to the right, back at the original waiter, revealed that he was… smirking? Markus couldn’t quite make the waiter’s expression out, but one thing was for certain - he was taking joy in watching Markus stumble into the other waiter, and he had likely planned this.
That asshole.
Markus quickly got up, ignoring the apologetic waiter and began quickly making his way towards the other waiter, ready to give him a piece of his mind. He didn’t know why he did what he did or what he was planning, but he sure as hell was going to grill him until he told him that.
Upon getting close enough to the waiter and coming up from behind him, Markus firmly grabbed his arm to keep him from running away again. “Hey, you. What do you want from me? Why were you following me, and what exactly do you stand to gain from doing this, huh?!”
The waiter turned around, only to seem… entirely confused? “Sir, what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything - I don’t even know who you are, or why you’re here! I- I don’t want to make a scene, if you have any complaints you can bring them to my supervisors, just- I need to go back to the bar and bring food to the customers, you know? I-”
“Bullshit. I noticed you! You were constantly keeping watch of me, following me- hell, I went to the fucking restroom and you were still there when I came out! Don’t give me these crocodile tears, I know you want something from me!”
Just as the argument between Markus and the waiter began, someone else found their way into the casino - Peter Bequasimodo.
Earlier that afternoon…
Downtown Los Fortuna - Hotel Delmano
Peter had stopped a fair few crimes in his day, not to mention done some less than legal things in others where the rule of law was the real crime. It was certainly strange, though, that someone had thought to send him a handwritten letter at some point… It seemed someone had realized before he could stop a crime, he had to find his way there. He read and reread the text again.
The Heartache Casino will see a tragic failure today… Nobody can do a thing to prevent it, so kiss everyone who sets foot in it goodbye! Think you can get everyone to leave by X:XX o’clock?!
Great, Peter thought to himself. Someone wants to play some stupid game with me… Just perfect. Just what I need when things are starting to heat up more. Despite his immediate thought of annoyance, though, he couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this… Who sent letters in 202X? Who would send them to him? Peter was usually pretty careful to cover his tracks, and his usual mode of transportation made it so that not even the snoopiest detectives could track him down.
Usually, he was able to use his more than capable skills to hack into the odd police database or private server, or simply use his stand to cut through so much crap, but with a letter, he couldn’t do any of that easy stuff. It would take some footwork to track down the source of this, let alone the location of this ‘Heartache Casino…’
Or, as an ally pointed out, he could just search up the letter’s return address online.
“…urgh, what am I thinking? Of course they wouldn’t actually give where they were sending this from if they wanted to stay this mysterious! This damn place they wrote down is just…” He blinked, looking at his screen. “The Heartache Casino. That settles it, alright. I’m being baited.”
Even if the threat was fake, just designed to get him to the casino, he would have to look into whoever had this much information on him… Seriously, who could have this level of knowledge when he’d barely done a thing in this city?
Beyond that, in the off chance it wasn’t an empty threat, there was a serious danger to other people there. He needed to minimize the chances of that if he could. That time was less than an hour away. He walked over to his bed and grabbed his gauntlet and pack. In a flash [Running in the 90s] appeared on Peter’s face and he disappeared into the information superhighway. It was time for Treagon to take care of business.
“You know,” Peter said, the mood he’d tried to psyche himself up for blending into the chill attitudes of the casino evaporating quickly, “it might not be much my business, buddy, but when I see people being shitty to service staff… That kinda thing really isn’t cool, yeah? Let the man do his job.”
“Stay out of this,” Markus answered tersely, shoving the waiter away as the man backed off, returning to ordinary business, “you think I don’t know that sort of thing? I’m here as a favor to people like that.”
There was a certain impatient entitlement to this guy that really bothered Peter, especially as he spoke like that. All the more, he was finding himself with reasons to kinda want to leave this guy crying and begging for mercy. “You’re really annoying, you know that?” He said, bluntly and with a sort of lax tone, grinning with malice as he stuck his hand in his pocket and leaned back. “I got business of my own to take care of, but don’t lemme catch you acting up like that again, yeah? It’s hard enough just scaring people off so I can look this place over… Shit! Barely half an hour left!”
“Wait, you mean to say you’re also trying to-”
The waiter happened to slink by, and after that moment, Peter was gone. Markus gave a confused look, but then, felt his own phone vibrating. Curious, he moved to open it up. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH!”
“Ffuck-!” He couldn’t help but fumble his device in alarm at the strange face on the screen, which vanished soon after, and as he looked up, Peter was standing around again, and so Markus grit his teeth. “You..!”
Peter, on his end, found the antagonism hilarious, and it was easy enough to accomplish that he felt good about the efforts therein. Now, anyway, it was time for him to get to work on finding a way to force everyone out of here…
He’d been spending these few minutes searching, but couldn’t find any sign of any sort of electronic tampering, or security footage of someone stealthily dropping any bombs anywhere, or whatever else might make him able to solve this problem in any better a way than this…
It was now exactly thirty minutes to the mystery time. He’d just have to get as many people to leave this place as possible, even as more constantly poured in.
Markus had also heard Peter mention a half an hour, and though he didn’t know of any sort of vague threat, he had a feeling that that created a sort of ‘deadline’ for this. Well, he didn’t know what to look for, so may as well go for quantity over quality, right? He’d force these people out of here.
Though both had the same end goal, the immediate shared contempt they held for one another, both immediately understood, had made this a contest. Never mind that they were far from the only two people who would see it as such, their prides were at stake here, and they resolved to completely show the other up as priority number one.
Open the game!
Location: The First Floor of The Heartache Casino, one of the many which dot the Eastern Strip of the Entertainment District.
The area is 50 meters long and 105 meters wide with each tile being 5 by 5 meters and the ceiling being 5 meters high as well. The green square represents the exit and the gray square is the way to the second floor, currently it is being sectioned off by bouncers who are only letting VIPs enter and exit. The players are represented by the circles of their respective team colors with Markus near the top center and Peter near the bottom center.
The grey circles around the center are ATM machines, and the white circle is a reception and transactions desk where you can buy or redeem chips. The two sets of blue tiles are restrooms, men’s restroom on the left and women’s restroom on the right.
The left side is the lounge area with a bar, denoted by the brown shape, tables represented by green circles, pool tables represented by the purple rectangles, poker tables represented by the red circles and roulette tables represented by the light blue circles. In the top left is a netted off area represented by the hollow blue rectangle where people can play darts and to its right are two rows of vending machines with water in the blue squares and sodas in the purple.
The blue rectangles, red triangles, and yellow hexagons are all rows and sets of slot machines. The blue ones are traditional slot machines, and the yellow and red ones are virtual slot machines. The blue slot machines pay out in chips and the yellow and red ones pay out in receipts that are redeemable at the reception desk, but all of them only take in money.
There are chairs around the slot machines, tables, and bar where appropriate and the place at the moment is mostly full with gamblers, loungers, and a number of roaming security guards and employees. In general if you are looking for a free spot at a table or machine you can probably find one with a bit of looking.
Someone has already disabled the floor’s sprinkler systems, and literally nothing will make them function. Curious.
Goal: Over the course of thirty minutes, cause more people to leave the casino than your opponent! It can be taken for granted, for balance’s sake, that there will always be people present to disrupt so long as a location isn’t completely rendered unable to function.
Make sure to have some subtlety with it, though, as the guards are as watchful as one would expect casino guards to be. Being too blatant or repetitive would run the risk of getting you in trouble.
Additional Information:
Patrons have 2 in strength and agility, 5 in endurance, 2 in gambling (in general they know how the games here work, but that doesn’t make them any more likely to succeed at them), and 2 in tenacity; in short, a mere mild inconvenience won’t be enough to completely send a person away, but they probably won’t tolerate repeated annoyances too long before at least moving somewhere else in the casino or outright leaving once they get fed up. They carry cell phones, wallets, and assorted amounts of casino chips. Ones on the West side of the floor can be assumed to be carrying food or beverages with them, according to the kinds of things one could expect to find at a casino.
If your actions cause significant risk of harm or death to patrons, rather than simply getting them to leave through various means, police will be contacted to provide further support to the guards, quickly becoming wise to your tactics and arresting you; the owner is rich, so the cops will arrive extremely quickly. If you are arrested for assault, manslaughter, murder, public indecency, and/or accidental homicide, you will no longer be able to gain points.
As wanton slaughter on casino grounds isn’t what your contact had in mind, murdered or otherwise slain patrons do not count towards total score, even if, yes, their souls have exeunt; paramedics will be under specific orders not to remove the bodies until after the time limit has passed, specifically to spite the attempt. And also you’re still arrested.
Team Combatant JoJolity
Baker Street Rat Pack Peter "Treagon" Bequasimodo “I’ve heard that in Kansai, if the Yakuza who run Cee-lo Games catch you cheating, they shove two of the dice in your eyes and dump you in the river.” You really don’t like this guy much at all. If this man intends to undermine your protections, then you’ll teach him a lesson. Identify and find ways to interfere with your opponent’s strategies in favor of your own!
BADD GUYS Markus Ness Mathison “Nobody makes a fool out of Kishibe Rohan! I know you’re laughing at me in your head right now and I can’t stand it!” You really don’t like this guy much at all. If he thinks he can be so self-important all the damn time, he has another thing coming! Identify and find ways to interfere with your opponent’s strategies in favor of your own!
T5 Teams and Character Spreadsheet
T5 Match Schedule
Interested spectators, feel free to ask judges via PM to a link to our tourney’s official Discord server!
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Woman asks for food comps for a casino she has never been to

I am a Pit Boss at a large "resort style" casino. We do high volume and large action. Giving food comps to one of our 8 different restaurants is a very common occurrence. Comps are doled out through our player loyalty system (via a player card). The more often/more money you play, the faster and greater amount of comps you accrue.
Now, not all restaurants are created equal. We have a 5 star steakhouse, mid tier places like the noodle bar, and on the low end, fast food franchises we lease space to. I can write comps for any of these, and sometimes people will take their $40 (for example) comp and apply it towards a nice meal at the steakhouse, or hit up the noodle bar and pay nothing. Either way, when the comp is issued from my computer, I must denote the exact restaurant they are going to for book keeping purposes. That comp is then only valid at that particular place, and only for 24 hours once printed.
The story:
On a averagely busy Sunday night, I am watching our main pit with the assistance of my pit supervisor. He and I are both very seasoned at this job, and know most players by name and/or on sight.
Enter Karen.
I notice our wild Karen approaching from across the bank of slots. I notice her, because she is walking quickly, as if with purpose. Most everyone that comes through here walks slowly to evaluate all their gaming choices etc, so when someone is walking like that it stands out.
I move toward the end of the pit once she makes eye contact with me, because I figure she had a complaint they way she was making a beeline for the main pit and looking at me very intensely once she noticed me. Our conversation went like this:
Karen: "Are you the boss here?"
Me: "I'm the manager on duty, what can I do for you?"
Karen: "I want some food comps! I heard you're the one that gives them out!"
Me: groans internally "Sure no problem. Can I have your loyalty card?"
Karen: "I don't have a loyalty card!"
Me: "Ok...where have you been playing today?"
Sidenote; sometimes people don't want our card. We will still monitor their play so they can still receive comps since they are good players
Karen: "I haven't played here at all! Casino's are a scam!"
Me: "Well ma'am, if you don't have a card, and you aren't going to play, there really isn't a lot i can do for you in the way of comps."
Karen: "That's bullshit! My neighbor [his name] says he gets free comps to the steakhouse all time! I want some of his then!"
I don't really know what to say, as this kind of caught me off guard. I've been in the casino business a long time and have heard all sorts of weird ass requests, but asking for another players comp? That was a new one.
I actually knew the guy she was talking about, and he was a fairly big player and a regular.
Me: "Ma'am, I can't give away another players comps. If you would like to sign up for a loyalty card, it comes with a $10 voucher for the noodle bar as well as some free slot plays."
Karen: "That's bullshit!" (she's now yelling and players and staff are beginning to notice) "I want a comp to the steakhouse and I want enough for two visits for you being mean and saying I don't spend enough money here!"
Me: "Ma'am, you haven't ever spent any money here at all."
At this point, surveillance has noticed her getting more irate. Security is now approaching her. I can see them over her shoulder, she cannot.
Karen: "I want whats coming to me! You just let everyone eat for free and I am just a poor single woman trying to survive!"
I signal to the security guard that she needs to go. He says to her "Ma'am why don't we talk off the floor?"
Karen: "I can't believe you're going to deny me a meal! This place is a scam! He [me] assaulted me!"
Security guard: "Ma'am, I seriously don't think that happened."
The security guards start to gently move her off the floor, and she loses her shit like a shit collector with amnesia.
Security guard: "We just want you to leave too ma'am."
They took her outside, and apparently kept ranting the whole time. I had to write up an incident report for my casino's and my personal protection. But god damn, that all happened so quick and it escalated so fast!
The rest of the night was fine. The dealers and the other pit boss kept saying "dang man, didn't know you liked them older and crazy!". Just general good natured ribbing. Hope I never see her again, but I'm sure I'll meet another Karen someday who will try to inherit the "Queen Bonehead" award.
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40 Jobs in MN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Ups Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Dakota County
Ups Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Carver County
Ups Package Delivery Driver Dakota County
The MENTOR Network Adult Caregiver REM Hanley Falls
The MENTOR Network Direct Support Professional REM Ivanhoe
The MENTOR Network Evening Caregiver Le Sueur
Cb2 Customer Service Manager Victoria
Cb2 Customer Service Manager Chaska
Cb2 Customer Service Manager Lakeville
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Chaska
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Seasonal warehouse operator Currie
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Little Chicago
United Parcel Service Warehouse Worker - Package Handler Shakopee
Kindred Healthcare Program Director I, Physical Therapist (PT) $5K Bonus - Janesville & Waseca, MN Janesville
Kindred Healthcare Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) full-time SNF $5K Bonus - Park Rapids, MN Park Rapids
Presbyterian Homes & Services Nursing Assistant (CNA) Apple Valley
Presbyterian Homes & Services Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Apple Valley
Presbyterian Homes & Services Cna Apple Valley
West Side Transport Home Daily CDL-A Truck Driver Little Canada
West Side Transport Home Daily CDL-A Truck Driver Maplewood
West Side Transport Home Daily CDL-A Truck Driver North-Saint-Paul
Holiday Companies Store Assistant, Full Time Prior Lake
Holiday Companies Customer Service Representative Rosemount
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Amazon warehouse operator Amiret
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Warehouse worker Amiret
Walmart Hardware & Sporting Goods Associate Mankato
OneMain Financial Consumer Loan Sales Specialist Dennison
E. A. Sween Company Packager - 2nd Shift Eden Prairie
E. A. Sween Company Sanitation Worker- 3rd Shift Excelsior
OneMain Financial Consumer Loan Sales Specialist Faribault
E. A. Sween Company Sanitation Worker- 3rd Shift Inver Grove Heights
Holiday Companies Customer Service Representative Mankato
OneMain Financial Consumer Loan Sales Specialist Mapleton
Divine House RN or LPN Supervisor Moorhead
Ivanti Staff Software Engineer - Linux New Brighton
Ivanti Software Engineer - Linux New Brighton
Galeon Wellness & Therapy Center Licensed Social Worker Osakis
Mystic Lake Casino Hotel Casino Floor Server - Little Six Casino Prior Lake
Tollefson's Retail Group Furniture & Mattress Specialist Thief River Falls
JobToMe - Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing Warehouse Associate Balaton
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in mn. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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No, Karen, I will not commit a felony because your kid wasn't allowed in.

posting on mobile, and it's a long one, TL;DR at bottom
Backstory: For the past 7 months I have been working as a Slot Technician at my local Casino & Resort, and I have definitely seen my fair share of things. "Make it hit and I'll give you a tip"-esque people, tweakers on nickel machines who smell of stale cheetos and piss, y'know, the whole nine yards. I am also an ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome person, so I have had some bad things called to me at this establishment.
So, about a month ago, a woman was stopped at the front door by a security guard because she was trying to bring in her, what seemed to be 12 or 13 year old, wheelchair-handicapped son into the casino floor (which here, like most places, is 21 years old or older to enter, no exceptions).
I was overhearing the conversation with security and a Uniform security agent at the main entrance.
(Key: EM - Entitled Mother, U - Uniform, SG - Security Guard) EM: "Why won't you let my son in? He's in a f---ing wheelchair" it's not like he'll be playing any of the games, he'll be right beside me. You could have a security guard be over me"
(Bear in mind, Security is wearing thin because they are short staffed that day)
U: "It's state law. We cannot allow him onto the gaming floor"
EM: "But he's beside me! He's not physically able to hit any keys! I'm on vacation from (Location) and I want to play the slots! I don't have anyone else to give him to!"
SG: "Sorry, Ma'am, no exceptions. We can escort you to the buffet and the entrance to the hotel, but that's it"
EM: "So, escort me to a slot machine and give my son to someone to watch over him!"
U: "There is nobody in the building that can do that."
EM: "Come on! They let me do this in Vegas when he was 10!"
U: "I'm sorry, you have to go."
She left, extremely pissed off, and I was behind a short wall, laughing my ass off.
But, this isn't where the story ends.
About an hour later, she comes back without her son and got let in to play one of our newest games that our department installed.
I'm not sure if it was common, but she got into her purse and taped a picture she just took of her son in the front entrance of our casino (I know it was today because of the clothes he was wearing and the fancy lighting in the doorway of the casino, and SG was confused as to why she was taking a picture of him after they got escorted out), and since there was a Staples near our casino, she might have got it printed out there.
So, as with most casinos I'm aware about, our cash out system prints out tickets you can use in other machines, but you have to put the ticket face-side up into the machine otherwise it will jam and they will have to call a Floor Attendant (if it didn't have credits already on it) or a Slot Tech to fix it.
Unfortunately, all of our floor attendants were all busy on jackpots with our supervisors, so Slot Techs had to take care of whatever comes to them.
As I was passing by the section she was in, I noticed EM jammed the bill acceptor purposely by repeatedly putting the ticket in upside down, until the machine read, "CALL ATTENDANT" on it. And, since I was right there, I helped her.
(ME - me, duh)
Me: "What seems to be the problem?"
EM: "The damn ticket wouldn't go in, I can't play this game"
Me: "Don't you worry ma'am, I'll fix this up for you and you can keep playing"
I then call the machine in to Surveillance so they don't get alarmed that I opened a machine
EM: "Well, since you have it opened and it is broken, maybe you can give me free play for my troubles?"
Me: "I apologize, ma'am, I'm just a Slot Technician, I don't have the power to do that. You could go to the Player's Club and talk to them if you'd like"
EM: "Well, RUDE. Since you know the machines and currently opened up mine, can you fix it to hit a big jackpot? I need the money for my son"
She then proceeds to point to the picture she taped on the machine.
Me: "Ma'am, I do not have the authority to make it hit, and I certainly do not think it is possible (as it was pseudo-random as I was aware of)"
EM: "But my son is wheelchair-ridden, and I need that money for medical expenses! Are you trying to stop me from doing that?"
Me, Closing up the machine after handing her ticket back: "Nope, machines ready for you! Let me put a little fairy dust on it for good luck!"
I then proceed to rub the machine with nonexistent fairy dust, in the hope of her getting lucky, as I do when I fix a machine up to give happiness to the patron
EM, pointing to my keys: "Well, why don't you make yourself actually useful and use your fairy wand to grant me my wish?"
Me: "As I have said, I have no power to do that."
EM: "What are you, retarded? I'm only asking you to rig the machine to pay out for my sick f---ing son, are you mentally handicapped, boy? IT'S NOT COMING OUT OF YOUR F---ING PAYCHECK!"
Let me tell you, I was bullied for being different all my life, and other than being called fat, I was also called retarded a lot, so it really hit too close to home.
Me, trying not to burst out crying: "Unfortunately, I do not have any authority to do such a thing."
I don't, in my state it is considered a felony.
She yelled at me, berating me calling me spastic (which I later found out that is a highly offensive term for a handicapped person in Great Britain) and how I was too stupid to be doing a job like this, among other offensive terms.
I called my supervisor about the ordeal, and while I was calling him, two of our city's policemen came to her and arrested her for child endangerment.
She had apparently left her kid outside in 30°F weather in the car, and a security guard on parking lot patrol noticed him and asked a few questions.
And, yes, her picture was sent to us from surveillance and now she's on a permaban list for our casino.
Oh, and because of her, I had a panic attack in the Slot Tech office because of her berating me so harshly. Luckily, they gave me an extra 15 minute break to hopefully reset, but I'm ok now.
Thank you for reading!
TL;DR: Mom tries bringing her disabled kid in, gets denied, comes back with kid left in her car, berates me to fix the machine to hit a jackpot, and gets arrested.
EDIT: Typo
UPDATE: Thank you for Reddit Gold, it was my first time receiving it, thank you ❤
I actually just found out at work what happened to the kid and mother. Turns out the mother was attempting to sue our casino for endangering her child because we didn't let her in with him, also discrimination. I'm not sure what the sentencing was, but, a few security supervisors said it was some jail time and CPS was called (thanks everyone for asking!) Needless to say the case got thrown out.
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Advice on changing jobs

Hey guys, I’m from B.C. Canada, currently working in mall security. I work a monday to friday 7-1500 job in security at a high end mall. I oversee the Control room operations, as basically an assistant supervisor.
There is a job opportunity to work in Casino security near me with a different company, and the hours are unknown but probably a big difference from my hours now. Same pay. I would be a regular floor guard at this new site.
I’m looking to get into a better security company in the next 2 years but I need more qualifications that are time sensitive, so I’m passing the time by working in other companies atm.
My question is, would it be better to work in a high end mall (not much action) or a Casino (more action, different hours and company) for experience to get into a better company? Should I make the large jump? My current company has treated me very well so far, and I have a better title here.
Thanks for your help!
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The Time I Watched a Grown Man Throw $60,000 Cash on the Floor of my Bar

When I was in college, I worked at a nice golf club for about 2-3 years as a bartendeserver. The pay wasn’t always amazing, but the job was easy, my coworkers were generally great, and the members I served were usually very friendly to the employees.
The club had an area attached to the men’s locker room that had a full bar, 8 TV’s, tables to serve roughly 80-90 people, and people could also smoke cigars/cigarettes in the space. Only men were allowed in this area, except on Saturday nights or for reserved events. Typically, there was one bartender assigned to the area for the entire day. As you may imagine, this could be hectic having to manage that bar all by yourself throughout the day, as I’d work shifts sometimes up to 16 hours in this area. This club was a non-tipping club, we had an hourly rate + tip share, which generally meant lower than average pay for a server. However, if you were willing to work in this area, the members that frequented this bar were infinitely more like to tip you. So if you were willing to put with the shift and dealing with the members there, you could end up having a very profitable day. I think the most I made during a day between tips and my hourly pay was roughly $750-$800.
One evening, I was working and serving a group of men, and they left that evening to go to a local casino. These men loved to gamble on golf, so this was pretty unsurprising that they’d frequent casinos. When they left, I didn’t think much of it, as them leaving meant I could close up shop for the night.
The next afternoon, I came back to serve them again. I remember walking in to work that morning and one of my supervisors came up to me and said: “you’re about to have an interesting day.” As I walked into my bar, I learned that one of the members had won $55,000 playing blackjack at the casino the night before. Apparently, he decided to bet $5,000 on a hand, which he had never done before. He proceeded to win 12 $5,000 hands in a row, lost a hand, then walked away from the table with a quick $55,000 profit and walked out of the casino with $60,000 in cash (including the $5,000 he originally bet). The group he was with proceeded to celebrate and drink all night, as expected.
The next day, the member brought all of his winnings to the club, as one of his friend’s had a safe there to put it in. Why a member had a large spare safe in his golf locker, I’ll never know. So I see the group of men walk into my bar, with the lucky winner holding a safe filled with the $60,000 in cash inside. He then proceeds to open the safe, pull the cash out, rips the hands off of all the bills, throw the cash in the air and let $60,000 rain onto the floor of my bar.
Part of me felt happy for him, as he’s always treated me well and I believe he’s a genuinely nice person. Part of me felt jealous as I was a broke college student, and I was watching a dozen grown men rolling around in 4 years of my college tuition on the floor. I decided to just roll with it, embrace the debauchery, and try to pump up the members and try to earn some tips.
Eventually they grew tired of rolling in the cash, and the member who had won the money wanted to make sure he didn’t lose any of the cash. So I was asked to locate some rubber bands to re-pack the cash. I’ll never forget the look on my manager’s face when I asked for rubber bands, as this is an uncommon request from a bartender, and explained why I needed them.
I brought the bands and proceeded to re-band the cash on my bar as several men watched me do it. After doing this, they recounted the money and confirmed all of the bills were still there. I’ll never forgot seeing more cash then I’ve ever seen in my life sitting 2 feet from my face. The winner could see in my eyes how absurd of a situation this was to me, and slipped a $100 bill out of the band and gave it to me as a tip as he put the cash back in the safe. He also opened a tab for all of his buddies, which racked up to be roughly $3,500. I’m not sure what the winner did with the rest of his winnings, or how he’s doing now, but I know I will never forget him or the events of that day for the rest of my life.
TLDR: One member I bartended for regularly won $55,000 playing blackjack, brought the cash back to my bar, and threw all of the cash on the ground.
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Online shopping while we're dozens deep in queue? Not anymore.

This is actually from a few years ago, but I just remembered it and it made me laugh, so I wanted to share.
I worked for a few years part-time in Reservations for a large casino and resort. We were frequently short-staffed on any given day, leaving us deep in queue and some pissed off customers once we got to them. It was very draining, and we had LOTS of turnover.
3-4 supervisors were present during each shift, in the middle of the room, while the workers surrounded the edges. During the day we'd make trips up to their mid-floor open "office" to hand in forms, sign things, etc. They almost never jumped on the lines to help with the queue, though. Somehow too busy to help. One day, we are about 25 deep in queue, and I go up to have them sign something. The supervisor does not see me approach, and I notice she is online shopping for shoes or something. She attempts to quickly change the window but it was too late. Keep in mind, the supervisors could use the internet freely, but we workers were not allowed to use the internet at all, even during slow times. I decide that it's some bullshit to avoid helping with the queue, to online shop on the company clock, and all the time, to do something that workers were not even allowed to do. So I figured out how to keep them all busy, permanently.
We had these things called "Profile Merge" slips. Basically, when a customer would call in to make a reservation, you should check our customer database to see if they've stayed before. By name, by Player's number, etc., but many would not do this (or would not do it correctly). Therefore, you'd end up having half a dozen profiles for the same actual customer. When we encountered these during our normal duties, we were supposed to fill out Profile Merge slips, with the person's name, Players#, and the various Profile #s they had, and highlighting what you believed to be the correct Profile# (if you thought that there was one). These were turned into the supervisors, for them to correct within the database in their spare time, as we workers did not have the ability/authority to actually make these edits/corrections within the database. You might normally turn one, two of these Profile Merge slips in each week.
I decided to do these with every spare second I had, since we couldn't do much else. I systematically began going through the entire customer database (at least 20,000 profiles), beginning with last names with the letter "A". I easily made dozens of these Profile Merge slips each shift. My record was 104 in one shift. Each of these Profile Merges probably took 20 minutes each for the supervisor to review and implement the changes. Sometimes they'd come back to me with "not sufficient info for Merge"; I didn't care, I knew this and I'd submit them anyways. Not my job (nor did I have the database authority) to figure out which one was actually correct, if any. As you might guess, this cut into their spare time free-for-all.
So I do this for about three months, and they are so backed up now. Each day, I'm getting the approved and denied Profile Merge slips in my inbox, for ones that I had submitted several weeks ago. As time passes, they get more and more behind. Here's the best part -- we suddenly are given a policy change. We can now all use the internet on our spare time! Great! I know this was purposefully directed towards how I was using my spare time, as it was never even a sincere thought before this to allow us unfettered internet access. Basically, they'd finally be allowing us the same rights they had, in an attempt to give me something preferable to do with my time instead of Profile Merge slips.
Nope. I still kept at it, though I did poke around Reddit here and there :) I never stopped submitting those bad boys every chance I got. By the time I put my two weeks resignation in, they were 3 months behind in Profile Merge slips. It took months just to get through one letter of the alphabet. I had only gotten to the letter "H." I left that place so happy, knowing that workers finally got to use the internet, because the bosses didn't like doing extra work, and instead, they essentially lost their own ability to use their spare time on the web. Shouldn't have been online shopping while we were in the queue...
Edit: Not every supervisor was a jerk. There were many days when I actually liked all the supervisors on my shift and who were coming into the next shift, so I wouldn't turn my Profile Merge slips in that day. I think everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief when I didn't turn anything in. But there was one in particular boss, Lipstick on a Pig, who was just a straight bitch. Previously, as a worker, she would routinely hit the "skip" button on her phone to avoid taking her turn for a call, and it would pass on to the next poor soul. We were almost never supposed to skip calls, but not only did she do it routinely and openly, she got a promotion to supervisor. You can then imagine what she was like with an ounce of authority. So, I'd save up my Profile Merge slips for a few days, and as soon as Lipstick on a Pig came in for a shift that I worked, I'd personally hand her my amassed 100-200 Profile Merge slips, with my best smile. "Here ya go! Made some more today! Forgot to turn them in yesterday, too. Oops!" That was the BEST PART.
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Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd ... Floor supervisor - YouTube Housekeeping Practical - Public Area Job Description (Floor) Floor Supervisor checking round part 1/5 - YouTube Floor Supervisor & Mechanic Job Vacancy For Automobile ...

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Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. തൃശ്ശൂരിലെ നിലവിലുള്ള തൊഴിലവസരങ്ങളും, ഇന്റർവ്യൂ ... These Interview Questions and Answers will instantly prepare you for any job interview. Answering these Top 10 Interview Questions correctly is the key to n... Hello we are from group 5 of Housekeeping Practical class C2 ! Group members :Jessica GunawanDicky AmarKennethVeren Iskandar An introduction to practice at the Stenden University Hotel. This video covers the topic of how checking rooms after they have been cleaned by the Room Atten...